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16 May 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Catherine Bell 2

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Charlize Theron vs. Cat Bell (II) 16-May-99 [SECOND FIGHT - see 5-5-99 (above)]


Theron looks to stay active, giving stalwart journey woman Catherine Bell another chance to shine. Teal aerobics two piece, white shoes and gloves for Theron; red aerobics two piece for Cat.


Round 1: Theron pounds a pair of straight left jabs into Bell's face and, with the brunette covering up, drives a soul-stealing right into the ribs, sending BELL TO THE CANVAS IN AGONY. Cat shows real grit in climbing up at eight, but she stands in for a Theron mugging, taking a beating from her hips to her head from the blonde.


Round 2: Plucky Bell, left eye swelling, ribs aching already, comes out and catches Theron with some chopping lefts and rights early, but Charlize soon settles into a comfort zone, spearing Bell with the jab, and shoving her back to break the clinches.


Round 3: Charlize shows some agility in faking Bell out of her stance, feinting that wicked right to the body, clipping Cat instead with a left to the chin. Bell squares up and a hard short right to the chin PUTS CAT ON HER BUTT. Cat up at eight, holds her guard high, trying to chop with her shots, but Charlize is ready laying into her with lashing hooks to the waist.


Round 4: Bell moving forward, guard high, actually catches Theron often enough with harmless swatting blows to take this round. Charlize posturing, not really active this round, pulls straight back and catches as a result.


Round 5: Bell finally gets Charlize attention this round as she continues to move forward, arms churning, and finally gets good leverage on a LEFT HOOK UNDER THE BREASTS THAT LIFTS THERON ONTO HER TOES. Bell has a minute of good work as she bangs away at Charlize's arms and body with short hooks, but Theron retains her composure to box the rest of the way.


Round 6: Charlize just putting out the fires, reestablishes the jab, and her strength, pushing Cat back throughout the round.

Round 7: Theron now hurting Bell with the jab, really stepping and pounding with it to the bruised and glossy looking face of the brunette. Beat-down round as Charlize steps around an increasingly sluggish Bell, popping her with hard, accurate crosses off the jab, and a short Joe Louis right to the jaw drapes Cat over the ropes at the bell.


Round 8: Bell doing her best Charlize Theron imitation, hunkering down, setting her feet, and taking bombs like it's her birthright. Charlize really enjoying the opportunity to let her hands go, gives Bell's tummy a drubbing with batting left hooks, and a wide, clubbing right to the jaw. Bell's form begins to break and she stumbles forward, walking into uppercuts and hooks, then CAT DROPS TO ALL FOURS with glassy eyes. Bell survives, but is bullied to the ropes and savaged to the end.


Round 9: Another senseless round as Charlize clearly overwhelms her gutsy opponent. Charlize breaks Bell down with body shots, then snipes at brunette sack and chin with her best punches. Bell's head snaps back and forth as she wobbles into Theron. Shutout round with the power for Charlize, who has hammered Bell to the point of submission.


Round 10: Despite her corner imploring her to quit, Cat comes out for the 10th - and is picked apart with surgical precision as Charlize is content to work behind her jab; pot-shotting lefts and rights lick hard and straight into Cat's bulging bra as she goes the distance in a lopsided UD Charlize Theron.


Cat Bell soaks up a Theron style pounding in this fight as Charlize put her feet, hands and head together for a very thorough out-classing of a game opponent. One of Charlize most dominant performances, seems to have her back on the right track

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