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16 October 2005 Jennifer Finnigan Vs Amanda Righetti

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Posted by simguy on 10/16/2005, 2:56 pm


Before: Righetti with a chip on her shoulder: overlooked ingenue a strong-legged, hardnosed girl who's had to watch as names like Durance, Cuoco, De La Garza, Scott etc pass her by. "I'm as good a talent as there is in boxing," says indignant Amanda, "and I can't get arrested. I'm fighting Jennifer Finnegan: I should be in with Charlize Theron. I feel sorry for Jennifer - she's going to have to take a bad beating and she hasn't done a thing to deserve it!"


Finnegan absolutely unknown, untested - long limbed and rangy in build - nobody knows what to expect of her coming in.


Righetti in taupe/yellow/white broad striped bikini (new FHM shoot), sport cut top, wet hair - Finnegan in green lace bra, shades of blue splash print bikini bottoms. Amanda pounding her gloves down hard on Jennifer's after ring-instructions - Finnegan obviously taken aback by the vehemence.


During R1: Righetti sharp: right at her chin, left just below, legs springy-strong as she darts in and out with hard jabs to test Finnegan first minute. Jennifer awkward, flinching - left hand palm out, held very high to block or parry the incoming - not very effective. Satisfied she's quicker and stronger - Righetti slices in with busting one-twos in middle minute action - right hands pounding crisply against Jennifer's chin, knocking her head back. Final minute - Riggs jabbing, scooting forward to put Finny ropeside: Jenn cringing, leaning back with both hands up, palms out - Righetti setting herself strong and POUNDING that ribcage. Amanda ripping her fists in taut, biting licks, hammering away just below the breast line on Finnegan and leaving her crippled at the bell. Jennifer hugging herself back to her corner, mouth open, legs weak: Righetti fuming, anxious to get back on.


R2: Full retreat for outgunned Finnegan: she's still pushing that left hand out, turning her head to the right under heavy Righetti fire. Amanda reckless and why not? Nothing's coming back at her. Fight reeling into the ropes, all around the ring - Finnegan stumbling under the bite of sharp Amanda lefts and rights. Righetti enjoying many moments with poor Finnegan trapped and cringing against the ropes: Amanda going to work with compact hooks, chopping right hands, using her extended left elbow to nudge Finny back into position for more. Jennifer shaky legged, misty eyed - Amanda just too physical for willowy blonde.


R3: Series of raking Righetti hooks rips across Finnegan's ribs - Jennifer hugs herself, face pinched, steps away and sinks to one knee. Woozy 8, Jen: she's gamely up, but hobbled, looking battered and discouraged as Amanda jumps on in. Righetti in close, weight on her front foot - she's just rip-licking lefts and rights, turning her torso into slashing wallop. Mitts bouncing off Finnegan's skull and shoulders - she's wilting sadly forward, sitting into the ropes as Righetti helps herself. All Amanda, hard and heavy: she's laying into Jennifer, but staying in control - good leverage and torso-turn into every hook, cross and uppercut. It's all too much - dazed, demoralized Finnegan beaten in stages to all fours - she spits out her mouthpiece and quits in a fog as Amanda struts away the KO3 Victrix.


After: Finnegan a Mischa Barton class girl - simply overmatched tonight as Righetti clangs away unopposed. "I'm head and shoulders better than this kind of girl," Righetti boasts in post fight. "Jennifer came in thinking she could go rounds, but look at her: every little bit of me outclassed every little bit of her tonight. I should be ranked. I should be fighting for 6 figures MINIMUM, every time out..." On and on like that - Amanda very frustrated, very vocal, very impressive tonight.


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