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16 September 2005 Mischa Barton vs Jeri Ryan

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Posted by Simguy on 9/16/2005, 6:51 am


Before: Cast of "The O.C." reportedly livid at Jeri's diva attitude on set - Ryan making no bones about what the pecking order should be while she's there. "She's really wretched," says Mischa B in prefight. "We would have welcomed her with open arms and instead she’s all - 'I'm Jeri Ryan,' you know? I think the very first day she got into it with Kelly (Rowan) and totally beat her up in sparring. Sparring! It was SO uncalled for and I'm not standing for it, I’m not afraid iof Jeri and I'm going to make her get over herself big time." Ryan nonplussed by the whole ingenue tirade, "Why would I want to be 'welcomed' by these whiners? I'm big dog: that’s all they have to know. I'm not mean or stand-offish on the set, but I set firm ground rules whether I'm in my gym, my home, or at work. Meesh obviously needs a beating just to get her head around the concept. So be it." Barton in sky blue bikini, Ryan in red.


During R1: Meesh frowning, stepping and pushing her punches - no question Ryan's the more professional ringswoman. Jeri economical early, fitting single right hands over Mischa's uncertain jab, lashing single hooks to jaw or ribcage. Barton moved by the blows - either straight back or to either side - Ryan walking down, sifting the data as it comes in. Third minute, Jeri working Mischa's belly with a long jab, spreading the kid out - Ryan finally coming with a sloping right howitzer square amidships. Great spanking blow draws a breathy shout from Barton - she hugs up her gut, staggers straight back while doubling forward and sinks to an agonized knee at the bell. Ryan all smiles back to her corner: this definitely doesn't look fair.


R2: Ryan stepping flat-footed again - very economical, prowling look. Left at her hip, right below her chin - Jeri patient, relaxed, moving her torso well to evade Barton's waving, pawing punches. Midway through, Jeri rolls a Meesh right, answers back a short right hand bingo on the chin and BARTON GOES DOWN! Meesh rolled to her back, all batting eyelashes and shocked mouth - she beats the count on shaky pins, starting in astonishment as ref gives her 8. Beefy Ryan consolidation - Jeri jabbing Barton upright, then swinging short, sidearm rights to the midsection - Ryan hinging her motion with her right elbow at her hip, just a-stuffing the work in. All too much for Meesh - she doubles forward groaning, weepily cringing to all fours as Ryan steps back a-glow with dewy workout sweat.


R3: Jeri frankly menacing Mischa now - jabbing at her to measure, then leaning in with full-bodied right hands down into the breadbasket or viciously aimed at chin. Barton in full retreat, panicky over-reactions - Ryan effortlessly walking at the girl, lining her up and banging away. Doesn't take long - Jeri jabbing Mischa's mouth, popping that pretty face up - Ryan leans in with that shearing cross and catches 100% of the Barton chin. DOWN GOES MISCHA! Meesh dropped flat to her back in a heartbeat - she's all flopping arms, bicycling legs, glassy eyes. She gets to her knees, then to her feet, but stumbles forward and goes down to all fours again at the ropes. She struggles up the ropes and stands reeling on the spot at 10, but the ref waves it off. KO3 Ryan as she stomps her foot in mock disappointment.


After: Gloves removed, Jeri saunters to the Barton corner and makes her decide: jugs or foot? Weepy Meesh uncertain, alone, unprotected finally comes forward, goes to her knees, stoops to put her left cheek against the canvas while butt rises into the air. Gingerly, she takes Jeri's pale right ankle and places the foot atop her head over the right temple - tears flowing all the while. Ryan hands on hips, grinning down in smug satisfaction - Mischa's total capitulation doing the blonde some good in the ego department at Barton trembles in abject defeat.


Reposted by Archer 8/21/09.

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