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17 April 2009 Tricia Helfer vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by simguy on 4/17/2009, 7:29 am,


Before: "I don't like to wait," says Mary with grinning lips, but unsmiling eyes. "Tricia saw something she liked in Serinda Swan, and put me on hold so she could satisfy her ego: that's something she'll probably pay for in this fight. I respect Tricia, but that was a mistake. She's made me extra motivated to gun her down in this one."


Helfer demure at the podium, but not about to let Mary talk tuff without an answer. "Mary should be careful what she wishes for," Tricia smiles at the podium. "I had business to take care of, but it's done and Mary's got my full attention now. If she wants to get huffy with me, I'll leave that up to her, but I wouldn't advise it. Mostly, all I require from her is that she be her usual willing, available self in the ring - I don't need to know about her likes and disklikes."


Frostiness carries through to ring instructions: hardhearted glaring by both women, and even a little reluctance to touch gloves! Mary in bright yellow bikini, ring connections, long brown hair with bangs; white gloves. Tricia in black lace bra; leopard print bikini bottoms; black gloves; hair in slick low ponytail.

During R1: MARY'S DOWN! Sneaky right hand lead from Trish as girls close - Winny chin-clipped, dropped awkwardly to all fours as Helfer breezes on past. Shaky 8 Mary - she's not all the way back: Helfer's going to enjoy her brunette at the ropes. Patient, long-limbed, sticking beat down administered: Helfer's eyes thoughtful as she torments Mary, jabbing brunette up and down, sorting her out, then looking to lean in and hurt her righty. Winny grimacing, cursing her legs: she needs ropes at her back for support - just keeping dukes up, elbows in. Bell to bell Tricia - no trace of Mary goes unpunished as blonde works brunette hip to head in systematic fashion. Glance from Tricia after the fact seems to set woozy Mary off: Winstead glaring, looks almost like she's going to get into it with Trish.

R2: Tricia fighting tall midring - jabbing Mary's face; sliding back from Mary; walking her into the right hand/left uppercut/pivot-left routine. Winstead all confused, grimacing: when she hangs back, she's jabbed and prodded; when she comes forward she's countered and turned. Back to back shutouts: Tricia smiling easy-breezy en route to her corner.

R3: Mary gets her game together - comes at Tricia with effective, churning overhand rights/sideswiping hooks. Helfer harrassed - not a lot of clean connects, but the constant rain of brunette leather has blonde legging away. Tricia parrying headshots, but Mary wisely going ribcage: Winny gambling to get close, then snatching her mitts off sleek blonde torso with tart, spanking whacks. All Mary till Tricia steals everything late: gorgeous blonde left uppercut off the front (left) foot guts Mary, leaving her stricken. Breathless brunette forced to cover up hurt, crouching forward behind her mitts as limber-limbed blonde slashes away for more points. Three rounds to nil, Tricia: blonde icy-eyed back to her stool, obviously intent on running that to 10-0 if she can.

R4: Pressure from Mary scatters Tricia early, but Helfer's got the answer. Long blonde legs wheeling Trish out of harm's way, turning brunette flanks. Long blonde jabs piercing Winstead defences - taking advantage of Mary's aggression. With stance and distance organized - fight becomes a job of work for Tricia to pump her jab, then lean into slinging right hands up the middle. Angular, long blonde attrition being applied: Tricia using her legs tonight, not doing a lot of pocket boxing - denying Mary the chance to overwhelm her with volume.

R5: Shutout Tricia. Mary encircled midring, vexed, bamboozled, stung. Tricia in wide stance, rotating clockwise: jab punching at Mary's face, sticking into her tummy, spreading her out. Right hands contanstly strafe in - bouncing off Mary's face/sturdy chin. Clapping, whippy hooks check Mary's hip and ribs: Tricia pivoting elegantly-left around these wallops, staying lanky on her girl. Winny can't close distance: she's just turning, keeping her dukes up, facing into swingeing attrition through 5. Bell: Tricia glances at Mary while passing en route to corner; chilling the way blonde looks over her opponents for signs of quit.

R6: Mary not really the quitting kind: she's busting up nicely, getting outclassed, but she's still pushing pace on Tricia. Takes Helfer a full two minutes to impose her will this round: Mary attacking through the jabs, swinging away lefts and rights, head and body, forcing constant adjustments on Helfer. Down the stretch, Tricia's stilleto jab starts to find Mary's face, punching her into compliance. Helfer salts away the sixth with a spearing, long right hand down into Mary's midsection, winning a grunt of pain from Winstead as brunette's hands are raised in earmuff.

R7: Never-say-die Winstead FINALLY puts Tricia ropeside: blonde forming a loose earmuff, crouching forward to defend the pocket. Mary baring her teeth, getting after it: she's got a lot of ground to make up. Batting lefts and rights assault Tricia's flanks, work at prepared defences up top. Digging, sidearm right hands try the leftside ribs - hammering in behind left elbow. Pushing in on Tricia - Mary looks to pull apart the guard, then fit Trish for dip-n'-rip left uppercuts to body in tight - brunette scrounging effectively at sternum. Rude, rough, shove-n-slug: this is how Mary wants to play the division's sleek blondes. Tricia gnawed at, pushed upon, belted: she's covered up well, but takes a licking to her ribcage. Helfer scowling en route to her corner, chiding herself for giving Mary the opportunity to fight her fight.

R8: Mary does it again. Nothing fancy - Winstead just flurrying and brawling, keeping her hands in constant motion. Tricia bulled to ropes where she immediately looks to tie up or pull at Mary's arms. Winstead wriggling, pushing at Tricia, trying to fight off regal blonde chest: it's the sloppy sort of stop-and-go at which Mary excels. Tricia able to survive - rolling her torso, moving her head, slipping and rolling effectively - but she can't get off ropes or answer back. Mary scrounges for more points, scuffing and bumping on her girl for a second consecutive round.

R9: Tricia hard-eyed: she steps to midring, assumes immediate command with a harsh, spearing poke. Tricia in forward aspect - weight on left (front) leg, right heel up off the canvas, pushing off the ball of the foot. Minute of jabbing/pivoting has Mary defensive, uncertain: Tricia starts pouring in the long right hands. Gorgeous, lean, penetrative strokes pound in, blasting back Mary's face off her gloves. Brunette legs tested and retested - poor Mary punched into glassy-eyed stupor here as Tricia guns for chin. Helfer putting her back into it - can't get Mary out of there: blonde eases back on the throttle down the stretch, going back to the jab. Groggy Winstead a mess - all disheveled and blinking: Tricia's cruel left hand taps and knocks for hard points through 9.

R10: Mary swinging from her hips - Tricia weaving and slipping...but she gets clipped! Right hand caroms off Tricia's left temple as Mary's winging wild: Helfer's legs give a shimmy, sending her knock-kneed to ropes. MARY'S ALL IN! Winstead desperately hurt herself, but she's Tricia's hurt and goes all jungle-cat on her. Brutal, raw slugging - Mary palming and shoving Tricia upright, then sweeping fat clout to those gorgeous cheekbones. Tricia's head batted about - she's sliding to her left along ropes, trying to rally. Down the stretch, Helfer able to twist, roll, then counter - fitting Mary for left hands in the body/sneaky short rights to chin. Furious stuff: Tricia showing face-in-gloves, rolling torso-on-hips until Mary's finished, then blonde licks back tight n' tidy. Bell: Mary's welting away on Tricia's hips tic-toc lefts and rights - ref pulls her away from behind as Helfer's shouting for enforcement. Comes back UD10 - Helfer.

After: Both girls classy as can be, both real sweethearts...but it's oil and water as messy-brawling Winstead gets in the face of sleek blonde sorceress after decision's announced. Durance for HMK; Mandy Moore for Foxfire visibly perplexed as each guides her stablemate out of range...they're just not used to seeing their girls get hot like this.


"I think Mary was very, very frustrated tonight," Tricia explains in postfight. "She was getting taken apart - she got dropped right at the get go: it was just one of those nights where nothing seemed to go her way. I didn't do what she expected me to - I was too versatile for her, too smart. That's no excuse for her attitude though - she started breaking out the elbows and foreheads when she couldn't box with me - really cheap, desperate stuff, and I wasn't putting up with any of that. She's tough, I'll give her that: a lot of girls would've gone to sleep from the shots I was feeding her, but this one wouldn't go. Other than that...I don't know...she's just a raw, excitable tyro who starts to cheat when she's not getting her way. I'm not impressed."


Posted by Archer News Service on 4/17/2009, 6:22 pm, in reply to "Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs Tricia Helfer"

"I do not fight cheap!" Mary insisted later to Archer News' Skip Tracey. "Maybe an elbow or forehead accidentally hit her in the heat of the action. If I were really the kind of fighter she claims I am, I'd have been hitting her below the belt, but I didn't do that. She just didn't like it that I made her sweat and is trying to bad mouth me. I will tell you one thing: I don't trust Tricia Helfer. She reneges on our fight agreement. Then she has the nerve to insult me after what I think was a darned close fight. I would like to congratulate on her win, but she doesn't deserve it. Some day I will make her sorry she insulted me!"

Skip did check with Tricia Helfer to get her side of the story. The victorious blonde jusr set her jaw and said: "I am not at all sorry for speaking the truth. She fights cheap and no amount of her whining will change that. If she had any sense she'll just stay away from me. I was too easy on her this time. Next time I will make what I think of her so clear even she will understand it."

Skip was dumbfounded. How had two normally genial ladies come to start sounding like sworn enemies? He couldn't quite explain it, but it was saddening sight for him.


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