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17 February 2000 Heather Graham vs Jeri Ryan

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Posted by Simguy on Thursday, 17-Feb-2000 08:19:04


Before: Ryan looks to reestablish that groove against long time blonde cutey Graham,. Heather with some fine skills, but hardly rugged enough to weather Ryan’s best punches should they find the mark. Jeri in light blue string bikini, Heather in light blue bikini top, navy bottoms.


During R1: Heather gets the jump early, pounding open a vicious gash over Jeri’s left eye with a series of lead rights to put Ryan ropeside. Graham finishing up with galloping uppercuts, lefts and rights, to the chest of Jeri has Ryan in machine-gun shock early, but Jeri guts it out. Clinching and walking Heather off the ropes, Jeri grinds out the rest of the round, jabbing at the right time to nullify Graham’s reach, and snapping off several right crosses to keep Heather wary.


R2: Heather starting quickly once again, worrying that eye of Ryan’s with slinging rights, but Jeri slowly exerts control, cutting off the ring, out-jabbing Heather then closing to hammer left hooks to the waist, short right hands on the teeth, Graham dropping the round starts to puff up around the lips.


R3: Shutout Ryan—Jeri going to the body and head well, and really dominating Graham with the jab—supposedly Heather’s best weapon in this fight. Graham getting steered around the ring, and stumbling back rather than standing in against Jeri’s right.


R4: Another shutout for Jeri as she economically and efficiently cuts down the ring on the leggy blonde, softens her up with batting lefts and rights to the flanks, then works Graham over along the ropes with heavy handed combinations upstairs. Graham, leaning back into the ropes does a good job of making Ryan miss her bigger shots, but Jeri’s sustained work cant be denied as hooks begin to close Graham’s right eye.


R5: OH HEATHER! Graham times Jeri coming in with another sneaky lead right, bouncing it hard off Jeri’s face, then bending low on follow through as Ryan twists into her own right, missing over the top. Graham coming back with an exaggerated left uppercut under the chin has Ryan staggering, but once again, Jeri is able to right the ship, get back on Heather and outwork her most of the round, Cut is re-opened over Jeri’s eye, and Heather goes to work on it with jabs this round.


R6: Jeri taking some of the steam out of Heather by going to that slender midsection with spearing overhand rights, coming back with the snapping left hook on the mouth or ribs that has Graham caving. Heather slugging wildly, gangly limbs looping and slapping back at Ryan midway through, has Jeri on her heels a bit, but Ryan closes the round strong, jabbing her way in, and shaking Heather’s body with more right hand medicine to the center of the chest.


R7: Heather fighting very well in retreat, steers Jeri across the ring with the jab, neatly hooking off it to turn Jeri, and Ryan starts to press, unable to line Graham up, In the final minute, with Ryan plowing in, Graham able to lean into a crashing right hand on the face, putting Jeri wobbly butt again, but this time leaving her dazed. Graham going to Jeri’s breasts and body with those chugging left and right uppercuts has Jeri breaking down, and in the final seconds, Heather pushes off that back foot to crank right hands over Jeri’s

left shoulder as Ryan sags in the ropes. Big round for Heather leaves Ryan in trouble at the bell.


R8: Heather with a hurting Jeri Ryan in front of her, plays it cool, luring Jeri across the ring, sticking that lanky jab into Ryan’s face, and coiling that right at her chest. Midway through the round, Heather walks Ryan into another startling right hand, leaving Ryan wobbly butt and hurt at center ring. Heather stepping right, spreads her feet wide and whips the right hand onto the side of Jeri’s face—RYAN IS HURT! Jeri swooning, trying to square up, and Graham loops the right uppercut underneath Jeri’s left arm, bashing out Jeri’s mouthpiece as Ryan’s legs begin to quiver. Ryan plunging forward, Heather sidesteps and smacks a short right hand upside the back of Jeri’s head as the blonde careens forward into the ropes, Jeri collapsing to the canvas, hands above her head can’t get off her back. Stunning KO8 Heather Graham.


After: Graham all smiles, prances the ring as Jeri is helped to her stool. Strange reversal of fortune as Graham not known for her power, found Jeri repeatedly with big right hands to slowly break Ryan down. Heartbreaking loss for Jeri as Heather rubs it in, reminding everyone after the fight that she is till a force to be reckoned with.


Reposted by Archer 8/10/09.


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