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17 Jan 2009 (Unified Bantam Title) Ch Jessica Alba vs Kate Beckinsale

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Posted by simguy on 1/17/2009, 8:32 am.

Before: PPV pre-buys through the roof: Alba's gamble paying off as "tabloid-reading crowd" of housewives and younger women joins the usual fight-consumer to swell the numbers. "It's my moment," says a radiant Kate B in prefight. "I've worked so hard, conquered so much (giving the Playmate bracelet a meaningful shake) to get here. The truth is, this fight will be anticlimactic: I've battered Jessica before, and will thrash her this time. It won't take away from the glory of the occasion however: there is no other starlet in hollywood my fans have asked for more than Jessica. I can't think of a better coronation for myself, than over Alba's twitching carcass!" Jessica steely-eyed: she's rebranded herself as 'The Hammer of Glamour'; she's intimately involved with every aspect of the promotion - maturity now a hallmark of this once flighty ingenue. "Kate has prepared herself to face the old Jessica," Alba says, eyes challenging any to debate her. "It's true, Kate used to be too much for me - she did handle my business - she was older and stronger, and I did feel the difference. Now, she's just older, while I'm transitioning from ingenue to full-blooded Oscar-calibre super-celebrity. Kate sees a coronation: I see me sweeping her from the ring to proclaim a new dawn at bantamweight. Our fight's driving the numbers for this party, and my victory's going to cement me as the best fighter, the most beautiful woman, and the most irresistible force in the industry. This fight is bigger than Kate Beckinsale: it's about me shouldering Charlize Theron herself to the sidelines and taking over as the face of the FCBA!" Kate in black bikini top; leopard print bottoms; white gloves; hair in messy beach ponytail with bangs framing face. Jessica in Into The Blue poster bikini (teal top; fine horizontal striped bottoms); white gloves; slick, long, low blonde ponytail. Snarling stare-down during ring instructions: both girls pulsing with the knowledge of what's at stake.

During R1: Kate showing steady pursuit: dukes up, jolting jab; stepping pressure. Jess showing leg: loping the ring rangy and lithe; feinting Kate, then bounding away from her, testing Beckinsale's reflexes. Methodical Kate patient - takes a minute to whittle down the ring; another minute to fix Jessica's position with the jab and steer her to ropes. Final minute sees Kate square away in top position: British girl nice and compact, letting hands go in tidy chopping arcs, beating Jess in her ribs, tummy, flanks. Alba butt-in-ropes, giving supple torso-rolls, dukes at temples. This isn't where champ wants to be: Alba badly beaten in the final moments as Beckinsale short right uppercuts unhinge Jessica's knees at bell.

R2: Similar stuff: Jessica lithe, loping, rangy, but seemingly reluctant to engage or initiate; Kate coming forward dukes up, jabbing Jessica's chest to locate her, then closing to gnaw on her. Same progression - early free-flowing movement gradually giving way to toe-to-toe exchanges with Jessica backing into ropes. Alba snarling, being cute off the apron: she's bending at the waist, changing her level, leaning back into cables to claw hooks at Kate...but Becks won't have it. Beckinsale more compact, sturdier: once set, she's punching palm-down, straight-jamming rights and lefts into Jessi's chest, then clubbing blonde head and shoulders. All Alba offence suppressed down the stretch: Kate squares away, beats her girl without mercy as Jessica stoops forward behind her mitts, soaking punishment. Bell: Jess blinking back tears, body throbbing from Kate's drumming work. Beckinsale nodding at her corner, smiling: she's got this.

R3: Alba loping to her right, but more offensive minded: when Kate closes, she's encountering vicious resistance as Alba bares fangs. Furious first-minute skirmishes see Kate take her first backward steps: both women landing, but Jessica really lashing that whippy left hand up into Kate's ribs and chin to good effect. Second minute sees Beckinsale regroup, attempt to re-pressurize champ: Alba repulses all Beckinsale advances - stepping to spots, walking Kate in, then licking her raw with rising, sleek uppercuts. Final minute - Kate open-mouthed, backs away from an exchange: rangy Alba steps-with, leans into an elastic right cross, punching Kate on her mouth and SITTING HER DOWN! Becks scooting to her buns in astonishment: Alba batting mitts together, gazing in satisfaction at Kate's distress. At the bell, Alba turns away with a willowy torso-whip, drawing her long ponytail across dispirited British face as clever PA guy cues up harp music accompaniement.

R4: Alba over to offence: Kate's turn to look tentative. Jessica holding right hand near her mouth - left low, tracing slow ovals in the air. Stalking pressure from Jess - she's hopping forward, but keeping weight on back (right) foot - looking to bait Kate into punching, then countering her with lashing hooks off the hip/sudden right hands jotting straight up the middle. Kate demoralized as she's cuffed and drilled while trying to mount her own attacks: she's being swatted hard, driven off without accomplishing any of her objectives. Midway through, Jess slips in under a hard Beckinsale right: Champ tucks a left hook up into Kate's liver, then eases weight to right foot, lashing a left uppercut to Kate's chin even as Beckinsale seeks to deploy her own left. GORGEOUS lick - Beckinsale's head swivels - left hand pawing the air as Kate's knees give way. Kate augurs-in - bouncing off her knees, then onto her tummy. Becks snivelling - well struck - she's a shabby beauty pushing herself up off her chest, staggering back into ropes. Alba strutting-to...she feints Kate into covering up, then straps a lanky hook wide to waist. Becks cringing, stooping forward: Jess palms her left atop Kate's head, holding her for a vicious buggywhip right hand in the lower back, just above left hip. Crowd groaning in sympathy: the THUMP of that cruel shot...Beckinsale sobbing aloud into her gloves, paralyzed. Another buggywhip...another - the lashing, limber strokes producing dreadful thudding impacts against Kate's toned body. Beckinsale's right knee gives way, putting her down. She's in agony, left hand clutching at her back, tears flowing. It's over: Kate's legs won't go on - she bends the knee, gives it up to Jessica KO4.

After: Heartbroken Beckinsale still clutching her back, helped to her stool: she's battered tonight, denied, and diminished. Alba radiant: a little scuffed up - she survives sturdy Beckinsale opening maneuvers to roar back all sleek blonde vengeance tonight. It's not over for Kate: Jessica struts-to, helping a cringing Briton to her feet, guiding Kate to midring. Alba displaying Kate like a new fridge on the Price is Right: snivelling Kate forced to put her left hand behind her head and display badly bruised ribs as Jessica turns her to all four sides for the cameras. Jess beaming with pride - frequently saying "I did that," as flashbulbs burst, documenting the breakdown of Beckinsale's body. "I'm not the spoiled little brat I used to be," Jessica says in postfight, pulling her ponytail apart, letting the damp hair breathe. "I know you have to work hard and suffer for what you want now, and that's what I'm doing. Kate's a gymrat, but I outworked her in training and it showed tonight. i was better prepared physically and emotionally - when this fight got tough, it was Kate who blinked and backed away, not me. I rule with an iron fist, and any girl who even THINKS of working the bantam class had better remember that."

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