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17 Jan 2009 Adrianne Palicki vs Shannon Elizabeth (II)

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Posted by simguy on 1/17/2009, 8:26 am.

Before: "Chin-checker? That's adorable!" Shannon mocks in prefight. "Seriously - there's really only one chin-checker in this fight, and you are looking at her. People forget how I mowed down this division a few years back - Bell, Theron - all of 'em - beat 'em up, beat 'em down. I'm gonna wax Adrianne - hurt her. I'm gonna remind folks, and then maybe I'll go on a little chin-checking rampage of my own." Pallicki intense: Shannon obviously trying to intimidate a once-beaten blonde; Adrianne knows what's required. "I know the plan is to have me storm the rankings this year," Pallicki says at podium, "and that's exactly what I want. But you can't leave loose ends lying around when you want to move forward. Shannon beat me in my debut: a veteran robbing the cradle. I think I've done what I need to do even the scales a little bit: now we'll find out for sure." Adrianne in silver/white satin camisol (cut above hips); sparkling champagne-coloured bikini bottoms; white gloves. Scarlet bandeau bikini top for Shannon; blue bottoms with white stars; white gloves; brunette ringlets up in messy fighting-arrangement.

During R1: Pallicki deliberate midring - stepping in on left leg, chopping her jab, doubling it. After range-finding - Pallicki leans in with the right, steps her right leg forward and swings a left: Elizabeth loping back, hands up, blocking rangy blonde power shots. Shan circling away from ropes, regrouping midring: Adrianne goes back to the step-in, spearing jab, chopping at Shannon's guard. Series of lanky, walking barrages from Pallicki forces scampering retreats on Shannon. Elizabeth shutout, out-jabbed, outworked in a strong blonde first.

R2: Adrianne again with the jab - strong step-in on left plant leg, anchoring a chopping thrust or two from a partially extended arm position. Elizabeth startled by face-spank, having trouble judging when she's safely out of range: Pallicki able to cover good ground with a single step and touch her foe. Midway through - steady step-and-poke from Pallicki has Shannon grumpy...and lulled: sudden slinging right cross catches Elizabeth as she's backing away, swivelling her head, sending her stumbling to ropes. CLAMBAKE! Adrianne swarming - applying long-armed lashing strokes to the problem as Shannon cringes ropeside. Several heavy strokes shake Elizabeth, convincing her she MUST slug back. Glorious trading late: Shannon baring her teeth, timing Pallicki for slinging rights off the hip, or sweeping lefts - punching-with as blonde doubles the jab, looks for straight right hands up the middle. Bell: they're still pastin' - Elizabeth able to stabilize her front in dangerous melee.

R3: Pallicki composing herself: calming down nicely on the stool after rousing second - she comes out looking the veteran. Step-in, chopping jab finding Elizabeth, knocking back her face, moving her. Elizabeth disturbed - legging to her left, trying to renegotiate, but Adrianne won't have it. Pallicki leaning in with straight, slinging right crosses, and a 3/4 sidearm right as well - labelling Shannon as she's trying to disengage. Elizabeth running shamelessly at times, scuffing up, looking confused and rushed through 3. Shutout Pallicki.

R4: Elizabeth with her left hand low - lifting the up-jab to poke Adrianne's mouth in answer to Pallicki's strong chopping jab off the shoulder. Rangy goodness midring - girls scoring stiff left hands to offending faces - circling clockwise with long, lanky pivots. Midway through, Adrianne jabs; Shan counter-jab up off the hip, then triggers a slinging right hand off the shoulder, catching Pallicki's face tic-toc! Pallicki freezes up, hands palm down, about hip-high as she stoops forward, blinking in swoon. Shannon: lanky left uppercut, slapping up off her hip; rangy right hand, clouting Adrianne across the face; Pallicki spanked upright, eyelashes still fluttering. Shannon stepping in on right foot, looping a lariat left up off her her hip, catching Adrianne behind the head, pulling her forward; Shan steps in on left foot, driving a very short right through Adrianne's chin, following through with body into blonde's chest. BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Adrianne sprawling to her back - head hitting canvas hard enough to dislodge mouthpiece. She's a shattered, long-legged beauty on her back, head lolling side to side as Shannon bangs out the comeback KO4.

After: SHANNON WANTS MORE! Elizabeth grinning - starting to swell up courtesy Adrianne's deft work, but it's brunette pulling blonde out for a heartbreaking walk of shame. Adrianne biting lower lip, blinking away tears: she's hating that Shan's having a moment - brunette with right arm round blonde's waist, waving majestically with the left. After a circuit - Shannon drapes her right arm round Adrianne's neck, standing side to side like they're best buds, posing for pictures. Shan on the right of your screen, grinning, pointing with her left hand at Adrianne's chin. Pallicki still in swoon, lips parted, tousle in her eyes: she's had better nights.

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