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17 Jan 2009 Courteney Cox vs Jenny McCarthy

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Posted by simguy on 1/17/2009, 8:28 am.

Before: "Gotta go back; gotta get her beat," Jenny shrugs at the podium. "Courtney bamboozled me last time we danced: bothers me every time I see her photo in a magazine or see her mentioned in print. She's fast, she's wiry-strong - the girl's no joke - but I won't have her up on me. Losses just don't look good on me." Rare PPV for the richly talented Cox: good chance for her double up on a high profile blonde. "It wasn't a hard fight for me," Courtney says of previous encounter. "It wasn't easy per-se - but I controlled Jenny the whole time - she never really threatened me. I can't say I'll just go in there and whp her butt, but I AM confident. I've taken her measure - I know I'm the better fighter and I just have to act like it." Jenny in crimson bikini with bold single-ring connection on left hip; black gloves; shoulder-length hair. Courtney in white bikini top, neon baby blue bottoms with ring connections at hips; white gloves; hair loose.

During R1: JENNY'S HURT! Courtney jumping in a sudden right hand, buzzing blonde chin: Jenny's steppin' in fence post holes. Cox pivots-left, weight on left (front) foot - she digs a pair of rigid left hooks CHUP! CHUP! to Jenny's waist. Quick ratatat combo to jugs - Courtney lighting Jenny up sweet, then sidestepping right, punching slick hook-right hands over Jenny's left shoulder. Middle minute: Jenny getting herself together, starting to punch (bringing mitts back quick to temples though). Cox circling, eyes narrowed - she's working behind the jab, pounding at Jenny's face up the middle - twitching off the odd sudden right cross. Down the stretch, Jenny pressing Courtney to the perimeter - blonde coming on, turning into her punches. Cox hooks-with - both girls find chin and COURTNEY GOES DOWN! Wonky descent - Court wobbling to her left knee, then back onto her rump: she's all blinking and stunned stubborn Mac persistence steals the round.

R2,3,4: BITTER! Jenny fighting up tempo, pitting her conditioning against the always sensationally conditioned Cox. McCarthy seeking Cox out all around the ring - blonde facing into blows, catching hard right hands and hooks as Courtney makes blonde pay for real estate. McCarthy winning position however - as minutes progress, the women are fighting more and more toe-to-toe exchanges - Jenny forcing Courtney to grit her teeth and grind out the rounds. Crisp Cox combinations and footwork give her the second and third, but by the fourth, she's no longer sidestepping or dodging - pretty much trading forehead to forehead with Jmac. Blonde puffy-faced, but upbeat: every round, win or lose, she turns away and pumps her fist at bell.

R5: Jenny pushing forward - dukes at temples to meet Courtney's blazing onslaughts, then dropping the jab onto Cox...turning over the right hand...hooking-with and backing brunette up. Second minute - Courtney at the apron, hunching forward toe to toe with Jenny: their working, trading busy, but disciplined. Tic-tac-toe combos from Cox instantly answered: Jenny thumping away on Courtney's tight waistline; bashing the woman's shoulders; uppercutting Court either mitt in tight. Down the stretch, MAC WANTS RACK! Jenny opens up a second front, PLOWING into Courtney's jugs a rich, chugging sequence of lefts and rights. Cox slugged into ropes, but bouncing forward and answering: Jenny's jugs soon put to the glove as vixens swap it up. Jenny shouting "COME ON!" after laying licks into Court's heaving rack: Cox ashen faced, teeth bared as she chops back in desperation. Jenny keeps up a steady hollering throughout: "PUNKIN' YOUR JUGS BABY!" Bell: Jenny bellowing "THAT ALL YOU GOT?" Cox visibly shaken, starting to get used up through 5.

R6: Courtney trying to revive her legs: Jenny quickly at her with marking jabs, then heavy strokes amidships, soon punching Court into a more stationary crouch. Cox competitive as hell - she's slugging it up toe-to-toe, getting into Jenny with tart left uppercuts to rack; lashing hooks to waist; crisp right uppercuts to chin. Jenny gobbling, answering: same clip-and-clout rhythm as blonde crowds her brunette, forcing Cox to perimeter. Down the stretch, Jenny threads left arm in under Courtney's right - HEAVES brunette into her corner, then chugs body blows in as Cox covers up. Court finishes up the round shabby - face-in-gloves, absorbing abuse from hard-working blonde.

R7: Jenny marking Court with jabs - knocking brunette head back as Cox tries once again to dance around. Court driven to ropes: Jenny pinning her there with a gorgeous, whacking right roundhouse in under the elbows. McCarthy setting up shop: strong in her stance; busy, but not rushing. Jenny knuckling her mitts against sweat-tacky surface of Courtney's abs, pushing gently in, then licking the right uppercut to chin; swiping left hook to jug. Mac often knuckling one hand against Courtney while swiping the other at her: Cox trying to keep her guard together, but she's getting bludgeoned, not answering back much. Down the stretch, it's all Jenny: thick, systematic short-swat punching. Courtney drooping forward behind her mitts, soaking up a rich assortment of right uppercuts; left and right clubbing blows to head and shoulders; left hooks up top; left uppercuts to body and breasts. Bell: Courtney swooning, steadies herself with a hand at the ropes: Jenny struts back to her corner hands high.

R8: Jenny quickly closing, jabbing Courtney to ropes, then squaring up on her. Same persistent, constant punishment applied - Jenny setting a pace and maintaining it: no rushing. Courtney swatting back early, but she's battered into compliance: by the minute mark, brunette's drooping forward behind her gloves, shipping harm. Jenny in there close - hands at her chest when she sets: she's clubbing and clouting from there - dipping side to side - keeping it short n' choppy. Mac getting her back and hips into the action - no backswing here: she's on Courtney and she's not letting up. Cox systematically dismantled before our eyes: uppercuts start lifting her head up and back off her mitts in dramatic fashion - she's loosening terribly. Jenny grinning - feeling it - she pours it on late, body humming as she bastes Courtney's flanks and jawlines in punishment. Cox swoons forward, eventually pitching face-first to canvas about as used up as a girl can get. KO8 in thorough fashion - Jenny McCarthy.

After: McCarthy crowing, strutting: Cox rolled to her back and tended-to - she's down a long time, gently brought round by concerned physicians. "Paid in full!" Jenny beams in postfight: in the background, Courtney's scraped up, either arm around some attendant's shoulder as they carry her off. "Give her credit - when I forced her to fight my fight, she gave it all she had. I can't believe she shook me early! Hell yes I was hurt, but I just wasn't having it tonight. I won the fight in the first round when I shrugged off her best and sat her down. She should have let the count pass her by right then and there!"

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