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17 Jan 2009 Kaley Cuoco vs Ali Larter

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Posted by simguy on 1/17/2009, 8:29 am.

Before: "It's going to be a struggle," Kaley grins in prefight. "Ali and I are very closely matched. If I had to pick at her, I'd say she's a little flat-footed: my first step is definitely quicker, and I'm a little more explosive. But her game is different, so it's hard to say. What she lacks in pounce, she makes up for with pressure. All I know is she's a serious challenge." Larter eager to best Kaley, recognizing the harsh truth at lightweight. "It's tough for me or Kaley to make a move without first making sure of the other," Larter says. "We both want Erica, but it's easy for Durance to play us off against each other because we're usually both hot on her heels. So my job's cut out for me: first Kaley, then Erica. Then they can nip at MY heels!" Ali in bright yellow bikini (ring-connection at hips); black gloves; loose, tangly blonde hair. Kaley in black bikini; black gloves; loose shoulder-length blonde hair.

During R1,2.3: Spirited, but tactical rounds - both girls showing good defensive form, blocking or legging away from shots. Eyes are bright, alert, yet calm: couple of real pros plying their trade here. Kaley circling, testing Ali's footwork to either side, looking to angle-in. Larter dukes up, bobbing her head: she's stepping in strong on left plant leg, hooking Kaley's body stout, then chopping righty over top, tic-toc. No one hurt: judges do like that Larter's coming forward, seemingly the aggressor - plus she's consistently touching Cuoco to the body. Kaley takes the first; Larter the next two - all by razor thin margins.

R4: Hard hook to midsection shakes Kaley up: clean up right over the top pounds her face, locks her knees, drops her to her butt for a stinging 8. Larter striding to neutral corner, rolling her head side to side: she's all business, knowing Cuoco's going to get up. Fierce pursuit from Larter after Kaley's 8: blonde hounding blonde around the perimeter, continuing to establish hooks-to-body before tidying up from there. Larter pounding at Kaley's breasts this round - stepping-to at ropes, clipping away short, rising left/rights: Cuoco knocked back into ropes, baring her teeth - she's getting roughed up. Down the stretch - Kaley motoring to her right, looking to disengage: Larter steps in, judges angle exquisitely with a sweeping overhand right...Kaley's head slammed hard to starboard, knocking her to her buns again. Sharp, heavy punching from Ali Larter gives her a big 10-7 round: Kaley blinking back tears as she hauls herself up shabby.

R5: Cuoco with weight forward on left leg, right hand palm out, mouth-high; left hand lower - near hip height. Larter attacks up the middle, but gets spurned: Kaley batting cat's paw rights and lefts, then bounding back out of range. Kaley stepping to spots, waiting for Larter, then pre-empting her: Ali clouted, cuffed and buffetted as Cuoco shows springy legs/swattng handspeed. Whenever Ali's tentative - hanging back behind her gloves - Kaley uses the jab as a goad - tapping at the opposing guard, or stooping to reach leather into flat, toned gut.

R6: Similar stuff - Kaley with hands widespread, looking to lick and swat as Ali encroaches. Larter growing tentative, forced to maintain her guard to block...then she's late with receipts as Cuoco's bouncing away. Kaley dressing Ali up a little here: feinting to freeze Larter; jabbing her tummy; hooking her right ear while pivoting round Ali's right flank. Larter staggered at one point, a little wide-eyed: Cuoco coming back strong after her knockdowns, chipping away at the Larter lead.

R7: Larter stalking Kaley, locating her with jabs, stepping in with hooks: girls fight on Larter's terms as Ali wins position inside. Digging, banging stuff from Ali: she's lifting leather up into Kaley's ribs, then pounding her fatty-packets something fierce. Kaley dismayed, driven to ropes, but answering back cute: Cuoco with the knack of twisting side to side - swatting Ali either hand while en-route to covering up. Kaley being supple, cute off ropes: showing peek-a-boo guard, leaning side to side, leaning back into ropes, clipping sneaky counters while moving her head. Steady, withering pressure from Larter: no-nonsense blonde won't be buffaloed - she knows to stay on Kaley's torso and tummy for best results.

R8: Cuoco at her very best, lures Ali to ropes early, slipping and countering cute: all those hours in the gym with Charisma Carpenter paying off as Cuoco chips, chops and swats while rolling Larter's jamming work. Minute of frustration finally convinces Ali to back off; Kaley over to offence, leaping at Larter with a springy lead right hand off the ropes, then staying busy at close quarters. Girls fighting mouth-on-shoulder, bumping each other, snatching hooks to waists, or cutey-pie short left uppercuts in snug. Cuoco getting the better of it: she's clipping away well, then dipping and rolling receipts, clearly getting the better touches. Down the stretch, Ali in forlorn retreat takes a hard right hand off her face: she backs into ropes mouth open, eyes stricken as bell sounds to prevent Kaley's pounce.

R9: More Kaley. Ali wary of approaching Kaley at ropes, elects to wait on Cuoco midring: Kaley pouncing-to the target - able to lead with power right hands or hooks, then bounce to the side. Getting potshotted isn't good for Ali: she starts coming forward again, only to be walked into a series of grinding exchanges of Kaley's choosing. Cuoco leaning onto front (left) leg when she wants to reach in and tuck hooks in behind Ali's right elbow. That accomplished, Kaley shifts weight to back (right) leg, luring Ali in close, then working on her with hooks/right uppercuts off the right leg. Ali routinely taken in her body, clipped or swatted to her chin: fabulous conditioning allows her to keep herself together, but she's clearly being outclassed as Kaley works for points.

R10: Kaley salts it away - turning aggressor behind saucy tummy jabs leading to hook-and-pivot routines to leave Larter staring. Ali VERY spooked and tentative now - fists tight to her temples, body leaning forward as she tries to negotiate distance: Kaley's got her girl on a string, just leading her around. Cuoco showboating - feinting Larter, then smoking her a lashing sidearm right in the body before bounding away - or coming with whippy lead hooks up top, pivoting 'round Ali's right flank. Larter lumping up nicely: still too strong to go down, but she basically watches Kaley performing her circus act for a breezy 10th. Comes back all square: DRAW!

After: "Bullshit," a bitter Larter says, assessing the decision. She's touched up, but clearly alert and strong in postfight. "I bounced Kaley off the canvas like a ping pong ball tonight. Do the judges count body shots? I mean, wow: I was POUNDING Kaley to her midsection - she was a hurting puppy most of the night. I don't know - it sucks. I felt I hurt her - she never hurt me - so I should've gotten the decision." Cuoco concedes the knockdowns in rebuttal: "I had one bad round, but you look at the fight as a whole, and I pretty much called the shots tonight. Ali - she's very strong and sturdy, but I never felt threatened by her. I felt like the stronger girl inside - and I was definitely more effective outside. Plus, I think she was discouraged when I shook off those knockdowns. I got right up and took what - 5 of the last 6 rounds? Ali couldn't finish what she started - she's only got herself to blame."

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