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17 Jan 2009 Winona Ryder vs Kirsten Dunst

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Posted by simguy on 1/17/2009, 8:24 am.

Before: Dunst once thought of as fit comp for Claire Danes; Kirsten starting from scratch, looking to rebuild her skills after years of disuse. "It's time to get down to business," Dunst proclaims in prefight. "Am I afraid of Winona's 'big-jug power'? Gimme a break! I'm gonna put those bags on display when I'm done - 'Noni doesn't scare me!" Ryder all nostrils-flaring whenever she sees or hears Dunst: Kirsten's a first-order objective for team Ryder. "Beating Kirsten's step one for me," Winona says at podium. "I won't accept defeat at her hands, because I've got much bigger plans that Kristen Dunst. Right now I've only got plans to hurt her - but if she even looks at my jugs funny - I'll upgrade those plans to include hurting her." Dunst in crisp white sports bra; royal blue stretch shorts; white running shoes and rolled-down socks; white gloves. Ryder in pink halter top (daring twist tie front); pink stretch shorts with blue waistband; white running shoes with rolled down socks; white gloves.

R1: Crazy, sloppy swinging: it's amateur-hour, but crowd's loving the wild enthusiasm in there. Ryder baring her teeth, whining with excitement as she gropes for Dunst with the extended left, then hurls telegraphed right hands at offending blonde chin. Dunst steely-eyed, tight lipped - frequently taking clout upside her head, but twisting-with to take the edge off, then sweeping back a fat right to clout Ryder. Slender vixens slugging full-out, frequently staggering into each other's arms: Dunst warned for wrapping Winona up and throwing her to the canvas at one point. Girls panting from the midway point - pushing each other's hands aside, then slapping at heads and shoulders: lots of stumbling, push-punching and slap-clouts in amongst the well-thrown blows. Crowd pleasing long-armed walloping all around the ring: all-out brawling leaves both girls with heaving chests, blazing eyes at bell.

R2: Same again - girls unafraid to close and swing away. Minute mark - crazy pinwheel action as girls slug simultaneous lefts and rights: random Ryder right hand claps over the top, smashing onto Dunst's left eye, staggering her. Free-swinging left from Winona - wide, fully extended in the horizontal plane - catches an unprepared Dunst on her mouth - slapping her about, dropping her to her buns in shock! Ryder roaring down as ref bodies her back: Kristen snivelling, knuckling canvas to push herself up off her rump for an 8 count. Kirsten's hurt: she covers up earmuff, digs in at ropes: Winona steams in nostrils flaring, teeth bared: OH SHE'S WAILING AWAY! Big-swinging, wailing lefts and rights - Winona sweeping away at her foe's ears, occasionally delivering fully extended sidearm wallop into Kirsten's slender flanks. Dunst sitting in ropes, shouting into her gloves: battered blonde has no clue what to do - just sitting there, soaking it up from Ryder. Kirsten slumping ever forward: Natural trajectory of Winona's sweeping strikes puts swabbiing punches across Kirsten's narrow back - BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Kirsten blubbering, beaten to hands and knees...IT'S OVER! KO2 in lusty fashion, Winona Ryder.

After: Ryder none too polished, but vigorous and determined: she swings away, blows the doors off hated Kirsten D. "She couldn't take my dishin!" Ryder shouts in postfight, SO excited to have stopped Dunst out-right. "She was all - 'I'm Kirsten Dunst, I'm going to mess 'Noni up' - but look: ruined!" Dunst blubbering on her stool: once classy blonde looking very rusty, fighting down to Ryder's level and paying the price for electing slugfest against a more motivated woman.

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