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17 May 2008 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Rachel McAdams

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Posted by simguy on 5/17/2008


Before: "I want to get back to what got me to the championship," Rachel says in prefight. "That means commitment to body - taking canvas from other girls - working the jab - just good sound boxing fundamentals. Jennifer...she just shouldn't even be in the ring with me. I'm looking to really make a statement and get back on track with this fight." Hewitt nonplussed by Rachel's intensity: "Everyone knows Rachel left chunks of herself in the ring with Neve that McAdams will never get back. She's got brass saying that I don't measure up: when was the last time SHE looked good in a fight? As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to be doing damage to a shot redhead: we'll see who belongs and who doesn't." Rachel in midnight blue crushed velvet push up and panties; silver/grey lace trim; white gloves. Jennifer in baby blue bikini top with laced-up front and blousy fit; navy full-coverage/high sided bottoms; white gloves.


During R1,2: Rachel flat-footed, pounding out jabs, pivoting left, then jabbing to the chest and body. Hewitt parrying shots, eyes narrowed with concentration, looking to edge in close to engage inside. McAdams looking to drop right hands off the lead left jab, the finish up the hook in Jen's waist: rich, thick spank sounding out as Rache digs in deep. Hewitt taking a good shot, takes a few to get in, but bounces her mitts off Rachel's skull, then trades to the midsection as both girls prove stubborn. That's the way of it - Rache circling around her jab, looking for entry points: Jen blocking and parrying, looking to edge inside. Judges give Mac both rounds by slender margins: Hewitt landing less, but landing loud.


R3: Rachel's jab a shocking prod - forcing Jen to cover up early: Mac on the attack. Right hand at the minute mark pierces Hewitt's defences, punching her head back: she staggers backwards, eyes blinking, jugs a-jumping. Rachel closes behind her jab, forcing Jen to cover up again: right uppercut splits Jen's mitts, picking her face up stunned; left hook toggles her chin and HEWITT GOES DOWN! Jen sprawling on her back, well struck: Rachel striding past, all business as she glances down to check damage. Jen sitting up jerky - badly dazed: she rolls over left hip, pitches face first into ropes still clearly buzzed and ref stops the fight. Hewitt bleary-eyed, mumbling "why'd you stop it? Why'd you stop it?" as Rache lifts her hands and struts. KO3 in workmanlike fashion - Rachel McAdams.


After: Rachel keeping powerful Jen at bay with a high-calibre jab, then systematically working her head and body - just a very thorough, cold-blooded dismissal of a dangerous bantamweight puncher. "I thought the ref was a touch quick," Rachel says in postfight, "but then again, Hewitt wasn't going to survive the third round - there's no way I would have allowed that. I was just really, really focused tonight - no excuses - I've had too many fights get away from me lately and that wasn't happening against Jen."

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