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17 Nov 2006 Laetitia Casta vs Lucy Pinder

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Posted by simguy on 11/17/2006, 6:31 am


Before: "French chins aren't made to withstand British guns," enormously endowed Pinder proclaims at the dais. "I challenge Laetitia to stand and fight me like a woman - I DARE her! I shall batter her in Vegas as ever I have on the beaches of Bournemouth or St. Tropez, and I'm thrilled to be able to give the good people of the USA the chance to see what UK girls can do chest to chest."


Casta uncharacteristically outgunned indeed - hulking UK racks the like of Kelly Brook's, Michelle Marsh's or Lucy Pinder's a constant challenge to the Continental beauty back home. "Pinder and her like have never learned that there is more to boxing than cup-size," Casta sniffs. "She talks of guns, but you will never hear her speak of the beatings I have lavished upon her on her own soil. If you think she looks good now, just wait until I have laid her on her back! I have scaled these mountains before, and will do so again!"


Casta in bulging leopard print push up, tan tie-side bikini bottoms, hair up in messy curls, black gloves. Lucy in black velvet tie-side bikini, white gloves. Ring instructions - Laetitia leans in to kiss either Pinder cheek in the French fashion, whispering something cruel in the process. Lucy enraged - shoves at Casta - delaying the fight as officials restore order. Jenny O'Dell right at ringside - she's also got her sites set on hulking import - JOD very interested to see how Casta handles UK beef.


During R1: Pinder not just a great sloshing rack and a pretty face - she comes forward sturdy, keeps dukes up, gets herself close before punching with thudding leverage. Casta willing to indulge - not shying away from British guns - she too approaches behind a high guard, getting herself into position before looking to open up. HAMMER AND TONGS! Pinder smashing away at Casta's head and shoulders, slamming wide to the guard to bring it down. 'Tish buffetted, but blocking, then looking to answer: she's beefy to Pinder's midsection via swinging rights; tidy with hooks up top, always bringing her hands back to temples after getting off. Both girls doing business by bumping guards into the other, hoping to back the opponent up. Down the stretch, beauties lean in mouth-on-shoulder and BUMP opposing rack via short, upthrusting lefts (right hands kept tight to cheeks) - girls just in there grinding, digging to the bell.


R2: More of the same - both girls punching VERY hard, but smart: each getting close behind her guard, willing to absorb shock on the block for the opportunity to throw with flat-footed leverage at point blank range. Great spanking shellack sloshed both ways - pounding blasts smashing off shoulders, raised guards swept aside. Both ladies prizing jugs above all else - viciously lifting muscular left or right uppercuts into opposing beef. Pinder a little shorter, more compact, heavier - eyes blazing, teeth bared as she belts away when it's her turn. Casta cooler in demeanour, calmer - blocking shots, answering back with timing and placement as important as power. Pinder able to wade forward to some extent: Casta sidestepping to turn Lucy, never letting Pinder get rolling.


R3: Girls bump heads-and-guards, rubbing and shoving at each other for punching room. Casta doing a good job staying compact, blocking terrific wallop as Pinder gets a little wide-n'-wild: French poise starting to tell as Laetitia begins to land the cleaner clout. 'Tish countering off the block, concentrating on digging either mitt to Pinder's tummy - UK beauty taking her first backward steps, clearly disgruntled. Lucy's form breaking down as she backs up - she's very wide at the minute mark - Casta able to lean into the arc of the blows, letting them wrap around her shoulders, then scoring to jug and belly with shorter, stuffing punches. Pinder's back hits ropes: Casta chops her a tidy right cross in close, back with a jerking little left uppercut to chin, then tucking a merciless left into Pinder's liver. LUCY GOES DOWN! Pinder blurting out in pain as she droops to all fours - Casta glancing down as she struts away all haughty: shaky 8 Lucy P. ON COMES CASTA! 'Tish wading in like an aristocrat about to flog a serf: poor Pinder slouching against ropes, elbows in - but she's still body-shook. CASTA WANTS JUGG! 'Tish beating a pair of vicious, swinging right hands sidearm against Pinder's waist to get Lucy groaning, then Laetitia's pulling at Lucy's guard, shoving British mitts out of the way to get at that rack. BOMBASTIC punching - Casta helping herself with great, lugging left and right uppercuts - arching her back to pack 'em into Lucy. Pinder bleating in shock, defence falling apart - SHE'S A HELPLESS VIXEN! Lucy routed - no longer defending herself - Casta romping unopposed to jug, digging and stuffing into the goods until ref jumps in. TKO3 in barbaric fashion - 'Tish Casta.


After: Casta proving her FCBA pedigree, welcoming Pinder to the trenches with a savage beating - AND CASTA WANTS MORE! Groggy Lucy P hugged up off her seat by a glowing Laetitia - Casta clearly relishing her ability to brawl for it all tonight. Two pumping bare-knuckle punches in Lucy's belly doubles her up breathless - Casta easily able to secure reverse sleeper around her foe's head, sealing Lucy's face against those hated French mounds. Tish with the odd side-to-side jerk, just to tighten and cinch: reminiscent of the time Catherine Zeta Jones smothered a similarly bigger-chested vixen named Kelly Brook some time ago.


Casta backing Lucy to ropes, releasing her after a lengthy smother. Casta's hands on Lucy's ribcage, shoving the shiny-faced Brit up against the cables: Pinder's head lolling back, her arms reflexively looping over top rope for support. Grinning Casta goes to work with big, methodical right hand palm-chops across Lucy's gigantic bosom - splashing pain bringing Lucy around so Laetitia can apply fresh jugg to the problem. Poor Pinder! Casta willing to smother and ride her foe limp, then releasing Lucy to drape her in the ropes, bringing her around with cruel chest-chops in order to restart the whole thing. Eventually dawns on officials that Casta intends to punish Pinder all night - girls finally separated as Laetitia hollers taunts at her slackjawed, staring foe.


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