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17 October 2008 Odette Yustman Vs Jennifer Carpenter

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Odette Yustman ("Cloverfield") vs Jennifer Carpenter ("Quarantine")




(Note: In original posting Jennifer Carpenter was called Jennifer Campbell. We have corrected that error).


Posted by simguy on 10/17/2008, 9:17 pm.

Before: After Cloverfield - there was a little buzz building for Yustman/Alba: ingenue Odette learning how hard momentum is to sustain when you're on your own. "It's been tougher than I expected," beautiful brunette says in prefight. "I thought Jessica would just drop into my lap, but those fights haven't materialized. Now there's talk of Jennifer Carpenter getting into the Alba sweepstakes. I've got to end that talk here and now!" Odette in baby blue cotton tank and panties; small white work out gloves; messy ponytail. Carpenter in white cotton tank and panties; small white work out gloves; messy ponytail.

During R1: Lithe brunettes pretty to midring: sleek bobbing and weaving, intense faces featuring bared teeth, flashing eyes midring. Lick-and-lash exchanges - girls trading lissome strokes to waist and head - tic-toc punching, then covering up as the opponent gets hers. Svelte, smooth action - girls twisting on their hips, arching their backs - ponytails tossing frisky as they slice away from good power-punching range. Blocking defense as both stand their ground; good head movement on bendy torsos: neither girl hurt but Odette's the busier, more determined lass in the non-stop lathering exchanges.

R2: Similar stuff: both girls look like jabbing boxers; neither fighting that way. Close-and-work; lithe bodies very toned, supple as each digs and ducks in turn. Determined Yustman hooking of Jen's ribs in under the left breast has Carpenter flinching: Odette pulsing home a slender, slinging right cross off the body shot, taking Carpenter to chin, stunning her. Odette's eyes blaze: again she crouches close, dukes at her chin - then hooks Jennifer cruelly to her ribcage. Shifting weight to back (right) foot - Yustman draws a willowy hook across Carpenter's mouth - doubles the punch with a graceful twirling of that left arm, then leans in with a gorgeous right hand, punching Jen directly on the mouth. DOWN GOES CAARPENTER! Pinpoint punching drops Jennifer to her buns, then her back: she's lying there with knees up, hands above her head, blinking rapidly and breaking down into sobs. KO2 - Jen can't get off her back: Odette wins.

After: Good clean scrap for Odette Yustman: brunette star of Cloverfield defends her turf, remains in the hunt for a lucrative Alba-busting attempt. "I want Jessica," Odette reminds the press in postfight, "but I'll fight anyone. I'm not just a here-and-gone summer face: I'm going to be around for a long, long time. Girls are going to have to get used to getting bounced by Odette Yustman."

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