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18 Apr 2008 Stacy Keibler vs Ali Landry

Page history last edited by Dradis 12 years, 3 months ago

Posted by simguy on 4/18/2008


Before: Former champ and current stunner Ali L very vocal in prefight. "First of all, this fight between Stacy and I should be understood as the 'real' championship at welter," Landry brazens - flashing eyes daring any to oppose her. "This is the hottest fight in boxing - bar none. Secondly, I don't want to hear about the winner of Torrie and Nadia being awarded a title shot: Torrie's a tired old skank and Bjorlin's nothing more than an Ali Landry wannabe. There's no question in my mind that Stacy and me should take precedence over Bjorlin/Wilson." Keibler in agreement - at least on the matter of rankings. "It's obvious that Nadia and Torrie are lesser fighters and shouldn't be considered for a championship at this time. For me though, I don't think Ali's quite up to my standard either. Let's face it - I've upended this division - I've shaken everything up and taken welterweight boxing to the next level. Landry's really a bit of a fossil at this point - the girl I used to get on top. I'll tap her one more time and then move on to Moore." Stacy in white lace bra and panties, white gloves. Ali in leopard print bikini with ring connections and torn-style bottoms for that barbarian queen look; black gloves; rich, tawny brown curls highlighted for the occasion.


During R1: Ali doubling her jab at Stacy's face, piling into blonde ribs with a vicious, swinging right hand: Landry's winning position inside, mauling and bullying Keibler into retreat. Keibs working hard to disengage, trying to get her jab on Ali: Landry weaviing aggressively, staying low, applying constant pursuit. Ali systematically clubbing away on Keibler's biceps and pecs in close - hammering at the blonde's offensive weaponry early. Keibs trying to step back and walk Ali into check-hooks or right uppercuts with mixed results. Rough, tough round to Ali - she fights off Stacy's chest, controlling her blonde in the first.


R2: Ali aggressively forward - spitting jabs as she bobs and weaves into crouches - almost a Navi Rawat style rush. Keibler backpedalling - frequently cupping her hands behind Ali's head and trying to spin her to manage the pressure. Landry pours more work onto the ribs, biceps and pecs of her foe: very diligent, purposeful work being done as Ali crowds Stacy, beating her relentlessly.


R3: Ali scuttling in - left hand sticking into Stacy's raised guard; right hand PLOWING to temple - SPRAWLING STACY TO HER BACK! Thunderous punch - Ali just stepping into it big-girl, backside ringing as her right (back) leg comes off the canvas with the effort - Keibler swept to her back as though blown down by a massive gust of wind! Keebs: all blinking in astonishment, propped up on her elbows as Landry stalks past, shaking out her tawny mane. Stacy bravely up, beats the count on shabby stems: Ali wading back in with raucous roundhouse rights and lefts - hammering at Stacy with crooked-arm delivery to ribs and arms. Keibs hammered against ropes, hunching forward to take away some of her throbbing body: Ali clubs her girl about ears and temples - occasionally leaning in on front (left) foot to tuck hooks in behind blonde right elbow. Stacy groaning, hurting - more and more she goes to the neck clasp, pulling Ali into her and leaning back on ropes for ref's breaks.


R4: VERY determined Ali Landry - champing at the bit all through the break, then quickly across the ring, jabbing Stacy to ropes. Blonde upright, face in gloves, shuddering as Ali lands thudding rights and lefts wide to the ribcage: Landry methodical, softening up her girl, wicking away the power and spring of those legs. Keebs moping, covering up as Ali shells her, then pushing on Ali's head or shoulders to back her off. Keibs triggering the odd right cross or straight left from her guard - but it's nothing like the lanky-limbed volume we're used to seeing from her. Keibs mouthbreathing from the body-hurt Ali's putting on her: blonde tilting slightly forward, absorbing punishment, suffering under heavy handed brunette torment. Blonde legs stiff, sluggish - not the lively, aggressive stems we're used to seeing.


R5: Stacy regroups. Firm, stiff poke finally tracks Ali coming in, keeping brunette at arm's length. Keibs flat footed, but pushing off the back (right) big toe - she's getting good leverage on jabs and straight right hands, just boxing her girl midring. Ali getting face-punched - paying a heavier price to get inside than previously: when she does push-through, Keibler's tieing up effectively - either around the elbows, or neck-clasping her brunette.


R6: Ali halts the rally - gets back to pummeling Stacy's body. Keibler really grimacing, labouring to breath: Ali just on her with thumping fury - closing behind her jab, then shortening up stroke to beat at Keibler close-in. Ali pushing her head against Stacy's guard - jamming into blonde ribs with straight, palms-down delivery; slamming blonde biceps with wider, curling roundhouses as Keibler's covering up. Keibs sluggish, rarely answering back: when she does, it's usually to tie up for ref's break. In the clinches, Landry walks Stacy to ropes and lays on her, making the blonde take weight - showing her who's stronger through 6.


R7: Ali again - well across the ring as Stacy's slowly out of her corner. Spitting brace of jabs and abrupt right crosses punches Keibler to ropes: she covers up face in gloves - lolling back against the cables, then slumping forward as Landry lands to ribcage. Ali short, muscular with her punches, busy: she squares away, going at wilting Stacy with tidy, clobbering lefts and rights bouncing off rigid blonde torso. Brunette holds hands in ready position at her chest - clubbing, swatting, cuffing at Stacy with rising, curling blows. Keibler numbing - stooping forward behind her mitts as her arms are pounded into submission, ribs and chest subjugated. As Keibler's guard loosens - Ali's squirting nasty little right and left uppercuts through, picking blonde up as she's stooping forward. All one way - Ali set strong, working hard, staying compact, pushing Stacy to bounce her gently off the ropes to reset. Down the stretch, right uppercut bounces off Stacy's face, knocking it back, pounding the mouthpiece off her teeth. Her eyes are half shut, no longer registering. Left uppercut jostles Stacy's chin; chopping short right takes her cheek, tilts her woozy against ropes. Landry pinching in, just chopping her fists tidy against Stacy - touching, touching, touching her and KEIBLER GOES DOWN! Stacy just folding forward in stages, out on her feet as Ali's constant drubbing drums blonde to sleep. Keebs pools face first at Ali's feet, 100% used up. Payback KO7 in resounding fashion - Ali Landry.


After: Redemption of Landry - she halts the Keibler express with the worst beating Stacy's received since invading welter, leaving the blonde in ruins on her face. "I knew I had that in me," Ali said, addressing murmurs that maybe her prime days were behind her. "I took a dominant, young, elite-class contender at this weight and I broke her spirit toe-to-toe. If there was ever any doubt about who the real deal is at 130+, that's all over now. It's Ali Landry now, before, and forever - and I want what's mine, Mandy Moore."

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