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18 Dec 2005 Jennifer Connelly vs Rachel McAdams

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Part 1


Posted by simguy on 12/18/2005, 9:11 am


Before: Worriers around Rachel wondering if this is another Alba in the making - too much class too soon - but that's exactly why McAdams wants the fight. "I came back physically in my last fight, but people are still talking about the beating Jessica gave me," a defensive McAdams explains. "I made this challenge to prove that mentally, I've put Alba behind me as well. Jennifer Connelly's a better fighter than Jessica Alba and by stepping-to Jen, I'm showing that I'm not gunshy at all and I'm willing to pay the price to get better. I want to start chipping away at Connelly's foundations now, because in the long run - everything she's got is what I want. Not saying I'm ready to beat Jen just yet, but I KNOW I can compete with her and push her to her limits."


Connelly in a seemingly no-win situation: losing to McAdams makes Jen look ready to topple; beating her at this stage of Rachel's career not impressive - what gives? "As much as I'm the future for Rachel, Rachel's the future for me," Jennifer explains as scribes scratch collective heads. "She's the only threat I have outside of the ring - she's already getting second look at a lot of my scripts and it's clear that we're being pigeonholed together by Hollywood. And when she says she wants to "chip at my foundations"? That's a trap for her. Young fighters always want to see how they match up against the best, but while she's chipping, I'm going to be putting her under my thumb. There's no time like the present to start teaching Rachel her manners. If I hurt her, and I get the chance to give her an Albaesque beatdown? I WILL take it - believe me." Motivated vixens both - present and future of thinking man's boxing at bantamweight.


Santa bra-strap style bikinis, both vixens (red felt with white fur trim) - Fought at Radio City Music Hall after Rockettes show.


During R1: Connelly aggressive early, hooking off the jab, backing Rachel up with whistling rights ticketed for chin, looking to step-with as Rache backpedals and press the attack. McAdams showing educated feet, retreating in good order, turning at the ropes, trying to fit Jennifer for counters while parrying/evading the worst of Jen's thunder. Second minute - Connelly scores a bang-bang right/left on the chin as Rachel's backing up, sprawling McAdams ropeside: Jen mopping up nicely with a barrage to waistline, prompting Rachel to clinch. Third minute, Jennifer pursuing as Rachel slides to her right at the ropes - McAdams times a short right counter-right to the mouth, ducking down as Jen's right hand sails over top, then coming up gangbusters into Connelly's midsection. Crowd squealing as Rachel pumps up left/right into Jen's lungs, crippling Connelly, hunching her forward in stupor. Glorious, succulent body blows, furiously delivered - poor Connelly can only stand, soak as Rachel's thumping attack nearly drives former champ to her knees. Bell: Connelly ashen faced, frowning in hurt - McAdams SMOULDERING back to her stool, knows she just stole a strong Connelly round out from under Jen.


R2: Connelly retains initiative, making the fight, but doing it in more controlled fashion. Jen stepping forward behind the jab, piecing it out in spearing jolts to tummy and face - anything up top blocked by McAdams' high guard, but Rache being steered around, contained. Connelly choosy with the right hand - Rachel blocking it well and looking to counter immediately thereafter - some nip/tuck engagements, quick banging exchanges, then girls disengage, circling and appraising. Jen's round - she's commanding the ring, dictating terms if not hurting McAdams in the second.


R3: Rachel coming forward for the first time: a hearty jab as she stomps heavily on the left foot; heavy right cross; mop up left hook in Jen's ribs. Connelly on her heels - now SHE'S fighting in reverse, turning at the ropes, blocking shots on her elbows and moving her head to slip McAdams' right hands. Jennifer obviously trying to deny Rachel body - Connelly leggier than usual, dancing away whenever McAdams sets in that body-slugging crouch. Hard eye contact at the bell - girls actively seeking out each other's gaze, trying to get a read: McAdams pumped with a strong shutout performance in the third.


R4: Rachel continues to press the attack - having more success cutting off the ring, enjoying longer stretches on Connelly, dishing out more effective punishment. McAdams able to get shoulder on shoulder and work to Jennifer's midsection and ribs - fiesty Canuck a rip-roaring body puncher, has Jennifer's lips pursed, brows frowning as Connelly cramps up to absorb the shock. Jen beaten in staggering little semi-circles - McAdams just laying in there thick, bashing away rights and lefts to the waist, flanks. Late the round, Rachel comes off body to get uppercuts, scraping away at the grill of Jen's forward guard, but also wedging in between the mitts to get at chin. Tell-tale wobble in Jen's trunks late: she's hurt, hanging on at the bell.

R5: Jennifer answers, and answers, with vigour. Connelly doubling up her jab, determined to come forward once again. Jen giving Rachel a taste of her own medicine - tangy body punching, Jen lowering her head and swinging away lashing rights and lefts: McAdams turn to grit her teeth and soak it up. Rachel's defence sound - Jen clouting hooks up around the ear, but unable to really land flush: Connelly making most of her money in Rachel's stout ribs, pale tummy. More or less constant punching - Jen to Rachel - Connelly proving she can stand shoulder to shoulder and outwork her younger counterpart in a shutout fifth.



McAdams/Connelly conc


Posted by simguy on 12/18/2005, 9:13 am



R6: Concerted effort by Rachel early to hook Connelly's body - series of shuddering blasts has Jen's knees buckling, face grimacing as she digs in behind her mitts. Connelly momentarily frazzled, unable to stick and move: she engages McAdams toe to toe, backing Rache up in the second minute with clanging right uppercuts against the guard, left hooks ticketed for waistline. Rache able to withstand - she absorbs Jen's fury, then wins a brutal two way exchange to open the third minute, suppressing Jen's combinations and forcing Connelly to cover up. Homestretch a Rachel McAdams body-romp: she's got Jennifer stooping, baby-stepping forward under CRIPPLING work to her breadbasket. McAdams just stepping back in good order, dipping her shoulders and walking Jennifer into succulent rips underneath. Bell: Connelly trembling, moist-eyed, open-mouthed - look of awe and wonder on her face as she holds Rachel's hardhearted gaze. McAdams pulsing with adrenaline: she's got the lead through 6 and she's breaking Jennifer Connelly down!


R7: Connelly goes to the jab, rotating clockwise, keeping Rache out on the end of poke. Jennifer adjusting her footwork - not stepping forward off the jab, but sliding back just a smidge - she's coaxing Rachel forward and picking her up with short, intercepting right hands on the cheek. McAdams a little too brazen - rushing in, getting clipped and rejected back outside - she's not hurt, but she's outboxed, outmanoeuvered as Connelly fights and wins a smart, recuperation 7th.


R8: Connelly over to offence, committing harder as she catches second wind. Jennifer bang/bang up top the one-two, then RIPPING McAdams a stroking left hook across paunch: Rache gasping, stooping a little on receipt as Jen gets payback. Connelly pivoting to her left - getting off in 3s, then rotating - never standing directly in front of McAdams; always making the kid move her feet. Rachel blocking well up top as she has all night, but she can't answer back. Meanwhile, McAdams tummy getting quite a workout courtesy that licking Connelly hook.


R9: Rachel coming forward in first minute: Connelly fading, pivoting clockwise, just draws out the pressure, inviting Rachel to overextend. Second minute, McAdams reaching with her shots - Jennifer able to fade a right hand, duck in under a left jab, then catch Rachel a short, biting hook onna chops outta the crouch. McAdams stumbling backward as Jen carries through with her shoulder in Rachel's chest - canuck hits ropes, has to cover up as Connelly pounces. Big, banging brunette beatdown - Jennifer welting away on the waist, using her left shoulder/forearm to prop Rachel up against her guard. McAdams stunned, lips parted in shock, body tilted forward behind her mitts - she's paralyzed, giving away her flanks and midsection as Jen squares away, rotates her shoulders and takes what she wants to the bell.


R10: Rachel wanted to be combative tonight: she meets Jennifer midring, engages her shoulder to shoulder. Heavy licks dished, but none wild or desperate: this is good, taut, disciplined stuff - both girls retaining professional form deep into a grinding contest. Little clockwise stepping as girls lean in with heads close - both snatching curling rights and lefts up into ribcage - both trying to bang past guards with tangy hooks and crosses up top. Connelly a little more accurate underneath, fitting her mitts squarely onto Rachel's sternum - McAdams breathing through pursed lips, starts backing off in the final minute, silently giving in to Jennifer's will. Connelly able to press Rachel to ropes, apply a steady, workmanlike buffing to Canuck's shoulders and waist - brawny beating to the bell leaves no doubt. Comes back competitive UD10, Jennifer Connelly.


After: Good hard contest - cards even after 8, but Jennifer the veteran salting away those last 4 rounds overhauls Rachel's strong start. Rachel shaking Jennifer's taped hand after the announcement, nodding acknowledgment: first blood goes to Connelly, but both women able to fill notebooks with useful information on the other tonight. "I got a good look at Rachel tonight," breezes Jennifer in postfight, white towel around glistening shoulders. "She's very strong, she did force me to make adjustments, I mean - she's everything I suspected she might be. She's a year or two away from seriously threatening me, but all the tools are there. I can see I'm going to have to be very vigilant where Rachel McAdams is concerned." McAdams upbeat, washing the bitter taste of Alba out of her mouth with a strong performance tonight. "I'm disappointed I couldn't close her out," Rachel admits with a half-smile. "I know I hurt her, and I felt I was stronger, but she's crafty and she's cagey. I can't put too much pressure on myself - I mean - most of what I wanted to do I accomplished tonight. Still, to see her freezing up and to KNOW that I was crippling her to the body made me want to get more on her."


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