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18 Feb 1999 Elisabeth Shue vs Courtney Thorne Smith

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Originally posted by Simguy on Thursday, 18-Feb-99 20:39:20


Before: Perennial blonde contender Shue looks to get back on track with a win over “soft” opponent. Smith, despite courageous efforts over the last couple of years, has seen her reputation fall from that of top contender to worthy opponent. She has a good balanced skill set—just missing a certain little intangible called greatness. Still, she has the game to give Shue fits—Liz an ex gymnast, fight inside the way Bela teaches it.


During: Smith wears an aqua adidas terrycloth trunks and white jogbra. Shue wears one piece gymnastics leotard, sleeves.


R1: Early movement from Smith gives way to cheek to cheek waltz which favours Shue. Elisabeth effortlessly walks Smith to the ropes and bludgeons her with 3 punch combos. Left/right to the body—right uppercut between the mitts. Push, right hand to jaw, double left hook to the body—so on and so forth. Shue putting tremendous, non-stop pressure on Courtney.


R2: Beat goes on. Shue more dominant, throwing harder punches, ripping a brutal left hook in behind Courtney’s elbow. Elisabeth feverishly slugs in combinations, using her forearms and legs to shove Smith back as blonde slumps forward. She may as well be pounding on a slab of frozen beef in a locker.


R3: Courtney tries to stick and move—but can’t find her legs. Shue brilliant in defense, slips punches and gets inside, then goes to work. Courtney cringing and grimacing visibly this round. It’s becoming one-sided and Smith’s handlers are edgy in the corner.


R4: Shue walks Smith to the ropes again and begins to club her senseless with the dame relentless short punching. After 2 minutes of taking abuse, Smith starts to slump forward. Elisabeth steps back, crunching short uppercuts from both hands into the chest and face of Courtney, and eventually just back up, allowing Smith to crash face first to the canvas. A brutal knockout by accumulation for Elisabeth Shue.


After: Devastating performance undoes all the good Smith did in her fine performance against Demi Moore. “I overtrained,” a numb and battered Smith mumbles afterward. “I couldn’t find my legs all night.” Shue looks lie she hasn’t missed a beat, calls out Janine Turner for what good be a great inside slugfest.


Reposted by Archer 7/18/09.


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