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18 Feb 2002 Title Ch Janet Jones vs Naomi Campbell

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Unified Welterweight Title Bout


Posted by simguy on 2/18/2002, 7:28 am


Before: Jones looking to savour the belt for awhile, doesn't jump in with Landry right away - Campbell selected as a legitimate tune up with a pulse. "I'm going to be a fighting champion," proclaims Jones, "I want to flatten the division and that means fighting all different styles and personalities. To show total superiority means that I have to handle people like Naomi - in some ways, Landry will be an easier fight for me because we both know what to expect. Taming Campbell will show I can deal with any hazard in the ring. I'm going to show Charlize how you're SUPPOSED to work an unprincipled brawler tonight." Naomi in white bikini top, tiger print bikini bottoms, tiger print soft moccasin style boxing boots - Janet no nonsense in fighting ponytail, pale blue sports bra, navy stretch pants to the ankle, white shoes and gloves.


During R1: Naomi cat-like, stalking Janet with long stride, flat feet. No jab from Campbell as she reaches with a pawing left to set up her bread and butter right hands. Jones giving Campbell plenty of lateral movement, changing directions, keeping her jab hard between the brunette's breasts - cat and mouse through the first two minutes. Down the stretch, Janet taps tit with the stick, catches Naomi flush with a stinging right cross and puts the supermodel wobbly butt mid ring. Nice step to the right, biting left hook against the left eye, curling right hand on the same eye has Campbell sputtering sideways at the bell. Textbook positional boxing, pinpoint accuracy, and efficient power from JJ.


R2: Campbell snarling, stalking, and she times the Jones jab early. Campbell rocketing over top blonde stick with a looping right hand, bashes eye with shattering velocity - Jones all a quiver as she stumbles to maintain her bearings. Campbell piling on with savage intensity the rest of the way, often employing the wrap around Janet's right arm to hold the blonde in place for a brutal close in attack. Campbell pressing Janet up against the ropes out of the wrap - slamming away to the breasts with cudgelling forearms, pressing in with the elbow on the teeth, repeatedly bodying up with her right hand wedging into Janet's crotch. Blonde shouting in outrage as the fouls and punishment adds up - referee issuing breaks, but Janet too busted up and hurt to get off the ropes - Campbell just keeps wading back in, wrapping her up, and going to town. At the bell, a beaming Naomi Campbell steps back from a ransacked blonde to survey her handiwork - Janet cringing as she sags against the strands.


R3: Bitter Darwinian survival of the fittest - fighting barely qualifies as boxing. Janet fighting Naomi's fight, gritting her teeth and trading with long arms tightened up as much as possible in close. Jones trying to bounce a compact right uppercut off the black girl's flat tummy, has some success, but Naomi's ferocity hard to deny. Campbell lashing at Jones' flanks, using her shoulder and elbow to jostle Janet into the ropes - blonde sitting on the strands too much, not getting the same kind of leverage as Naomi is. Campbell beats out a close round - JJ competitive, but clearly second best at this sort of thing.


R4: Naomi stays on top - hard, licking strokes flow back and forth as the girls fall in with one another after punching. Stop and go action, both women landing big right hands then clinching for breaks - ref pushing them apart to keep things moving. Jones rumbling to Naomi's belly inside, rolling her shoulders, stooping Campbell forward at times, but Naomi's lashing, greedy punching still holds sway. Campbell not known as a body puncher, but she's giving to Janet pretty good thus far, often palming the blonde's hip with her left and sinking home a juicy right that has Jones buckling forward to clinch.


R5: Wild, reckless swinging midring, girls flat footed, twisting into dangerous haymakers - it's Naomi's fight all the way. End of the first minute, Naomi bends into a gorgeous right hand, smashing back Janet's face and leaving the blonde windblown - Campbell takes over. Naomi backs Janet up with a sumptuous flurry to the groin, curling lefts and rights hard and low as Jones groans to the ropes. Janet burbling, hurting, not punching back - Naomi starts to palm left and sweep right, doing devastating damage with wide blows to the ribcage and skull. Second minute - Jones taking a dreadful beating, crumbles to all fours and can only pout as Campbell stoops to swab a harsh right hand across her offered kidneys. Janet takes 8, but she's reeling badly - Campbell tackles her into the ropes, wraps up the right hand and starts jamming away with her free right/elbow to the ribs and face. Jones glassy eyed, staring as Naomi rampages - Campbell slumps the blonde forward and twists in a tight right hand that's 100% elbow on the jaw and Jones' legs give way. Janet dreamy to her knees, face open mouthed against Naomi's hip - black girl dances away to allow the champ to topple chest down to the canvas. It's OVER - KO5 for the winner and NEW welterweight champ - Naomi Campbell.


After: 15 minutes all it takes to reduce a proud, fit blonde to smoldering rubble - Janet horribly swollen on the left side of her face, courtesy Naomi's hardhearted right hands and elbows. JJ looking much like Charlize did upon first meeting the unorthodox Campbell - Naomi battering Jones senseless then keeping up the pressure until final collapse - championship long time in coming for the perennial bridesmaid Campbell. True to supermodel tradition, Naomi takes a whimpering and weak kneed Janet for a lavish walk of shame - Campbell riding her right arm around Jones hips, stopping in the corners to stand behind the blonde, tugging up on the waistband of the blonde's trunks at either hip to get her to "stand straight" - Jones head lolling throughout the treatment - she's barely aware of her surroundings. Jones suffering queen for a day syndrome, goes back to the drawing board - Naomi already trumpeting her re-arrival, "Blonde arrogance never ceases to amaze me," croons the Brit, "to think that Janet actually sought to use me to demonstrate her 'total superiority'. What a load of rubbish! At least Charlize had the heart to take her beating - I could see Jones was going to quit as early as the second round."


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/19/09


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