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18 Jan 2009 Brittany Snow vs Beverly Mitchell (II)

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Posted by simguy on 1/18/2009, 9:04 am

(6 weeks after the PPV, natch...)

Before: "I was just waiting for the wheels to fall off so I could get back on this girl," Bev huffs in prefight. "I could have kicked myself for letting her get past me in the first place - and I could have screamed out loud when she won rookie of the year, but I knew she'd get exposed sooner or later, and when she did...I'd be there." Snow bested by Leighton Meester in a costly little best of 3: rebuilding phase for Brittany sees her retest the Mitchell-line. "I made mistakes against Leighton, and I do have a lot to learn - I know that," Snow acknowledges. "Bev and I both need this rematch. She needs to redeem herself, but I need to confirm the result, which I will. I'll freshen up on Beverly, then it's right back into the mix. And there'll be another day with Leighton - I promise you guys that." Sporty red/white horizontal barred bikini, Bev Mitchell; white gloves. White cashmere crochet bikini Brittany; white gloves. Smouldering staredown, both girls quivering during ring instrux.

During R1: Steady punching assault drives Beverly around ring: Mitchell covering up, helpless to answer Brittany's onslaught. Snow bouncing sturdy lefts and rights off Bev's head-and-shoulders on approach, then digging furiously at her body when in close quarters. Panting and dishveled, Bev takes knee a minute-and-a-half in - just trying to regroup. Round finishes up with Brittany working Beverly over hup-hup-hup at ropes: one girl slugging, the other cowering.

R2: Same pressure from Snow: stiffer resistance from MItchell. Brittany still the busier - really chugging at Bev's belly when girls get shoulder-to-shoulder, ramping up the volume. Mitchell fitting Brittany for heavy right hands up into the body though - bumping off with a shoulder, stepping back, and walking Snow into thump. Snow's round - she's still the aggressor: Beverly firming, organizing.

R3: Snow just too energetic: once again she punches Beverly into a series of panicky retreats and cowering cover-ups. Mitchell punished in the corner, along the ropes - hooked to her body - drubbed to her jugs - knocked and clouted upside her head. Mitchell's buttocks trembling as she steps to spots, trying to stabilize her front: clubbing barrages quickly move her off-stance as Brittany's vigor trumps all.

R4: Mitchell's got the right hand in Brittany's gut: that's working. Bev puts the hook on top this round - startling Brittany to chin, backing Snow up for the first time. Midway through, Bev punching-with, timing Brittany as the girls trade midring: Mitchell able to bounce a tidy chop=right/left hook off Brit's chin, buzzing Snow's legs. Staggered - Brittany stumbles backward, then sits-out, scooting to a stop on shell-shocked buns as Mitchell seethes past. Shaky 8, Snow: Mitchell able to push in, clean up down the stretch, really enjoying Brittany to the body. Bell: Mitchell scowling furiously as she pushes up off smouldering young blonde, looking things over; Snow blinking back tears, hugging her body, glaring how-could-you-eyes at her tormentress.

R5: Mitchell continues to press - pouring in on a shaken Brittany. Snow's turn to cover up and stumble away under determined, clubbing assault: demoralizing turn of events for a girl who looked on the verge of running her opponent out of the ring early. MItchell baring her teeth, swinging lusty, stepping in with her shots: punches bouncing off Brit's prepared defences, shunting her sideways or backwards. Fighting in the corners, on the ropes: Beverly always on top, feet braced wide, arms pumping when she can square away and deliver hup-hup body work. Jugs? Indeed: Beverly's digging up into Snow's breasts, giving those puppies a good pumping.

r6: Bitter toe-to-toe as Snow firms, looks to deny Beverly forward progress. Grinding mouth-on-shoulder results as both girls are designed to come forward and do work: pleasing body-bump going on underneath. Mostly hard-working two-fisted hup-hup back and forth - but Brittany also placing the odd uppercut or right cross to chin, separating herself in a close round.

R7: Snow repulses a strong Mitchell first minute, coming forward thereafter. Bev discouraged, eyes concerned as Brittany turns the tables: Mitchell covering up, stumbling away again. Brittany's eyes blazing - she's swinging heavy right hands at Bev's ribs, getting close, then chugging at her: Snow intent on using up every last drop of Mitchell. Bev reeling around - shouting in pain from a particularly loud left hook across her waist: Mitchell unable to stem the tide, does well to keep her feet through 7.

R8: Mitchell firms - withstanding a strong Snow push early, then steadily outfighting Brittany to back her to ropes by midway point. Mitchell slowing the pace - staying atop her girl with a combination of pushing left-hand palms, shoulder bumps and aggressive body-ups: she's crowding and packing Brittany, then shoving in punches to trembling Snow tummy and tits. Brittany grimacing, often wrestling with Bev, trying to turn Mitchell into ropes: Bev's legs proving sturdy here, keeping Snow pinned down.

R9: Snow breathing hard through her mouth - Beverly drives home early body shots, punching Brit to ropes. Furious struggling for position - bumping, wrestling and slugging - sees girls reverse each other again and again, swapping top position. Faces grimacing with the effort of muscling the other into ropes; tummies, thighs, backsides jiggling with the constant strain of contact and punching. Stuffing punches, swinging punches, clubbing and clouting punches - it's often sloppy, always energetic. Mitchell getting the better of it, a little comfier with the notion of holding Brit in her left arm while belting her righty.

R10:Snow gets her second win, driving Mitchell before her. Brittany a little slugging phenom when she's coming forward unopposed - Haydenesque ferocity bashing Mitchell to ropes, keeping her covered up. Snow none-too-selective - bouncing her fists off all things Bev as Mitchell bends at waist/rolls torso in earmuff guard. Bev a little weepy late - getting trounced: she starts hugging Snow off the ropes, hanging on for ref's breaks as Brittany goes bell to bell in the 19th. Tense wait for the scores: comes back UD10...Brittany Snow!

AFTER: Mitchell sobbing out "NO!" as ref raises Brittany's arm: Beverly fighting her little heart out tonight, just didn't have enough...again. Snow heartless - glaring at Bev as Mitchell's blinking back tears: both girls know Brittany Snow has just relegated Bev Mitchell to the "opponent" class, possibly for good. "I knew I was better," says a stern-faced little Snow, still piling it on in postfight. "People were kind of shocked when I stopped Bev in our first fight, but not me: I knew then and I know now where we stand. I'm tuff, I'm good, and I'm only going to get better from here. I'm looking at Hillary Duff, but I won't wait for her: I've got much too much I want to accomplish this year to wait for anybody!"

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