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18 Mar 2005 Jessica Biel vs Kelly Brook

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Posted by simguy on 3/18/2005


Before: Biel's got a beef with Kelly. "It bothers me that Kelly appeals to the lowest common denominator," shrugs Jess in prefight. "She cheapens the FCBA with her T&A act. Sure, breasts like hers come along once in a generation - but save it for The Sun, you know? I mean - my body sells tickets too, but I work hard to get in shape, I'm an athlete, I'm KICK-ass, not tits-and-ass - there's a huge difference." Brook pursing her lips, dismissing the criticism as: "Jealousy - pure and simple. Jessica's not the first to resent my physique and she won't be the last. I may lack a six pack, but I'm in fighting shape and mark my words: I'm sending Biel home early. I don't see this wretched little tart going 10 rounds with me." Biel in neon baby blue bikini, blonde hair in messy ponytail - Kelly in hot pink push up and panties.


During R1: Biel springy, but set - left hand low, right under her chin, left shoulder pointed at Brook. Jess just flinching, feinting with her head, single-stepping right, twitching at Kelly, then SLASHING in a right hand! Gorgeous hesitation stroke from a standing start - Brook reacting to feints, loads up a right and gets drilled clean on the chin - she waves her own right hand, bends deep at the knee, nearly corkscrews but manages to right the ship wonky - even fending Biel off with a pair of batting hooks in the ribs as Jessica gets greedy. Biel bopping back outside, prowling right, darting in to jab tummy, jumping back out of range. Jess content to harass, touch the midsection - Kelly taking Biel's best early, shows respect to the bell.


R2: Kelly with a long jab, driving right hand to the chest presses Biel early - Jessica legs it out, bouncing to her right away from Kelly's cross, slowly regaining initiative with her feet. Second minute, Biel shows the right hand, pulls the hook across teeth instead, THEN drops a slicing right - Kelly momentarily wobbly butt, hands outstretched, head turning away on reflex - she's stunned. Biel charging in off Brook's exposed right flank, tackling Kelly from the side, leg-driving her awkwardly to ropes, then shoving her face down - snarling Biel able to chug away rump and tail bone both hands until ref gets command. Minute on the clock - Kelly stabilizes herself back-to-ropes, dukes at eyebrows, dug in: Jessica attacks. Biel setting strong, brushing the right hand to set up CRANKING hooks flank and head - ripping shots have Brook cringing forward and BIEL ROMPS TO JUG! Jessica going bra with both hands greedy - shoulders rotating, punches lapping up underneath to pancake-wallop the overhanging shelf of Brook's helpless bosom. Breathless clinch around the hips, Kelly: mouth open, eyes weepy - Biel bouncing happily in the grasp as ref moves in again.


R3: Jessica prowling left, glaring, rocketing in with non-anticipatory lead right hands from the screened stance, bouncing back out with forget-me-not hooks, stooping to jab the gut. Brook turning, stoic - she's shaking her head 'no' whenever Biel tags her chin, but Jessica's quickness advantage scary to behold: she's hitting Kelly at will, no set up jab, just feints and timing. Biel gathering her points in quick ones and twos, occasionally clawing a hook across jug as she steps right - patient touching and swiping puts Jessica up 3 rounds love.


R4: Jessica getting in stout with the tummy jab - pleasing spank off Kelly's pale pooch, slowly wicking away the power. Jessica nice and supple, left hand usually low, chin tucked behind that left shoulder - she's managing Brook's crashing right hand with shoulder rolls and lateral movement - nothing's landing. Biel hanging around a bit more inside, rolling under Kelly's right and answering back harsh, ripping right uppercuts to breadbasket or jug, straight right hands to teeth - by the second minute, she's really tearing it up. Brook visibly cringing as Biel rips rights to tummy - brunette reaching to clinch and Jessica turns on a vicious counter-right to the chops DROPPING BROOK TO ALL FOURS! Jess hopping away with a confident grin - Kelly panting, shaking her head, beats the count for a blinking 8. ON COMES JESSICA...AND KELLY BEATS HER BACK! Brook showing the size advantage, sopping up Biel's sudden shock, able to immediately answer - Jessica gets the worst of a clanging exchange of lefts and rights and immediately circles back to midring. Kelly stalking, dukes up - Jessica rotating, jabbing to body, scooting right - cat and mouse to the bell.


R5: Jessica much more tentative this round, scooting and hopping along the perimeter more, using more leg - Brook's resilience something of a surprise. Kelly coming forward, confidence growing - she's getting the jab out, trying to step over to cut off the ring. Biel's mobility keeping her out of trouble, but she's not fighting enough for the judges or the crowd - some booing as Jess uses the entire ring, earning scorn from her battle-ready opponent.


R6: Jessica re-establishing that persistent stick to breadbasket - stabbing it and scooting to either side - Brook late with the receipts. Kelly wincing, elbows creeping down to protect against these shots - Biel just tap-tap-tapping away down there. Girls exchanging meaningful looks: Jessica grinning slightly, so confident in her legs - Brook frustrated, discomfited, bewildered through 6.


R7: Jessica going a little more flat-footed again, looking to roll and counter from the closed stance. Kelly able to square up and bash right hands to Biel's flank and left shoulder shoulder blade, hooking Biel consistently to the chest. Jessica bending at the waist, timing Kelly's right hands and answering back those vicious, switchblade rights to belly, breasts and chin. Great spanking two-way - Jessica's eye-catching, slashing delivery impressing judges, if not moving Brook. Kelly soaks up good shots without a backward step - taunting Biel at the bell.


R8: Jessica jumps in from too far out - Kelly intercepts with the jab, doubles the jab as Biel's regrouping and DRIVES IN RIGHTY! First crashing chin-check of the fight for Jessica as she catches flush, legs give way and she scatters shellshocked to ropes. Biel crazy-hurt, sitting in ropes for support, eyes shiny, dukes up at her cheeks as Kelly steps-to. Brook setting her feet, getting muscular - she's fighting just off Biel's right shoulder, fitting thick right hands flat to paunch, bashing hooks to ear. Kelly riding her left around Jessica's head, pulling Biel's head down while plugging her cheap right hands to body and breasts - warnings from the ref - woozy cries of complaint from stunned American. Jess doing a good job of surviving through the middle minute, but down the stretch: Kelly comes off the body with a jerking right uppercut to chin - DOWN GOES BIEL! Jessica finally bludgeoned to all fours - Kelly smirking as she takes an exaggerated step over top Jessica en-route to neutral corner, making sure to bang her right knee nonchalant against Jessica's right ear in the process. Biel up, but reeling - she's saved by the bell as Kelly licks her chops and savours the sight.


R9: Kelly out to finish...Jessica's not ready to go. Biel unleashing torrential combinations, tearing away lefts and rights ribs and head, then scooting to the side - Bigger girl forced to step back, uncertain how to proceed. Respect regained - mission accomplished Biel - she goes back to threatening Kelly with feints, lead right hands, step-away hooks and body jabs, turning Brook midring. Two minutes in, Biel steps in under a lazy Brook jab, bringing the right over top and jamming hard to British jaw. Kelly's knees blow out - she dips, straightens, reels to ropes - Jessica crouching, hounding her every step of the way. Moment of jostling, positioning, then Jessica lets her hands go. FEAST OF JUG! Biel RIPPING up Kelly's bra with torrid rights and lefts - blonde getting sinewy, but rapid lather on rising shots to helpless, bulging mounds. Brook just staring back in dismay, reaching woozily to clinch up top - Biel snuggled around her head keeps chugging into gut until referee intervention. Jessica shouting taunts - Brook staring bleakly back at her: Biel's just imposed her will on this fight.


R10: Jessica takes what she wants, when she wants - poor Kelly's ramshackle. Brook walking on her heels, hands up, but unable to get off - Biel having a potshotting field day from outside. Jess tapping that triumphant belly jab, but also leading right hands loud to the ribcage, leading jump-in hooks to cheek, bopping back to avoid the receipt - devastating stuff. Kelly too big and strong to go, but she suffers - Jessica putting her hands all over Brook, making sure every square inch of British heinie gets kicked tonight. Bell - Kelly drained, puffy eyes accusatory - Jessica lifting her mitts and strutting, knows she's done enough to win. Comes back UD10 wide - Jessica Biel.


After: Slump's over - return to form clear as Biel survives some predictable scares, stays steady, executes a clear fight plan en route to a satisfying win. Brook exposed from the waist down - she's a much improved fighter, but Jessica's delicious blend of power and velocity a heartbreaking cocktail tonight. "It takes more than a big, sloppy rack and a stupid accent to compete with me," says hardhearted Biel in postfight. "I took this chick apart, I hurt her, I carried her, then I hurt her some more. That was the real Jessica Biel you saw tonight, and all I can say is it's good to be back!" Kelly mourning some missed opportunities tonight. "I had her out in the 8th," Brook tells The Sun, "and I let her slip away. She really has nothing on her punches and I'm not impressed with her. That's not sour grapes, I simply feel that I ran out of time tonight: Jessica Biel did nothing to beat me."

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