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18 November 2006 Title Ch Rachel McAdams vs Jessica Alba

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Originally posted by Simguy on 11/18/2006, 9:38 am.


Before: Jessica Alba gave Rachel McAdams the worst beating of the latter’s career—Rachel’s never forgotten it. “She had me in the palm of her hand that night,” McAdams says quietly, obviously still haunted by the experience. “You guys can’t know what that’s like for us in the ring, to be under another woman’s control like that. I never in a  million years would have believed that I could be dominated the way I was—it was gutwrenching, humiliating. The thing was, we both knew it—that was the worst part—knowing that I just didn’t have it that night, and knowing that it wasn’t over yet. This is the fight I’ve dreaded—and longed for—ever since. I have to fight Jessica Alba again and I want the title on the line. I need to know that can’t happen to me again.”


Alba glowing—as haunted as Rachel by the memory of that night, Jessica uplifted. “Everyone says Rachel’s improved since I took her apart,” Jessica shrugs, “but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that. She’s still very conventional—almost robotic in the ring. She’s tailor made for me. If she’s a good girl, I’ll end this thing quick, but if she’s stubborn—I just might have to drag it out again. Her choice.”


Rachel in maple-motif sports bra (thin strap top), solid red boy cut stretch shorts, red-white boxing shoes and tassels. Jessica in ]yellow bikini top, black boy cut stretch shorts, white shoes (no socks), slick low ponytail. Staredown, Alba smirking, forcing eye contact: Rachel nervous, but firm, holding Jessica’s gaze.


During R1: Left/right Rachel Mac—she toggles Jessica’s chin side to side, backing blonde up in disarray, TORRID burst amidships buckles Jess against the ropes—Rachel lapping her arms back and forth in batting succession against lean Latina abs—forcing breathless Alba clinch, Ref’s break—Jessica wheeling to her left, brow furrowed—Rachel’s on her immediately with a spitting jab, scooting footwork—nailing Alba another right cross on the chin to send her sputtering to the far ropes. ANOTHER burst of battling lefts and rights to body bunches Jessica up hurt—Mac comes off tummy to hook hard off her front foot, spilling Alba to her left along the ropes. Alba crashes into her own home turnbuckles in complete disarray, trying to organize as Rachel hustles in. Jess looking to punch-with-Rache muscling hooks and crosses against Alba’s willowy uppercuts—Jessica’s head slams hard to starboard and ALBA GOES LIMP! Jessica chinchecked, folds ragdoll to right knee, chin dropping to her chest—then she’s face first against canvas SPRAWLED OUT COLD! KO1 Rachel McAdams in SPECTACULAR fashion!


After: McAdams bellowing—arms and neck rigid as she stomps away from Latina wreckage—absolute seek and destroy mission obviously fueled by months of pent up aggression/anxiety. Rachel doesn’t just get monkey off her back—she bodyslams that sucker through a table tonight—absolutely destroying her tormentress with the most emphatic, emotional statement made this year in an FCBA ring.


“I’m…I’m thrilled” Rachel says in postfight, trembling with emotion, wiping tears of exultation from her cheeks. “I dreamed of this moment—I dreamed of just tearing into Jessica and rendering her helpless. This was everything I wanted and more. Now SHE knows what it’s like—she was all mine tonight, every little bit of her. I know my guys don’t like me to talk trash, but I can’t mince words where Jessica’s concerned: I’m LOVING what happened to Alba tonight!”


HBO already pounding the phones to get Mac/Alba III finalized for 2007 sometime—could be an emotional barnburner for the ages.


Reposted by Archer 4/25/09.


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