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18 October 2002 Gretchen Mol vs Ashley Scott

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Posted by Simguy on 10/18/2002, 7:14 am.



(Mol a tall blonde currently in “Girls Club” on TV, made her debut opposite Matt Danon in “Rounders”).


Before: Scott being carefully moved—nobody wants to be responsible for catching this promising youngster a beating early in her pro career. Mol one of the many ingénues rushed into a bout with Charlize Theron early in THAT youngster’s pro career—Gretchen’s been a sparring partner ever since. “I agreed to a Charlize bout too soon, I admit,” says Gretchen, “But I’ve matured, I’ve put on muscle, I can handle myself. I’ve been in Ashley’s shoes and I know how the game is played. They think I’m a developmental fight for Ashley, but they’re wrong. I’m Ashley first big disappointment.”


Scott in black push up and panties, Gretchen in red push up and panties, red ribbon toed around her neck.


During R1: Identical stances for both girls, weight on the back foot, left hand loose, stepping into hard, spearing jabs. Difference is Ashley’s defensive reflexes—she’s able to rock back out of range, then rock forward, clip Gretchen the right, dig her tummy the hook, cuff her cheek the lean-away hook as the blonde stands and takes. Mol not connecting, but game, edging forward, punching right hands with Ashley. Midway through, Scott has her girl timed. Ashley on the body with a thumping right/left—walking away to the right with a cold gleam in dark eyes. Mol stiffening up, following, Ashley sliding on I again, feinting to the body, slinging a right cross of blonde teeth, whippy hook on the cheek—Mol stung staggering sideways. Scott looks like she’s out of range, but she shocks Mol, lunging into a crashing right, hooking Gretchen’s left eye as brunette steps to the right and MOL GOES DOWN! Gretchen dazed, on all fours—Scott purring with satisfaction as the blonde can’t get up. KO1 Ashley Scott.


After: Scott smiling, talking business-like with her handlers as her gloves are removed—clinical demolition of a well-regarded journeywoman looks good on the resume. “I wanted to go to her body more, break her down the way my trainers were telling me to,” bubbles an upbeat Scott, “but I hurt her and I had to go for it!” Mol breaking down in her corner, sobbing in disappointment—she’s a much better fighter than this, technique not that different from Scott’s but physical assets the difference as brunette much more lithe in the execution. “Hell we knew Gretchen was going to get beat up,” says one WB mouthpiece, “but we had no idea Scott would erase her like this. It’s gonna be tough to get this kid rounds outside of the top ten!” Hey—don’t tell Cat Bell that.


 Reposted by Archer on 9/1/09.

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