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19 August 2005 Kristen Bell vs Mila Kunis

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Posted by Simguy on 8/19/2005, 7:11 am.



Before: Both vixens confident—all-rookie match up a winnable fight all around. “I was over my head in my last couple of fights,” admits Bell at the dais, “but you don’t get better fighting Kunis-class fighters all the time. I’m taking her now to showcase my skills: far as I’, concerned, Mila Kunis is like a lump of clay I can mold into a masterpiece. I’ll outclass this kid and treat her to a world-class beating—it’s time to let this genie out of the bottle folks!” Kunis pursing her lips, non-plussed at Bell’s vision of the fight. “Kristen’s got skills, but she’s also got a lot of holes,” Mila says, “She tips off her jab, she doesn’t move her head when she punches—all sorts of things. I could go in, but why tell you when I can show you? I’ll be able to hit Kristen hard—that’s all I’m going to say. Up to her how she handles the heat.” Kunis in chocolate bandeau, gold fixture between the jugs—Bell in white lace push up, baby blue bikini bottoms, slick low ponytail, Both girls opting for small gloves with rabbit/fur finish.



During R1: Mila jabbing nicely, pelt-surfaced gloves buffeting off Bell’s cheekbones, sliding across her face with muffled thuds. Kris late on the receipts, doing a lot of stalking, watching, posing—Mila stepping lively in either direction, concentrating hard as she gets off, then give Kris the new angle. Shutout Kunis—busy, straight punches, good footwork have Bell scratching her head in the first.



R2: Kristen figures it out: body work the answer. Bell skidding her own jab against Mila’s brows to get close, then stroking away to ribcage with a nice rangy action. Pelt gloves thumping against Kunis’ torso—Mila grunting softly—she joins in as girls tend to work shoulder to shoulder this round. Bell busier, more authoritative—Kunis fiery and competitive, but getting backed up as the gitls dig down and work hard in rapid flyweight bodypunching action.



R3: Mila re-establishing her jab, touching Bell in the mouth, stepping back from her and walking her into a nicely timed right hand. Bell not respecting it, trying to get back on Mila’s ribs—Kunis lands the hardest punch of the fight midway through: a ringing right hand off the pate. Bell dismayed, wandering away wobbly-butt, regrouping—she’s thrown over to defense as Kunis redoubles her attack. Mile lathering, flapping her arms against Bell’s shiny flanks and beating blonde to ropes—Kunis grinning, twisting and turning into her blows as poor Kris grits teeth and covers up. Down the stretch, Bell proves a battler, hooking-with Mila out of a tight guard and tugging Kunis’ chin often enough to move off the ropes at the bell.



R4: Kunis on to something—she’ll jab with Kris, bust her in the mouth, then fade back, walking into dependable intercepting right hands, Kris flustered at times, walking straight in and getting her face punched back—but she’s taking Mila’s shot well and forcing direct confrontation in spots, Hardworking hup-hup downstairs as little vixens work shoulder to shoulder—soft thud-thud-thud complimented by breathy gasps and moist whimpers as girls punish each other at the bell.



R5: Piping hot punches—girls starting to light each other up, convinced the opponent can’t hurt her. Elbows in, one girl leans forward as the other lathers away—mitts skidding off jaw, forearms follow-through underneath the chin in scooping action. They clang away hooks off the right foot, rock onto the left foot to pull swinging rights onto achy jaws. Seething looks and heaving breasts—girls punching their hardest, but both refusing to bow down. DING! Girls stumbling at each other, punching, punching, punching—ref send’em tottering back to respective corners.. Kunis’ corner reminding her to jab—“Yer the classy girl in this scrap!” they insist.



R6: THUD-THUD-THUD…THUD-THUD-THUD…THUD-THUD-THUD,,,Back and forth, girls laying in and tidying up offending ribs, racks and tummies. Faces blank, eyes distant—it’s just mindless now, two bodies fighting each other as each girl slips into slugging autopilot. Mouths are open, girls falling in and struggling in one another’s arms at times, then it’s back to the salt mines. Great shellacking sidearm whips from the hips as vixens step into each other lusty. Fellow flyweights in attendance mesmerized, clapping wildly, bouncing in their seats, one rarely sees this kind of flush chin checking without a knockout, Both girls’ shiny-faced, bruising up: both weary, parched on their stools.



R7: Vixens take turns curling punches up underneath, pelt gloves thumping off sternums and tummies, skidding smoothly off bony ribs, It’s just constant, polishing lather now—Bell swishing at Kunis’ face while backing up in front of the brunette—Mila paying back the favour in kind of Kristen’s tortured ribs. Girls will clinch and hang off each other for a moment or two, then mere touch of the hated other’s skin—scent of her sweat—enough to kickstart the punching. DING! They’re still clawing at each other—ref has to tug’em apart.



R8,9: Pace has slowed—occasionally one girl will miss a shot and reel off balance—but basically they’re gnawing in each other toe to toe. Mila’s corner screaming over and over “JAB! JAB! JAB!” but Kunis too wrapped up in her own little world with Bell. They budge each other back, clinch and stagger and work. Openly mouth-breathing at the breaks. After 9, sobbing with exhaustion, girls part at the ropes and Kristen leans in to JAM HER ELBOWS INTO MILA’S TUMMY! Kunis crying out and taking a knee as she clutches at the ropes—ref scolding Kristen, tugging her way by the elbow like a truant schoolgirl.



R10: Did that elbow-spear take something out of poor Mila? Bell lathering Kunis to the ropes and staying on her—blonde twisting side to side, slugging with her elbows in, just slashing, curling and tucking her shots into Mila, Kunis tilted forward, lips parted, fur-lined dukes at het temples—she’s soaking up shellack without answering back,. Bell able to keep up sustained fury for a minute before Mila’s able to clinch—blonde bouncing and writhing, anxious for ref’s break so she can keep working. Rest of the way Bell attacking, Mila clinching, ref breaking—blonde just wading back in again and again, working hard as her sporty little chassis will allow. Comes back withering, close duke, UD10 Kristen Bell.



After: Both vixens all used up, but Bell wearily ecstatic with the exhausting win. Kunis blubbering weakly, wiping at her tears with the fur mitts still on (Soft on tender face)—hard-to-score fight might have hinged on Bell’s strong 10th. “I made her quit!” Kristen chirps in postfight. “She TOTALLY gave it up to me!”



Reposted by Archer 10/5/09.

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