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19 August 2009 Jordana Brewster vs Olivia Wilde

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Posted by simguy on 8/19/2009, 9:23 am"

BEFORE: "I won't be beaten by her," Jordana says in prefight, dark eyes intense. "I won't. She's this month's flavour - she's been feasting on flyweights. She's stepping up HUGE in class now, and her head's about to hit the ceiling. I'm glad she's built up a little heat so pummelling her won't be a complete waste of my time." Wilde hard to rattle: tough talk from Brewster leaves Olivia non-plussed. "Jordana's there to be used," Wilde shrugs, ignoring the crowd buzz. "What? She is. Hollywood's full of winners and wannabes. Jordana's the latter, and I'll prove it when we hook up."


Jordana in sporty UFC styled red two piece with white belted bottoms (abbreviated boy leg); small white gloves; long black high ponytail. Olivia in grey stretch cotton sports bra; navy UFC boy leg bottoms with white belt; small white gloves; hair in squeaky-tight short ponytail.

During R1,2: Classy, fast-paced boxing midring. Girls doubling jabs body and head, scoot-stepping clockwise - lots of leg as both use the ring. Olivia a little quicker with the left hand, tapping and knocking at Jordana for the extra touch. Brewster hooking to Wilde's slender ribs and flat waist; most of Oli's hooks ticketed for Jordana's chin. Wilde takes both rounds close - nobody hurt.

R3: Hook to the liver has Olivia grimacing; she covers up earmuff, promptly eats left uppercut to chin, and another left hook to body as Jordana takes over midway through. All Brewster from there - Wilde spooked, loping the perimeter to get herself together. Jordana penetrating with the jab, then cleaning up combinations as Wilde can't answer.

R4: Palm-down hook to the jaw has Jordana baby-steppin': she's hurt and Olivia takes over. Wilde darting in-and-out, tapping, knocking, scraping, scuffing. She tidies up on Jordana, combinations cuffing and scouring her for points.

R5: Jordana dominates: stiff jabs locate Olivia, forcing her to cover up; digging hooks to waist have Olivia grunting. Brewster pivoting-left, turning Olivia, dictating. Wilde a confused beauty - keeping dukes up, but not getting off as Brewster has her way.

R6: Olivia mixes in right hands to disrupt Jordana's rhythm. Wilde's right a straight, sudden shot: not a lot of girth on it, but it's a sneaky jolt - chipping off Jordana's chin and startling her. Hooks and jabs complete the picture - Wilde sprucing Jordana up body and head.

R7: OH THE HUMANITY! Jordana presses hard behind her jab, leaning in on front (left) foot to dig hooks to Olivia's waist: Wilde's in a bad way from the minute mark on. Grim pursuit from Jordana - she walks Olivia down, rakes her ribs and waist hook after hook: grimacing Olivia finally turns away, takes a knee as crowd goes wild. First knockdown of Wilde's career has her blinking back tears, but she rallies off the ropes. TORRID exchange sees Jordana unleash to finish, only to catch a pasting. Olivia baring teeth, swiping and swishing both fists in slicing combinations, beating Jordana to punches and PUTTING HER DOWN! JB hooked to chin, loosened, then dropped a right hand to chin - Brewster put on all fours, eyes wide in shock. JB takes an 8 count, but can't surge back the way Olivia did: Wilde able to square away, lather viciously for a tight 10-9 round that began as a 10-8 for Jordana!

R8: Olivia a little arm-weary after scrubbing so furiously at shabby Jordana on the ropes last round: Wilde uses her legs, boxes the round. Jordana coming forward - aggressor by default: she takes the round, but lets the opportunity to really push back at her foe pass by.

R9,10: Olivia Wilde shuts Jordana out in both heats, displaying slick, aggressive boxing. Quick hands, darting feet...Wilde in and out at Jordana - stitching jabs to face and body, hooking the chin, cleaning up with whirling combinations. Brewster just SO discouraged - she hasn't gotten over the disappointment of the 7th, allowing that round to haunt her. Oli taps and knocks for points, circling and vexing her foe for the UD10.

After: Jordana in tears: first half very competitive, probably the harder puncher, but that 7th round breaks Brewster's heart. "Next?" Olivia smiles prettily in postfight. Slender, strong legged vixen emerging as a classy threat at about 115lbs.

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