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19 Feb 2005 Jessica Biel vs Catherine Zeta Jones

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Jessica Biel 08.jpg Catherine Zeta Jones 04.jpg


Posted by Simguiy 



Before: Biel's strategy sound: ease back into contention by beating the biggest name with the lowest risk - maybe that's CZJ. Jones with a history of fighting down to the level of her comp, but also rising to meet stiff challenges, wows onlookers at weigh-in with stomach muscle visible, hard pale thighs and a confident grin as she pops a double bicep. Biel non-plussed, arms crossed, shaking her head at the grandstanding - if it's a physique contest, Jessica feels she wins hands down, doesn't appreciate the attention being lavished on her rival for merely exceeding low expectations.


Biel blonde for the occasion, low ponytail and forelocks, baby blue bikini top with ring connection at jug, sporty navy bottoms - CZJ in red twist tie halter top, retro-cut red bottoms.


During R1: Jones' efficiency vs Biel's extravagance; Jones economy vs Biel's mobility. Jessica outside, showing either shoulder to Jones, showing hands low, hands high, showing jabs to body, jabs to head - hard to get a good read. Catherine relaxed, dukes up - she's comparatively still, stalking - she'll take one step and slope a straight right hand down into Jessica's body or between her breasts; take one step inside Biel's jab and place tight hook to chin, jugs or ribs. Biel in and out, gliding around the ring, ponytail dancing with the effortless movement. Jones lands some ringing body shots, but Jess carries the round with her legs, dictating when and where engagements take place.


R2: Catherine using geometry on Biel, cutting off the ring, taking one step and punching short, no warning. Catherine placing meaty, thudding shots to the ribs of her foe - each punch a set piece maneuver of crisp footwork, body lean and short-arm leverage. Biel standing her ground more, right under her chin, left hand low - she's hooking at Jones' waist, bumping Jones the left shoulder, getting comfy with Jones at close quarters. Fight settles into a workmanlike Zeta Jones pace - girls in constant contact with shoulders or heads, steadily swatting and digging at one another's flanks, tummies and tits. Final minute - Jones bends into a clouting right to chin, bending low on follow through: Biel startled, misses a pushy right hand over top, misses the hook as Catherine drops her right foot back while crouched, then straightens to walk Jessica into a BLISTERING hook on the face. DOWN GOES BIEL! Ripping blast a thing of awful beauty - Jones tidying up that chin and grinning as she strides past a shellshocked Jessica on her back. IT'S OVER! Biel lolling side to side, trying to roll her shoulders off the mat, but she's too hurt - KO2 in upset fashion - Catherine Zeta Jones.


After: Clinical Zeta J at her very best - patient, choosy, placing her shots, coaxing and influencing Biel in subtle ways and cashing in with a gorgeous counter hook to end Jessi's night. Biel gathered up off her stool as soon as she's aroused - grinning Zeta J happily riding a brawny right arm around Jessica's taut waist and guiding her around the ring for a little victory prance. Jones unwilling to relinquish control right away - she actually takes Biel over to watch monitor-replays of the KO - Jones twisting her face in mock agony, pursing her lips as slow mo blows send Biel to her back over and over. Jones giving Biel little pumps and squeezes as the KO is replayed, as if she expects Jessica to be just as thrilled by the scene. Biel bleak, still-groggy: she's focusing her eyes 1000 yards in the distance, just trying to get through the experience.

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