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19 July 1999 Kristy Swanson vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Simguy on Monday, 19-Jul-1999, 10:36:20


Before: Swanson hams it up in pre-fight conferences, wearing powder blue power suits, using charts and audio visual in a mock business style to describe how she’s going to destroy Theron—presentation simply consists of the most humiliating and disastrous highlights of Theron’s career. Charlize clearly enraged, but keeps a cool head. Technically, Kristy’s a murderous puncher who likes to work the body, could be bad news or Charlize who has had trouble on the inside in some fights. Theron has the boxing ability to control Swanson—depends on which girl executes the best on the ight. Navy beach volleyball bikini for Kristy, teal spaghetti strap beach v-ball bikini for Charlize.


R1: Charlize comes out bouncing on her toes, stepping left and shooting an Oscar de la Hoya jab to the hit-prone face of Kristy to open the set. Swanson plunging forward is neatly dissected in the first minute as the sharp punching Theron steers her with the jab. Theron also working a thudding left hook to the body off the jab, puts a wince of pain on Kristy’s face and a wobble in her butt. Swanson cuts off the ring midway through and puts her head on Charlize’ chest, pounding away with both hands to Theron’s midsection. Theron ties Kristy up, her arms loose around Swanson’s shoulders, then suddenly tightening to pull the blonde slugger’s head down into a series of clipping uppercuts, Pulling and punching, Theron spins a dazed Kristy Swanson off balance, then steps into a SWEET short right hand on the jaw. Swanson down on her butt in a heartbeat, lifted off her feet by the straight shot. Kristy beats the count, but is unceremoniously shoved and battered along the ropes to the bell.


R2: Kristy shakes off the P and comes out snorting for the second. Cutting off the ring, she leans into a rib-cracking straight right to the body which stuns Charlize, leaving her open to the follow up left hook/right hand and CHARLIZE ISDOWN!! Theron spins to her haunches off a crashing right from Swanson, and barely beats the count. Kristy wades in, putting her hands on Theron’s shoulders and walking the blonde back to the ropes for shove and slug action. Theron glassy eyed, pushing and covering up but taking horrible abuse as Swanson leans into POUNDING blows to the arms and body. Suddenly, Theron pulls Kristy forward by the back of her neck, spinning Swanson to the ropes, and it’s Theron—snapping off quick left hooks on the inside, stealing the initiative. Furious exchange along the ropes sees Theron get the rhythm, knocking Swanson’s head back repeatedly with well-timed counter left hooks. Theron to the body with gut wrenching right hand, left hook on the jaw, right hand to the chin AND SWANSON GOES DOWN!!! Kristy unconscious before she hits the mat, lies on her face in a stupor as Charlize raises her fists in triumph. Shattering KO2 for Charlize Theron.


After; Charlize comes roaring back, battering a tough come-backing Kristy Swanson I n two exceptionally violent rounds, bringing to mind Hagler/Hearns for sheer power punching intensity. Theron suddenly on a mini roll with some good weins of late, while Swanson takes the setback in stride.


Reposted by Archer 10/23/09.


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