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19 March 2005 Cameron Diaz vs Eva Mendes

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by Simguy on 03/19/2005





Before: Eva Mendes champing at the bit: "This is the fight I was born to win," Mendes affirms. "I joined the KrusZher's in part because I knew they could deliver Cameron. I knew Charlize Theron had written the book on beating Cameron and I wanted to read that book first hand. I look at Diaz the way Halle looked at Vanessa coming up, or Alana looks at Krista now: Cameron's the girl I need to beat to come into my own, and I mean to have her."


Diaz scoffing, making faces throughout, disdain clear in every glance. "Eva's just not ready," shrugs Cameron. "She's no Charlize Theron - I'm not even sure she's a Brittany Daniel or any of the other Krusher Kastoffs she's soon to join. You watch - when I take Eva apart - the Krushers will drop her like an old rag. I will embarrass this chick - she's going down faster than Laetitia Casta at a keg party!"


Diaz in white Charlie's Angels bikini, diamond ankle bracelet on the right foot - Mendes in red twist tie halter top, navy bikini bottoms, highlighted hair in low ponytail - deep, dark tan.


During R1: Eva dukes brow-high, cautiously walking her foe down old-school - Cam Diaz loose, eye-catching, alluring as she works the ring. Diaz bouncing on one leg or the other: from the front (left leg) she'll chop a slicing one-two, bringing the hands back low on follow through, then surprise Mendes with a sharp left uppercut - Diaz punching like she's flourishing a cape. Easing onto the back (right) leg, Diaz swipes a tidy hook across Mendes' guard or cheek, blonde prettily turning her shoulder into the punch, laying over safe on her right side as she closes up stance. Cameron warned early and often for backhanding her jab, jabbing with an open hand - she's spitting it out there, keeping Mendes occupied and defensive. Eva stalking, outclassed, not getting off: shutout Diaz - BEAMING grin Cameron as she struts back to her stool.


R2: Same look - Eva tight, coming forward behind a high, rigid guard - like a Cuban refugee brawling for dinner money in a Miami club smoker. Cameron so fresh, so easy - dropping her hands on follow through, swatting, slapping, stinging, dancing. Midway through, Mendes overswings a frustrated hook, gets turned around - Diaz slips it, then edges back in with the tip of her left elbow hard in Eva's lower back, sending brunette sputtering face first to ropes. Sheer pleasure in Cam's glittering eyes at Eva's pained wince - but MENDES ROARS OFF THE ROPES! Murderous right hand misses, startling Diaz who leans back hands at her stomach - Eva steps-with, turns on a swinging hook and CASHES IN CHIN! Glorious head swivel Diaz - Cameron sent reeling off balance, hitting the far ropes and staring groggily - she covers up just in time to receive Mendes' headlong charge. Eva cleaning up at the bell - robust rights and lefts shivering off Cam's hard ribs and flanks - blonde chassis rattled as brunette reveals classic Latina form to the body.


R3: Mendes up tempos, attacking behind her jab, ruining Cam's rhythm and driving her ropeside. Thudding body attack cramps Diaz up: Eva's pelting fists bashing off tanned flanks, digging rangy at the solar plexus - Mendes with bandy-armed lank pouring punishment to Cameron, battering her brutally in the opening minute. Gasping Diaz finally hooks up head-and-arm on Mendes for a break - but Eva won't be denied. Page out of Jewel's book: Eva with the right hand high, jabbing at Cam's forehead, then swinging away right/left to the body - poor Diaz can only crumple forward, ship the hurt, then clinch, mouth open as she reclines into the ropes, Mendes on top. Eva's eyes intense as ref pushes her back - she's so HUNGRY to get back on - committing 100% to breaking Diaz down to the body. Bell to bell Eva - rich, thick shellack underneath buckling Cameron's long legs at several points: disdain's all gone as Cameron minces cringing to her stool at the bell.


R4: Cameron waving punches at Eva, still with that loose, dancing look, but melting in the face of rigid Mendes aggression to languish on the ropes. Diaz riding her left hand around Eva's head, holding her in close while Mendes rips muscular rights and lefts to the ribs. Eva using her jab to disrupt and baffle Cam - hammering her between the eyes, startling her - Mendes dominating inside and out to the surprise of many. Cam not punching much - the odd swiping shot as she shifts weight one foot to other, countering off the ropes, holding and hitting a little - but Mendes ignoring all. Eva pushing, bumping for room then churning - shoulders rotating to bounce mitt off meat up the middle. When Cam wilts forward - Eva lashes away outside, beating the flanks until Diaz' weary clinch.


R5: Cameron getting outjabbed of all things, hounded to ropes: Mendes constantly setting up strong, lowering her head and squaring away to punch. No choice Diaz: she's got to slug - finest two way action of the fight develops as girls settle into a phonebooth at ropes near the Diaz corner. Cam's hands stacked at waist - she's dipping side to side, jerking tidy uppercut-counters, leaning in with her shoulder to crowd receipts, reaching behind Mendes' elbows to smother. Eva fighting off Cameron's chest, putting robust punches together on tummy, reefing hooks to flank whenever Diaz tilts forward, bending lithe blonde torso at the hip. Cameron soaking up a body blitz few have ever seen her take: Mendes making a thumping statement through 5 punishing heats.


R6: Cameron shopworn, but proud - wearily accepting Mendes' jab on the face, but laying in close to slug it up midring. Cameron shoulder to shoulder, clipping uppercuts, swiping hooks, bumping and nudging with her left elbow - but this isn't her fight. Mendes the heavier-handed vixen, punches striping Cam in bright licks across her arms, chest, breadbasket. Diaz hooked to the body, making moist little whimpers as she drifts to her left, getting moved by Eva's punching. Mendes alert, upbeat, eyes bright - every once in a while she'll arch her back and dig a deliberate hook or right uppercut flat to solar plexus, exulting in Cameron's breathy peep of complaint. Diaz' legs shivering when Mendes taps the sternum: those are ugly, ugly shots from a beautiful Latina warrior.


R7: Eva racks up another round - her momentum starting to wear on Diaz, draining Cameron's confidence. Weary retreat a constant - outside, Mendes stamping her jab on Cameron, walking her down behind it. At the ropes, Eva swings lusty to the body, limbs tireless, working inside Cameron's cloying clinches to get at tummy and sternum. Mendes wrestling with Cam, bearing her into ropes, wrenching her slick arms free of Diaz' grasp - brunette doing a better job of keeping hands free and punching even as Cameron attempts to smother. Shopworn Cam Diaz back to her stool, lips turning down at the corners: Eva's stepping to her and bullying her through 7.


R8: Mendes takes the round off - gives Cam a chance to breath. Diaz flat footed, supple - she's getting her trademark quick one-two, following through with both hands low to her left hip, then surprising Mendes with the hesitation left uppercut hard on the chin. Eva walking through it, but not jabbing - Diaz able to spit and chisel her stick, rotating counterclockwise and dropping her combos. Cam also getting a rangy left hook off Mendes' waist behind the elbow - blonde reaching in and shivering the punch off ribs like she should have been doing from the get-go.


R9: Eva's hard, pounding jab suppresses Cameron's flicking stick - Diaz forced to ropes, covering up face-in-gloves, bending at the waist and soaking up punches again. Eva methodical, crippling Diaz to either flank as blonde bends and tilts unhappily - brunette mitt biting in, lanky leverage behind the shots - Eva bringing hands back low, or pushing Cameron upright to pour on extra. Mendes looping the odd shot to either ear, turning Cameron sideways - blonde chin hard to hit, but she's breaking down from the sheer hateful accumulation. Cam swatting back in spots - slapping her hook against Mendes' face - brunette shrugging it off now: Cam's got nothing left.


R10: Eva Mendes closes the show, puts her foot all the way up Cam's heinie in a crowd-pleasing tenth. Rib-rocking beat down smears Diaz along all four sides of the ring - she's helpless, crippled, sobbing behind her mitts as Eva smashes away to ribs, tummy, sternum. Mendes able to extend on her body shots, turning her hips into blows, arching her back into uppercuts to solar plexus - long Latina lines graceful as they are deadly. Cameron mopes to a neutral corner, making her final stand against turnbuckles - not one punch back from her as she covers up, bends forward and accepts a frightful one-way pounding from a patient, measured, hammer-handed Eva Mendes. Eva finishes up a series of lashing hooks above Cameron's hip, nearly putting proud blonde on bended knee at the bell. Eva lifts her mitts, crows in triumph: comes back UD10 wide Eva Mendes.


After: Cameron frazzled, downcast, throbbing-bodied - she drops 8 rounds to an up and coming Mendes who simply would not be denied tonight. Eva thrilled with her performance, hugging everyone in sight, doing little dance-steps on the spot - it's a shining, break-through performance. "I need to thank Charlize for working so hard to get me ready for Cameron," breathes a weepy, overjoyed Mendes in postfight. "I've never trained so specifically to beat a particular girl before and the difference is amazing. Cameron couldn't do a THING in there tonight - just way too much Eva for her to handle." Diaz suffering from ring rust ala Lucy Liu - wonderful blonde still a breathtaking talent, but needs to stay active to keep pace with younger, hungrier bodies.


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