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19 March 2005 Catherine Bell vs Jennie Garth

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Posted by Simguy on 03/19/2005





Before: "Put the pressure on," affirms Jennie in prefight. "I won't let Cat breathe. I can't hang back - I'll never win a decision against her, but I don't think I'll have to. You look at her fights with Jane Krakowski and Krista Allen - I think you'll see Cat's susceptible to sudden power and a girl CAN plan to take Bell out. Anyone who thinks this is going to be a Cat Bell cakewalk is in for a shock: I'm here to give Bell hell."


Cat respectful of Jennie's longevity and veteran status in the sport. "I'm impressed that Garth would take such a big step up in class and size," says the former multi-time champ, pound for pound entrant, etc etc. "To be honest, shoe on the other foot? I don't think I'd be taking the fight. She's a brave girl, a smart girl - you add those things up and she becomes a dangerous girl. I do think she's a little undergunned in this fight, but it's obvious I'm going to have to prove that to her - Jennie Garth doesn't roll over for anyone."


Garth in white bikini, white gloves, messy ponytail - Cat in electric blue Jag bikini, white gloves.


During R1: Cat hanging back, being tall, setting distance with a firm, scolding stick. Garth circling to either side, looking...looking then rushing in - gloves at her chin, abrupt side-to-side weave, then a chunking left chop up top as Bell folds blonde into a smothering clinch. Cat riding her left arm around Jenny's head, pulling her face-first into that world-class rack, right hand around Jennie's left elbow - Bell just easing Garth into the ropes and laying atop her until ref's break. That's the gist of it: Cat making Jennie run the gauntlet of jabs - when blonde breaks through, she's clinched, smothered and bodied to ropes.


R2: Jennie keeping the rapid, tyson-esque weave, but issuing a stubby jab of her own - she's able to rush in and hack a choppy left hand upside Cat's head in first minute action. Bell pumping stick, managing blonde blitzes - second minute she channels onrushing Jen into a POUNDING short right on the face - concussive blast startling Garth, sending her baby-stepping back where she came from. Bell patient - jabbing Jennie's forehead to destabilize her, shooting long right hands down into the body, mopping up a rangy hook thick in Jennie's side. Good wet bodyshot putting a dopey pout on Jennie's face as she covers up, unable to come forward down the stretch.


R3: Jennie circling warily, picking her spots to come in, but give her credit: she's still trying to dart in Vicki Pratt style and hurt Cat. Bell's jab dictating Jennie's whole world to her: where she can stand, what she can do - Garth starting to mark up as Bell patiently pounds away. Cat economical with her feet, one step back or to either side, always maintaining favourable distance. Jennie manages to get in? She's gobbled up, face pressed to hulking jug, pushed down into ropes for a smothering break.


R4: Cat having her way - all starts with the jab. Bell's left hand pounding against Jennie's brows, dulling her, freezing her - setting her up for sizzling right crosses. Garth slipping the cross fairly well, but all-too-available for the mop-up swinging hook in the ribs - Cat getting hips and arched back behind thudding lefts downstairs, moving Garth with the blows. Jennie backing up - crossing her arms in frustration, lifting her elbows to ward off blows - final minute sees her absorb some gobsmacking right hands on the mouth. Cat leaning into the strokes - crowd screaming as Garth's head swivels savagely, but Jennie's proud legs won't give way - she finishes up ropeside, staring hurt into punishment as Bell slams away crosses up top, hooks downstairs, leaving ramshackle blonde wallowing in pain.


R5: Jennie's chin a little stouter than expected - Bell switches tack, throwing to the body to break blonde down a little. Garth tilting forward behind her gloves, biting down on screams as Cat bashes into her: Bell leaning in close, laying muscular licks against Garth's tired flanks, landing with thudding, hollow booms and moving Jennie in little stumbles to either side. No mercy on the ropes: Cat crowding, palming with a tuff left hand on Jennie's shoulder to stabilize while pumping rigid right hands flat on gut - blonde clinching wisely rather than sitting and taking too much of that stuff.


R6: Jennie looking to jump in and out Pratt or Biel style - but lacking the physical dynamism of those girls - Cat's able to see it, read it and intercept it to Garth's continual dismay. Jabs systematically punishing Jennie, lumping her up. Outside she's under constant threat from streaming right hands - and if she slips them, her body's on sale for Cat's crunching hook chaser. Bell getting tuff - stepping to Jennie and palm-bunting her in the shoulders, sending her stamping back on her heels - strength differential showing up as Bell increasingly the bully. No quit in Jennie though - she'll chop the odd hook to ear, or gambling overhand right to jug - pestering Cat and preventing an all out Bell offensive.


R7: Cat and Syren agree in the corner: Jennie needs more body work. Bell fixing blonde with the jab, slow right hand up top to freeze, then cashing in on the pout of Jennie's pooch that thick, snapping hook, bringing the mitt back fast. Slow/fast, slow/fast - Garth wheezing out through pursed lips, agony clear on her face as she soaks these shots, then minces away to regroup - Cat starting to walk her girl down. Ugly moments along the ropes as a weary, broke-down Jen rolls her torso while bigger woman pounds away flanks, palms up, pushes up and stuffs gut in close. When Jennie wraps up around Cat's waist? Cat folds blonde face into those bulging hooters, makes her feel the weight - Jenny being broken down every which way tonight.


R8: Jennie with those sporadic shots - a blunt hack around Cat's ear or temple, a quick, clawing hook across jug as she scoots to her right - nothing sustained. Bell disciplined, finding Jennie with the jab, looking chin with right hands but counting on the hook downstairs to do the real work of beating Jennie up. Garth out on the end of Cat's punches and getting shelled - when she gets inside, she's gobbled up, snuggled close, smothered and bodied to ropes for breaks - ref having to tug hard on Cat's arm to get her to release. Garth complaining about the constant holding - face glossy-wet from the constant press of jug - but it's just a function of relative height. "I can't help where her face is," Cat shrugs all innocent to the ref.


R9: Jennie bent over, slipping headshots early, soaks up a shattering hook in behind her elbow - blonde grimacing, stepping away with a "that really, really hurt" look - Bell hopping forward, lowering her mitts to power-slugging height and walking Jennie down. Bell issuing shellack, nice bandy-armed left/right, right backhand drag, swinging hook upside the head as poor Jennie crosses arms and tries to bob at the ropes. Left uppercut the answer, picking up Jennie's chin - everything droops - blonde sits stunned in the ropes, eyes glassy. Slapping hook on the cheek, DRILLING right hand on the chin - Cat bends into the crashing cross to end Jennie's night on the spot. Garth out on her feet, slides down the ropes to stretch out on her face parallel to the apron - KO9 Cat Bell.


After: Bell glancing down and offering a small smile of satisfaction: Jennie 100% used up on the canvas. "She didn't have the guns," Cat explains in post fight, white towel across sweaty shoulders, "she was trying to Pratt me, but she's not explosive enough - I was able to pick her up all night with my jab. I was too strong for her and we both knew it - I had my body on her all night long and that's tough for a smaller girl to withstand over 10 rounds. I give her all the credit in the world - it took me 9 rounds to properly break her down, which is probably 3 or 4 more than I had anticipated." BLONDE! magazine appalled, villifying Technetium for once again sending a wonderful blonde name to her doom - sacrifice of Garth seen as willful, criminal negligence by editors.


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