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19 Nov 2004 Kelly Brook vs Charisma Carpenter

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Posted by simguy on 11/19/2004


Before: Collision course for two buxom beauties on the upswing - Brook fresh off a decent title challenge, Carpenter turning back opponents and the clock as she rediscovers her groove. "She's limited," says Charisma of her foe. "Right hand, pawing jab - that's pretty much it. I'll take her apart on the inside, outclass her - I think Kelly's a little overrated right now in the rankings: time for a correction." Brook still feeling she's not getting the respect from American fighters despite obvious improvement. "I really feel I'll pound away on Charisma to a certain extent," analyzes Brook. "She doesn't move the way she used to, she's a pocket fighter and that's perfect for me. She can't walk me back and she can't take my right hand all night - I just don't see what she's going to do to get my respect in that ring." Fair amount of jug-oriented publicity for this fight - Brook assesses her foe thusly: "At Samdog, we know a little something about jugs," Kelly smiles. "Charisma's rack wouldn't even make the cut in our gym." CC non-plussed, shaking her head in disappointment. "I had hoped we'd keep this professional," says the veteran, "but I see that's not really part of Kelly's game. Everyone's noticed how Samdog women have been taking liberties in their victories. When I stop Kelly, maybe I'll have to teach her a lesson as well." Veiled threat hits Brook like an open hand slap - cordial air grows frosty at the prospect of where this bout could go. Charisma in navy bikini, Kelly in bright baby blue.


During R1: Carpenter to the ropes, presenting her left shoulder, extending the left elbow to measure, snapping off hooks, kissing right hands in tidy combinations. CC supple, dipping side to side, finding the openings in and around Kelly's arms with snatching shots. Brook measuring with her extended left, missing rights as Charisma rolls with them - midway through Carpenter comes back a clanging right on the teeth and shakes Brook's legs to her toes! Kelly staring in shock - Carpenter off the ropes with swatting rights on the ear, neatly reversing positions as Brook crumples limp into the strands. CHARISMA GOES RACK! Didn't take long - Kelly a-swoon, helpless - CC digs greedy, helping herself with short, smearing lefts and rights, plenty of forearm chaser. Brook groaning, draping either arm around Carpenter's shoulders - CC able to snuggle in close and slam away to her heart's content. Charisma plugging jug at the bell, shoulders rotating, leaning in on Kelly to make her feel the weight, pouring it on for a bruising shutout.


R2: Brook weight on right foot, lets Charisma come to her, pounding away jabs as Charisma runs into stiff stick. Carpenter nailed, rejected - she crosses her arms, looks to weave the poke when Brook bends into a crashing right hand on the jaw! CARPENTER GOES WOBBLY BUTT! CC staggered, reeling - she keeps her feet, but gets drawn into Kelly's cauldron posture. Brook riding the left around Carpenter's head, cheek to cheek with Charisma and Kelly's JAMMING away righty to body. Charisma groggily wrapping her own left hand up top - but Brook tugging and twisting, muscles Carpenter to ropes. PAYBACK JUG! Kelly palming Carpenter's shoulders and POUNDING away - heartstopping right/left shellack across CC's bulging juggage has brunette beauty stupefied. Brook methodical, being big in there, alternating wrapping up with either arm while plugging away the free mitt - she's helping herself to every square inch of Carpenter tummy and tit in a mauling second. Bell: both beauties reeling psychologically - SO much damage done and they're only 6 minutes in!


R3: Carpenter: left across her gut, right at her cheek - she slaps out backhand jabs, slides back, luring Kelly in and walking her into slick potshotting counters. Brook telegraphing the right - Carpenter able to roll with, then answer back a short right hand clout on the chin - THERE GO BROOK'S LEGS! Kelly stamping in hurt - Carpenter stepping to the right, hooking from an oblique angle, bashing Kel's face back and staggering her to the ropes - Charisma oozes on in. CC tidying up - left hand stabilizing swooning Kelly, right hand drifting to chin, pancaking those breasts, fitting in snug above the heart - real precision pounding. Brook shabby, reaching for Carpenter's neck or round her back - clinching desperately to slow the pain: CC pounds away to hips over Kelly's extended arms before ref's break. Girls get sweaty, reaching under each other's arms, tying up behind the elbows, tugging and twisting each other to ropes - Brook able to brawl her way back into the round late as woozy beauties get sloppy.


R4: Jeri Ryan moves into position just beneath Kelly's corner, shouting instructions - Brook responds. Kelly establishing position midring, strong stance, jolting stick intercepting and pounding Charisma back as CC tries to slip inside. Not the pawing stick Carpenter had been expecting - Brook just pivoting, keeping Charisma in front of her and smashing away whenever CC creeps into range. Charisma frustrated, parrying shots, slinking on the outside, changing directions, but can't get to Brook's chest this round.


R5: Kelly continues working behind the jab, lumping up on Charisma, stepping to the left to gently circle Charisma - Brook just standing off shore and shelling away broadsides at will. Carpenter right hand at her cheek parries most of the leather, good head movement gets her underneath, but she's hinky about closing - CC a little too defensive in a tactical fifth: Kelly's round.


R6: Carpenter's finally got the timing - she weaves the Brook jab, roars over top a sumptuous right to the chin - KELLY BROOK'S HURT! Head-snap, knee-bend Kelly, she straightens, hobbles ramshackle to the ropes, dukes at eyebrows as Carpenter wades in. CC angled up on Brook, pointing the left shoulder, pawing the jab between Kel's tits, then looping rights hard to the cheek or wide to the ribs, laying in to smother the receipts. Systematic beat down - Carpenter putting her body on Kelly, palming her, stacking her, going to Brook's waist with thick right/lefts, snapping hooks to ear, chopping right hands to jaw. Kelly stoic, standing rigid behind her guard - she's a target, not moving her head, giving up her body to ruinous Carpenter punching. At the bell, CC glowing - she looks like she needs a cigarette. Brook throbbing, hugging herself en route to her corner.


R7: CC dips left, counters Kelly's jab with a quick-snapping hook, doubles it, puts a tidy right hand on the chin - Brook staggering straight back to the ropes sets up wobbly butt once again. Charisma easing in, wants her body close - she's grinding her left shoulder in Kelly's chest to prop and position her. Ripping spank-spank to the body - waist and ribs all tore up, and OH, Kelly's rack. Carpenter clawing a hook against Kel's jugs, turning on short right hands, easing her body into Brook after scoring to press groggy Brit into the ropes. Kelly gobsmacked, reaching limp around Charisma's neck just gives away her ribs to more punishment. Down the stretch, Brook slugs-with, just banging away short uppercuts while laying in forehead to forehead with Charisma - Carpenter can't close Kelly out.


R8: Carpenter sets up on Kelly's chest midring, but Brook dropping her right foot back able to create a little distance - she gets into Charisma's flank with some good, good hooks, halting the Carpenter advance. Both girls show lefts across bodies, rights at cheeks - Kelly bumping shoulder as she comes forward, picking CC up tidy rights and lefts - slugging has Carpenter wilting to the ropes. CC batting at punches, guiding them past her, but midway through, a SCORCHING Brook right hand hammers Charisma's head back and buckles her knees. Carpenter swaying, desperately hurt - she reaches round Kelly's waist and gets pounded to the flanks as Brook steps back, slugs around the outstretched arms. Girls grind out the final minute in sweaty confines, pulling and twisting each other to the ropes, holding and hitting to the bell. Ref has to separate them - bruising brawl taking it's toll on both beauties.


R9: Stop and go ninth - Brook hanging back, making Charisma dare the jab to get close, then clinching - Carpenter being drawn into punch n' clutch. CC mouth open, drained - more often than not she's accepting the clinch and trying to wrestle Kelly's back to the ropes. Girls constantly falling in, wrapping up jug to jug, stumbling along the ropes - wedging in opportunistic punches when they can.


R10: Carpenter plays hurt, lolling open mouthed at the ropes - she tempts Brook forward and picks Kelly apart with crafty counters this round. Brook pawing the jab, shooting the right: Carpenter ducking under it and answering back to the body with crippling snap - really tearing up British belly and ribcage. CC so cute off the ropes, sitting there, conserving her energy, rolling with shots, letting her cat-quick hands find the openings. Down the stretch, accumulation takes effect - Brook shabby as Carpenter nails her a spanking left/right/left off the face. CC with a smooth sidestep, hand at Kelly's back - she guides Brook into the ropes, reverses field and closes out the fight with a batting flurry as Kelly covers up. Carpenter crowing, chesting up strong after the bell - Kelly blinking back woozy, but it comes back a Tractorpull Special: Draw.


After: Carpenter disgusted with the judges - Kelly resenting the disgust, Ryan jumping to Brook's side as tempers flare - that's a lot of angry jug in one little confined space. Officials settle everybody down, but hard feelings persist in the aftermath. "In my heart, I know I won that fight," Charisma states. "I hurt her repeatedly, I was the stronger woman inside, and I finished fresher. She was practically begging me to take her out at the end - she was totally used up." Kelly doesn't see it that way. "I outboxed Charisma Carpenter tonight," Brook asserts. "Look at her face - she was helpless against my jab. I hurt her so many times in this fight, I can't believe the judges didn't credit that." Reality is, both girls a little bit better than the other believed coming in - Brook a better boxer than Charisma expected, CC cuter, more accurate and heavier handed than Kelly allowed.

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