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19 October 2001 Debbe Dunning vs Dina Meyer

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Posted by Simguy on 10/18/2001, 6:27 pm



Before: Meyer being fronted as a possible answer to the Shannon Elizabeth problem - champ showing Dina enough respect to put venerable Debbe D in the way. Debbe resentful of suggestion that she's Elizabeth's lapdog, "Look, we're not friends, I'm not on Shannon's payroll. I want another crack at Elizabeth myself and the best way to do that is to play her little game for the time being. I beat a couple of these kids coming up and I'm right back in the picture - that's all there is to it." Dunning a crowd pleasing slugger in her own right - most think her legs have had their day and that Meyer will eventually pound Dunning down, but that's why they fight the fights. Debbe in purple bikini, white shoes and gloves, Dina in grey stretch cotton sports bra, royal blue bikini bottoms, white shoes and gloves.


During R1: Meyer steps in with a swatting hook, then drills a short right hand to open and DUNNING IS HURT! Electrifying Meyer power evident early as Dunning stares in shock, stomping back on her heels as Meyer gives chase. Wild, careening action as Meyer gets crazy, missing outrageously - Debbe stumbling and blocking with her arms up in the air - it's a mess. Late in the round, Dunning gets control of her legs, picks Meyer up with the jab and lands some heartfelt right hands to avoid the shutout.


R2: Debbe obviously not paying attention in the first. Meyer steps in with a wide, slappy hook and lands the exact same drilling right hand on the teeth, blasting Dunning's head back and leaving her badly stunned. Meyer out of control on follow up again - missing wildly as Dunning backpedals on numb legs - Dina overswinging and stumbling herself as Dunning slowly gets it together. Down the stretch, Dina exhausted by wasted efforts - Debbe walks Meyer into a stuffing right hand to the gut and cashing in on chin with a cranking left hook and MEYER GOES DOWN! Meyer glassy eyed on her left hip, pushing herself shakily to her feet and DUNNING charges in to finish. Debbe much more effective on her follow up, jabbing Meyer to the ropes, licking at her body, then lashing away with long armed powerstrokes to the jaw line to leave Dina stupified at the bell. Debbe pushed back at the ref as she huffs and puffs, looking to blow Dina's house down.


R3: Meyer up with hands at chest, legs stiff and trembling - Dunning has a field day. Debbe with her hands up at her eyebrows, stepping back, letting Dina slam away with desperate wide punching, answering back with crisp, lanky limbed power to the body and head - by the midway point, Dunning has the rhythm, walking Meyer into disasterous slinging blows. Dunning lighting Meyer up with a banging right,left,right on the jaw, wrongfooting Dina and sending her wandering to her right as Dunning walks her down.


R4: More HUGE punches from Dunning - girls are working at fairly close range, but not right on top of each other, trading rips that land with spanking cracks up and down each other's lean frames. Dina rocked again and again as she insists on coming forward, punching into Debbe's guard for the most part and eating crashing counters to her face and body. Busted up Meyer falls in to clinch in final minute - Debbe showing fatigue waltzes willingly to the bell.


R5: Debbe started her career as a boxer, and she shows some of those skills now to coast while continuing to frustrate Meyer. Dina all busted up, still winging wide - Debbe blocking with a high guard, pivoting to turn Meyer and touching her with the jab just to wreck Dina's timing. Meyer missing an outrageous number of punches - she needs to take something off the fastball as Debbe is reading her like the Sunday funnies.


R6: Meyer shortens up her punches, uses her feet to get into position and THEN get off - result is a much more effective action round for Dina. Debbe getting beaten to punches, head snapping back as Meyer dials in - Dunning reaching in to double-pat that lower right side with lanky hooks as the girls rotate midring.


R7: Shutout Dina Meyer. Dina focussing, not so erratic, allowing her natural quickness and athleticism take over. Dunning starting to get embarassed as Meyer lands a breathtaking combination, steps over, then lands again as Debbe seems an awed spectator.


R8: Dina buckles Debbe's knees with a thudding double hook of her own to Dunning's waist - Debbe groaning, reaches to clinch and stumbles into hurt as Meyer steps back and picks the brunette up with rolling uppercuts from both hands. Sloppy round as Debbe practically tackles Dina to stop the punishment - girls staggering around the ring as the ref tries to restore order. Down the stretch, Meyer bullying Dunning again, shoulders the brunette off and lands jolting right crosses at the bell.


R9: Fatigue apparent in both warriors - fight bogs down into a pitch and clinch rhythm - referee issuing a constant stream of breaks as the girls start to look ragged. Dunning takes over late as she steps back and walks a tired Dina Meyer into a sturdy left uppercut - Dina helpless as Dunning lashes a brutal right/left across the waist to buckle Meyer's knees at the bell.


R10: Debbe Dunning gets after Dina Meyer with reaching hooks into the right side - Dina breaking down badly under these touches doesn't seem to know what to do. Meyer drawing her elbows in and slumping forward as Dunning stands flat footed, getting stronger the weaker Meyer looks - it's just Dunning getting off with both hands long and strong to the body, then biting short uppercuts off the face as Dina soaks it all up. At the bell, a devastated Dina Meyer is a battered wreck - tired Debbe Dunning lifts her mitts in anticipation. Comes back UD10 Debbe Dunning.


After: "Dina's a dangerous three round fighter," smirks Debbe in postfight. "Big girls fight 10." Ouch. Dunning hurt badly in the opening stanzas, but Meyer let her off the hook with wild flailing follow up that badly missed the mark. "I wasn't sharp at all," a dejected Dina Meyer admits, "Debbe's loving this, but I think real boxing people know I lost this one more than she won it." Whatever gets you through the night, babe.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/21/09

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