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19 Sept 2008 Eliza Dushku vs Billie Piper

Page history last edited by Archer844 11 years, 9 months ago

Posted by simguy on 9/19/2008, 6:38 pm

Before: Speculation that Eliza might be babied in the wake of crushing defeat to Elisha ended by this signing of Piper: Billie's body every bit as sturdy as Britney, Elisha, Mack and the like. "I didn't want to shy away from it," Dushku shrugs in prefight. "I need to know, and HISC needs to know, if I can still handle this body type. I FEEL fine - that's all I know - and I've been beating up girls like Billie my whole life - but sometimes you need to test your assumptions. If there's something wrong in my approach, lets identify the problem and fix it - you know?"


Huge opportunity for buxom Brit - vivacious blonde fireplug a stark contrast to refined English ladies in the Beckinsale or Knightley mold. "It's true," Piper admits at the podium, "I'm a bit of a bull in a china shop - but that's exactly what you want to be against Eliza. Dushku reminds me of our Kate: classy but delicate. If Eliza has truly lost her taste for beef, I'll find out about it, because I bring a healthy portion of the stuff to the table. A healthy portion indeed!"


Billie in bandeau bikini with pastel floral prints (pale pinks, mauves, whites, blues); blonde curls in twisty beach bun; small black work out gloves. Eliza in red leather bikini; small black work out gloves; long brown curls loose. Dushku cheeky during ring instructions - giving Billie a head-to-toe once over, nodding with an expression that says "not bad. It'll do."

During R1: Eliza sweeping a right roundhouse onto Billie's body, then springing away off to the left at the open. Billie crouching, turning, stalking. Eliza with another sweeping right to the body - landing loud - then she scrambles off to the right, evading Billie's receipt. Eliza pivoting to her left, pumps a brace of stiff left jabs into Billie - scoring on the face, dotting either shoulder as Piper attempts to weave past. Cute sidesteps from Dushku - often aided by liberal use of Billie's bandeau top as Eliza plays grab-tug-and-spin with ballistic blonde. Piper visibly frustrated - huffing and puffing, just can't blow Eliza's door down. Latter half the round - Eliza angles in off the jab, digging jagged, precise right uppercuts into midriff with small-glove PAK! Sheriff hooks Billie's ear before disengaging/pivoting left. Billie made to look an amateur - undressed top to bottom - touched, retouched, spun and checked. Blazing shutout bell to bell puts a seething look of intensity on Eliza's face as she stomps back to corner. Billie rubbing her stomach, grimacing, angrily demanding water.

R2: Eliza out crisp, lithe: another sweeping right vexes Billie's waistline - Dushku bouncing off to the left, sidestepping the receipt. Billie SO frustrated - she's blundering forward now - jugs a-jumpin' - teeth bared. Dushku timing her blonde - lashing her wide, rangy right hands to the body; dipping to jab the body, or; hooking the paunch while pivoting-left. Piper surging forward at the minute mark, flinches as Eliza indicates towards blonde midsection, but HOOKS CHIN INSTEAD! Gorgeous, short, well-timed Sugar Ray Robinson clip to jaw - Dushku straightening up, tucking her shoulder in tight behind the withering blast. Billie sputters past - pitching forward onto her hands and knees all glassy-eyed in wonder: perfect shot has strong-bodied lass hobbled. Billie up quickly - but she pitches forward into ropes, sprawling to seat. Thrashing her legs, she climbs ropes and scrambles up again, but it's OVER! Ref waves this thing off as Piper's trying to corrall rebellious limbs. KO2 Eliza Dushku.

After: Dushku resplendent: every time the Sheriff's written off as shopworn, she stops the riot with authority. Billie blubbering/pleading with the official - blonde just can't accept she got chin-shocked out of this fight early. Eliza and friends move in to underscore the point...

Dushku chests Billie back into her corner, laying in on her, grinning out over her right shoulder into the crowd, then grabbing the top rope to mount up. Dushku beaming - doesn't always indulge herself, but she's in need of an ego boost and this is it. Both hands pushing down on Billie's broad shoulders - breasts nudging Billie's face aside - Eliza D plays to the crowd, grinning and basking. Claire's up next amidst much back-and-butt slapping; Mish; Kris. When a grinning Sophia steps-to conquered Piper - Eliza intercepts with a firm hand at Bush's chest. "Umm, hold on there, Sof," Eliza says. "You might be in the company, but you're not exactly in the pack - you know what I mean? I want to see that you can get your own meat before you share in pack-right. That's fair, right? Win and you're in? We're (gesturing back at the other girls) all world champs - we need to see that you can hold your own, that's all." Sophia blinking, mortified: shes just been rebuked in front of the entire nation by one of it's most respected fighters. Gulp!

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