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19 Sept 2008 Lacey Chabert vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

Page history last edited by Dradis 12 years, 2 months ago

Posted by simguy on 9/19/2008


Before: In stark contrast to the frosty snubbing between Landry and Brook - Chabert and Hewitt are hot-and-at-it in prefight. Jen constantly looking to assert herself in photoshoots - leading to pushing matches and screaming sessions. Chabert vicious during weigh-ins, subjecting Jennifer to intense scrutiny on the scales, questioning every pound and inch. Lacy makes sure donuts are brought into the gym every day, the box just sitting there out in the open, trying to tempt Jen. "Oh please," Chabert says in response to some media criticism of her overt cruelty towards her rival, "you guys have no idea what a little witch Jennifer is. NO idea. Take Lohan on her worst day, add a dash of Shannen Doherty and two quarts of sluttiness, and you've got Hewitt in all her bytchy glory. This beating has been a long time coming - and it WILL be a beating. I'm flattening Jen and leaving no doubt in her mind where things stand between us." Hewitt seething at the sound of Chabert's voice - security watchful as Jen takes the stand, fearing she might just detour into Lacey's lap. "Lacey's been milking the JMD title for too long...no pun intended," Jen says at the podium. "There's a lot of endorsement money that goes along with being the JMD queen, and I want that - but it's also time to break Chabert's spirit. She's grown very, very full of herself over the last year, and needs a thrashing. No better way to do that than driving up the middle and through her rack. She'll get the message." Lacey in white push up and panties; white gloves. Jen bright purple lace push up with darker purple panties; black gloves.


During R1: Early wary circling, then Lacey's into Jen's chest with a curving overhand right. Wrestling in close, champ wriggles tummy to tummy against Jen, bodying her backwards to ropes. Mission accomplished: Lacey's got position. Pushing her hands in on Jen's inner elbows - Lacey puts her butt back to create room, then releases Jen to snap left/right at her jugs. Hewitt quickly ties up, then stuffs a right to Lacey's jugs in the squirming fur-ball: Chabert bodies Jen deep to ropes, pushing her down again, then snatching at jug. Hewitt cramped, scowling - she's getting outworked, scuffed up - Lacey collecting rough touches in ones and twos until Jen can tie up, then Chabert stuffs Jen to ropes, denying her escape. Lacey working hard, buttocks ringing, bare feet digging into canvas as she leans into Jen: muscular stuff from stocky little champ. Jen's jugs well-mugged: nothing huge - but Lacey on them consistently, tucking into 'em, jamming in, then squirming atop Jen to smother the receipts.


R2: Lacey and Jen in there snug - girls edging into each other left-shoulder first, then working. Foreheads rubbing, arms writhing to wrestle opposing limbs out of the way - girls take turns cuffing, swatting, cramming away in tight. Stamping footwork and humming buttocks: both girls digging in, determined not to give up canvas. Lacey's right hand pushing Jen's left hand down, then Chabert tucks her right into jug: just a short, shoving motion. Jen scraping uppercuts - sometimes touching Chabert a digging set-up clout in the belly to distract her, thereby freeing up those melons. Good grinding give and take, but down the stretch, Lacey's legs begin to take canvas away from Jen's. Hewitt finishes up butt-on-ropes, suffering as Lacey squares away, has a healthy go at offending rack with chugging, shrugging hup-hup to bell.


R3: Jen picks up her feet, sidesteps Lacey early, locates her with a jab instead of plowing-to. Chabert covering up, weaving: Jen leans in, carrying a healthy right to the pit of Lacey's stomach, then a rip-roaring hook across jug-front. Jen pushes off with heels of her hands, sidesteps left: she's changing up the fight on Lacey. Chabert looking to renegotiate terms, wanting to get snug and outwork Jen tummy to tummy: Hewitt denying her. Jen circling clockwise, showing the jab until she's ready to commit - then she's into Lacey's belly with rights and working her rack with clapping left hooks. Two-beat combinations visibly effective: rugged body shot shakes Lacey up, distracting her so the follow-on hook can clean up jug. When Lacey does get inside: Jen ties up and holds on for breaks, neatly smothering/frustrating champ.


R4: Jen patient, willing to move inside on her terms, content to sidestep around her jab until she gets what she wants. Hewitt finding a home for that robust, swinging right in the pit of Lacey's stomach: big, pounding blow nearly always followed by a short, clouting hook to jug. Chabert covering up, absorbing, then answering as Jen punches herself close: Hewitt willing to work inside with Lacey now instead of tying her up. Jen with initiative - she's the one coming in, squirming and digging with Lacey, then stepping out to circle for the fresh angle. Lacey's cheeks flushed, hair disheveled: she's being steadily outworked and touched up through 4.


R5: Jen up-tempos, baring her teeth and coming at Lacey with straight, jack-hammering crisscross rights and lefts to rack. Chabert momentarily beaten back, but firming in anger: she answers back in kind, seething as her straight punches pump out, seeking soft jug. Furious toe-to-toe: backs straight, chins up, girls just stamping away at each other, occasionally hitting each other's punches out of the air, but otherwise pancaking bra. Jennifer the first to crack - she starts to back away, output dropping: Lacey grimly forward, pouring it on as she senses weakness. Hewitt resorting to clinches late, mouth open on Lacey's shoulder as Chabert's relentless carpet bombing of rack ends up finishing what Jen started.


R6: Hard minutes for Jen: Lacey dominates. Chabert's rigid, straight crisscross bashes away at Jen's mitts, upperchest and bra, driving her to ropes. Hewitt dispirited, wrists crossed at her breasts, elbows in: she's wretched, shuddering as Lacey beats away on protective arms. Chabert seething, teeth bared - she's just squared away, giving Jen what-for: Lacey's elbows up, palms down as she jams in left/rights in thumping streams. Hewitt blurting in shock, sliding along ropes to her right, turning her shoulders to distribute punishment: Lacey well balanced, not falling in - she's just bouncing mitts off meat. Not a lot of clean jug scored here as Jen covers up, but sheer concussive force of the drumming has Hewitt wobbly butt at the bell. "JUST QUIT, JEN!" Chabert cries at the break, nostrils flaring.


R7: Jen rights the ship. Hewitt using her jab to prod Lacey's breasts - stamping away at 'em from outside, then sidestepping or fading back as Chabert tries for retribution. Lacey a little wild - Jen able to pick away at champion's knockers: straight jabs; straight one-twos; swinging right hand leads to the body, setting up the pay-off hook across jug. Jen playing catch-and-release with her clinches - scoring as she moves in; tying up to smother receipts; pushing off to make Lacey feel her strength. Chabert winning through and outworking Jen when they're tummy to tummy, but Hewitt keeping such occasions to a bare minimum.


R8: Furious Lacey ROARS off her stool, tackling Jen into her corner almost before her seconds are out. Hewitt awkwardly jammed to turnbuckles, then crying out as Lacey gets to stampin'. Chabert's teeth bared, arms chugging away palm-down crisscross lefts and rights, beating at Jen's panicky defenses. Hewitt holds it together initially, then loosens under the torrid buffeting. More and more rack exposed as Jen's hands are punched out of the way: soon she's drooping, mouth open, hands lowering as LACEY'S GOING ALL IN! Jen swooning, eyelashes fluttering, lips parted - her hands are low to either side, torso lolling forward: Lacey grunting as she punches her hardest into Jen, flattening the offending rack. Big, concussive spanks sounding out - Lacey getting her buns and back into each plowing blow, twitching herself side to side as poor stunned Jen stoops and takes. Meat of Jennifer's breasts bunching up and slamming around in lace cups - cushy flesh being smashed and smudged about while the rest of Jen's body seems heavy and still. Crowd roaring - sight of Lacey all tensed and getting off with vigour - HER jugs a-jumpin' - tummy hardening into relief with the effort of punching: it's mouthwatering stuff. THE REF STEPS IN! Hewitt deep in jug-shock, staring in stupor as the man cradles her to safety. TKO8 for the winner and STILL JMD champ - Lacey Chabert.


After: Don't even kid yourselves: HBO slaps in the Swan Lake tape almost before Lacey's finished cleaning up on Jen. There's no doubt Chabert's tribute-taking will be epic, and altogether too much for panicked network executives to take. Hopefully, we'll see third party coverage of the festivities in the near future.

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