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19 September 2008 Karen Cliche vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by Simguy on 9/19/2008, 7:09 am.


Before: Shedding pounds no big deal for Cliche: professional sparring partner and opponent used to moving up and down on short-notice: “I’ve got a chance to hammer Winstead,” Cliché shrugs, “that’s worth dropping 10 pounds.”


Winnie in with a legit bug girl—going to be a real physical challenge, “Karen Theron-big,” MEW acknowledges. “but I need to be able to handle the big rangy girls if I’m going to make a career at lightweight. The one thing I’ve noticed about Cliché is that she waits her turn and doesn’t always initiate: that’s perfect for me, because I keep punching unless something stops me. If Karen wants to hang back all night and wait for oenings, I’ll be happy to run up the score on her!”


Karen in leopard prints bikini. MEW in feisty yellow bikini; black gloves.


During R1: MEW reckless up the middle—met by crunching jabs, banging right hands. Cliché standing in the pocket, raking Mary on the way in, then pushing her off big girl—Winstead really getting tagged/repulsed. Final minutes, all those clean one-twos adding up in MEW’s legs: she eats another right hand coming in, stumbles to all fours as Cliché brightens at the bell. BREAK: stern talking-to for Mary—trainer apoplectic at her lack of discipline.


R2: Much improved Winstead. She’s jabbing her way in, keeping her right hand at her face as she thrusts for Karen’s eyebrows. Cliche covering up to block, backing up: as promised, she’s waiting her turn, giving ground easily. Winstead chopping at the waistline right/left—then recovering with that jab up top: Karen never countering, content to give up tummy and stay safe behind her gloves. MEW working Karen over along the aprons—Cliche absorbing on her waist and flanks: Winstead staying busy, just pushing leather. Late the round, ringing right hand catches Cliché behind her left ear—staggering her , sending her sliding wide-eyed along the ropes as MEW smiles, nods happily to herself.


R3: When Cliché gets off first, she’s effective. Ramrod jab jams Mary up, keeping her at arm’s length. Long right crosses strafe Mary, punching past her guard and jolting her head. Winstead jabbing to Karen’s body, then looking to come over the top right hands: Cliché covering up well, giving up the jab to block the bigger shot. Karen in control—being first with the jab, walking Winnie into that heavy right mitt through 3.


R4: Mary a little banged up—eating a lot of punches: she’s coming forward slowly, facing into alarming jab/right hand combos. Karen senses Mary loosening—Cliche intense, stepping left around he poke, driving right hands in down the pike. Winstead has dukes up, but Karen’s penetrating: Mary’s head flying back with more and more violence as Karen leans her long body into shattering crosses. Cliché stays disciplined—bang-banging away one-two, sidestepping left: Mary breaking down, turning on the spoty, getting drilled, heavy bombardment adds up: Midway through, Winstead faces into a bashing left/right: legs give a shimmy—she’s hurt. Karen eyes-wide: she steps in a hook to Mary’s jaw, stroking it; turns into a crashing right hand with plenty of back and glute behind it. Cracking blast punches Mary’s head back on her neck—face to ceiling: Karen bending low on follow through, curling into her motion. WINSTEAD GIOES DOWN! Mary tottering on the spot then spilling forward, sprawling on her belly: she’s ramshackle goods trying to do a push up on the canvas, unable to rally her limbs. KO4 in gonging fashion, Karen Cliché.


After: Karen grinning as gloves are removed—are winner’s-circle type attention being paid to the long-suffering, well-traveled brunette. “I’m better than my record,” Karen shrugs when asked how she could have dominated Ms. Winstead. “I’m bigger than Mary—better technically: she’s still a very young fighter and showed that inexperience tonight. I was leaning into her chin all night long, and I don’t care if you’re Charlize Theron—you’re going to sleep if I get to you consistently. Mary’s goose was cooked as soon as I dialed in.”


Reposted by Archer 8/16/09.


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