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1999 Fight Index

Page history last edited by Vassago 8 months, 2 weeks ago






02-03-1999. Jamie  Luner Draw Vs Lynda Carter

02-04-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Charlize Theron (UD10) *

02-04-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Angie Harmon (UD10)

02-05-1999. (Rematch) Charlize Theron Def Jennifer Lopez (UD10)

02-06-1999. Catherine Zeta-Jones Def. Charlize Theron (KO6)*

02-06-1999. Mary Pierce Def. Anna Kournikova (KO3)*

02-07-1999. Salma Hayek Def. Carmen Electra (UD10)*

02-07-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Teri Hatcher (UD10)

02-08-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Tyra Banks (UD10)

02-08-1999. Teri Hatcher Def. Heather Locklear (UD10)

02-09-1999. (Rematch) Charlize Theron Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (KO1)

02-09-1999. Martina Hengis Def. Anna Kournikova (KO1)

02-10-1999. Anna Kournikova Def. Gabriela Sabatini (K1O)

02-11-1999. Brooke Shields Def. Rachel Hunter(UD10)*

02-11-1999. (Retro: Ca. 1980) Cathy Lee Crosby Def. Lynda Carter (KO4)

02-13-1999. Serena Williams Def. Anna Kournikova (UD10)

02-13-1999. Jamie Luner Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO1 in 2:33)

02-14-1999. Demi Moore Def. Heather Thomas (UD10)

02-15-1999. Demi Moore Def. Janine Turner (KO6)

02-15-1999. Demi Moore Draw Vs. Courtney Thorne-Smith

02-15-1999. Demi Moore Def. Kiana Tom (KO8)*

02-16-1999. Pam Anderson Def. Victoria Principal (KO8)*

02-17-1999. Demi Moore Def. Victoria Phillips (UD10)

02-18-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Jennifer Lopez (UD10)

02-18-1999. Elisabeth Shue Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (KO4)*

02-19-1999. Anna Kournikova Def. Mary Joe Fernandez (KO10)

02-20-1999. (Rematch) Anna Kournikova Def. Mary Pierce (TKO2)

02-20-1999. Elisabeth Shue Def. Janine Turner (KO2)

02-20-1999. Elisabeth Shue Def. Janet Jackson (KO4)*

02-20-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (KO5)*

02-20-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Bobbi Phillips (TKO8)

02-21-1999. Lynda Carter Def. Charlize Theron (KO10)*

02-21-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Renee Zellweger (TKO4)

02-21-1999. Anna Kournikova Def. Katarina Witt (UD10)*

02-21-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Naomi Campbell (UD10)

02-22-1999. Steffi Graf Def. Anna Kournikova (TKO5)*

02-22-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Gretchen Mol (TKO2)*

02-22-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Gillian Anderson (TKO1)

02-22-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Elisabeth Shue (KO3)*

02-22-1999. Tracy Scoggins Def. Debbe Dunning (KO6)

02-22-1999. (Classic Match. Ca. 1965) Lucianna Paluzzi Def. Martine Beswicke (TKO3)

02-23-1999. Jamie Luner Def. Tracy Scoggins (UD10)

02-23-1999. Janet Jackson Def. Lucy Liu (KO3)*

02-24-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (TKO4)*

02-24-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Giselle Fernandez (TKO7)*

02-24-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Jewel Kilcher (Debut) (TKO3)*

02-25-1999. Carmen Electra Def. Jada Pinkett (KO3)*

02-25-1999. (Welterweight Title) Ch. Jamie Luner Draw Vs. Charlize Theron*

02-25-1999. Teri Hatcher Def. Courtney Love (KO9)

02-25-1999. Kathy Ireland Def. Teri Hatcher (KO5)

02-26-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Angie Everhart (UD10)

02-27-1999. Lynda Carter Def. Susan Anton (UD10)

02-27-1999. Debra (McMichael) Def. Sable (Rena Mero) (KO4)

02-27-1999. Svetlana Boginskaya Def. Shannen Doherty (KO7)*

02-27-1999. Lynda Carter Draw Vs. Sable (Rena Mero).

02-28-1999. Cindy Crawford Def. Sable (Rena Mero) (KO2)

02-28-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Debra McMichael (KO2) 




03-01-1999. Carmen Electra Def. Janine Turner (UD10)

03-01-1999. (NIKE TITLE) Ch. Courteney Cox Def. CH. Catherine Zeta-Jones (KO1)

(Simguy notes that CZJ won title in 1998 with a split decision over MARY DECKER)

03-01-1999. Kiana Tom Def Daisy Fuentes (KO1)

03-02-1999. (Seniors Div.) Jessica Lange Def. Geena Davis(UD8)

03-02-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Brooke Langton (KO2)*

03-02-1999. Nicole Bobek Def. Anna Kournikova (KO2)*

03-03-1999 (Seniors Div) Lynda Carter Def Jessica Lange (KO4)

03-03-1999. (MTV 118 Lbs. Title) Elisabeth Shue Def. Carmen Electra (KO4)*

03-03-1999. Bobbie Phillips Def. Rebecca DeMornay (KO7)*

03-03-1999. Courteney Cox Def. Janine Turner (1 Pt. Dec.)

03-08-1999. (Seniors Div.) Kathleen Turner Def. Jessica Lange (KO1)

03-08-1999. Courtney Love Def. Jewel Kilcher (Brutal KO1)

03-08-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Rebecca DeMornay (UD10)*

03-08-1999. (Non-Title?)  Bobbie Phillips Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)*

03-08-1999 Gillian Anderson Def. Alyssa Milano (Narrow UD10)*

*****SIMGUY ON HIATUS******* 



04-22-1999. Kelly Packard Def. Sarah Jessica Parker (?)

04-22-1999. Jennie Garth Def. Lindsay Price (KO2)*

04-22-1999. Charisma Carpenter Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (UD10)*

04-22-1999. Janet Jones Def. Tracy Scoggins (KO8)

04-22-1999. Claire Danes Def, Anne Heche (KO2)

04-22-1999. Janet Jones Def. Vanessa Williams (KO9)

04-22-1999  Jennifer Lopez Draw Vs Jenny McCarthy

04-23-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Jenny McCarthy (UD10)*

04-23-1999. Charisma Carpenter Def. Elisabeth Shue (KO2)*

04-23-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Anna Kournikova (KO2)

04-23-1999. Janet Jones Def. Charlize Theron (I) (UD10)*

04-24-1999. (Seniors Div.) Victoria Principal Def. Farah Fawcett (KO2)

04-24-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (II) (KO2)*

04-24-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Meg Ryan (UD10)

04-24-1999 (Seniors Div.) Jessica Lange Def. Kathleen Turner (KO4)

04-24-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)*

04-24-1999. (Seniors Div.) Markie Post Def. Raquel Welch (UD8)*

04-24-1999. Janet Jones Def. Lynda Carter (KO2)

04-24-1999. Janet Jones Def. Naomi Campbell (KO2)

04-25-1999. Shania Twain (Debut) Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)*

04-25-1999. Naomi Campbell Def. Charlize Theron (II) (KO3)*

04-26-1999. (HBO Pound for Pound Title) Ch. Jamie Luner Def. Janet Jones (UD10)*

04-26-1999. Meg Ryan Def.Janine Turner (KO2)

04-27-1999. Anna Kournikova Def Jennifer Capriati (UD10)

04-27-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO8)

04-28-1999. Svetlana Boginskaya Def. Mary Lou Retton(UD10)*

04-29-1999. Julie Strain Def. Brigitte Neilsen (KO4). 





05-01-1999. (Seniors Div.) Markie Post Def. Jessica Lange (KO7)

05-01-1999. Carrie Ann Moss (Debut) Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (TKO2)*

05-01-1999. Janet Jones Def.Elizabeth Hurley (UD10)*

05-01-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Charlize Theron (III) (KO10)*

05-01-1999. (Non-TV) Angie Harmon Def. Portia de Rossi (KO6)*

05-01-1999. (HBO Bantamweight Title) Jennifer Lopez Def. Carmen Electra (KO3)

05-02-1999.. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Carmen Electra (KO6)*

05-02-1999, Janet Jones Def. Alexandra Paul (K02)

05-02-1999. (HBO Bantamweight Title) Gillian Anderson Def.  Ch Jennifer Lopez (KO5)*

05-02-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Carmen Electra (KO3)

05-03-1999. Martine Hingis Def. Nicole Bobek (TKO1)*

05-03-1999. Alexandra Paul Def. Charlize Theron (I) (UD10)*

05-04-1999. Janet Jones Def. Catherine Bell (UD10)*

05-05-1999. Charlize Theron Def Catherine Bell (UD10)

05-06-1999. (Rematch) Charlize Theron Draw Vs. Alexandra Paul*

05-06-1999. Teri Hatcher Def. Jennifer Aniston (TKO1)

05-07-1999. Jenny McCarthy Def. Demi Moore (KO8)*

05-08-1999. (Fox Featherweight Title) Charlize Theron Def. Ch. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10) (1st Bout)*

05-08-1999. (Seniors Div.) Jessica Lange Def. Grace Jones (KO8)

05-08-1999. (HBO Bantamweight Title) Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Ch. Gillian Anderson (KO1)*

05-08-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Shania Twain (KO3)*

05-08-1999. Janet Jackson Def. Elisabeth Shue (KO3)*

05-08-1999. Kathy Ireland Def. Sharon Stone (KO2)*

05-08-1999. Daisy Fuentes Def. Mariah Carey (KO4)*

05-08-1999. Elizabeth Berkley Def. Tori Spelling (KO3)*

05-08-1999. (Seniors Div) Jaclyn Smith Def. Cheryl Tiegs (UD8)*

05-08-1999. Renee O'Conner Def. Sandra Bullock (KO5)*

05-08-1999., Anna Kournikova Draw Vs. Amanda Coetzler

05-08-1999. Jennifer Lopez  Def. Mariah Carey (TKO5)

05-08-1999. Gillian Anderson Def. Alyssa Milano (KO3)

05-09-1999. Rachel Weisz (Debut) Def. Geri Halliwell (TKO1O)*

05-09-1999. Gillian Anderson Def. Teri Hatcher (KO4)*

05-09-1999. Cindy Crawford Def. Sigourney Weaver (UD10)*

05-09-1999. Drew Barrymore Def. Claire Danes (KO5)*

05-09-1999. Elizabeth Berkley Draw Vs. Brooke Shields.*

05-10-1999. Mariah Carey Def. Charlize Theron (KO6)*

05-10-1999. Rachel Weisz Draw Vs. Elisabeth Shue*

05-10-1999. Janet Jones Def. Kelly Hu (KO5)*

05-10-1999. Charisma Carpenter Draw Vs. Britney Spears*

05-11-1999. Janet Jackson Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (TKO6)*

05-11-1999. Britney Spears Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO3)*

05-12-1999. Shannen Doherty Def, Teri Hatcher (KO3)*

05-13-1999. Heather Thomas Def. Denise Richards (TKO3)*

05-13-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title) CH. Heidi Klum Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO1)*

05-13-1999. (Junior Bantamweight Title) Alyssa Milano Def, CH. Salma Hayek (KO3)*

05-14-1999. (Junior Bantamweight Title) Carmen Electra Def. CH.Alyssa Milano (KO5)*

05-14-1999. Rachel Weisz Def. Gillian Anderson (UD10)*

05-14-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title) Rebecca Romijn Def. Ch. Heidi Klum (KO2)*

05-15-1999. Janet Jones Def. Carrie Ann Moss (UD10)*

05-16-1999. (Title) Ch. Jamie Luner Def. Jenny McCarthy (UD10)*

05-16-1999. Cindy Crawford Draw Vs. Brooke Shields*

05-16-1999. Shannen Doherty Def. Rose McGowan (Debut) (KO1)

05-16-1999. (Rematch) Charlize Theron Def Catherine Bell (UD10)

05-16-1999. Joan Lunden Def.Marilu Henner (KO4)

05-17-1999. Mia Hamm Def. Martina Hingis (KO8)

05-18-1999. (Junior Bantamweight Title) Shannen Doherty  Def. CH. Carmen Electra (KO2)*

05-18-1999. (Junior Bantamweight Title) Ch .Shannen Doherty Def. Victoria Principal (KO4)

05-18-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1967). Ursula Andress Def. Raquel Welch (KO5)* (First Loss of Welch's Career)

05-19-1999, (Retro. Match Ca,1968) Raquel Welch Def. Ursula Andress (UD10)*

05-20-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1950''s) Anita Ekberg Def. Jayne Mansfield (KO4)*

05-20-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1950's) Sophia Loren Def. Jayne Mansfield (KO3)*

05-21-1999.Lorrie Morgan Def. Shania Twain (KO2)

05-21-1999. Julia Roberts Def. Jenna Elfman (KO4)*

05-21-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1967). Ursula Andress Def. Martine Beswick (KO6)*

05-21-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1970). Raquel Welch Def. Britt Ekland (KO1)*

05-21-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1970) Raquel Welch Def. Claudia Cardinale (KO2)*

05-22-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1967) Claudia Cardinale Def. Lucianna Paluzzi (KO7)*

05-22-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1966) Raquel Welch Def. Barbara Eden (KO9)*

05-22-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1967) Ursula Andress Draw Vs. Caroline Munro*

05-22-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1965) Linda Evans Def. Raquel Welch (KO1)*

05-22-1999. (Retro Match Ca.1973) Britt Ekland Def. Caroline Munro (UD10)*

05-23-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1970's) Victoria Principal Def. Britt Ekland (KO10)*

05-24-1999. Renee O"Connor Def. Pam Anderson (KO2)

05-24-1999. Janet Jones Def. Vivica Fox (UD10)

05-24-1999. Victoria Pratt Draw Vs. Mariah Carey*

05-25-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Mariah Carey (TKO9)*

05-25-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1/1/1952) Marilyn Monroe Def. Betty Grable (KO2)*

05-26-1999. (Seniors Div.) Jessica Lange Def. Patricia Richardson(UD10)

05-29-1999. (Seniors Div.) Jessica Lange Def. Pam Grier (UD8)*

05-29-1999. (Retro Match Ca. 1965) Elizabeth Montgomery Def.,Barbara Eden (UD10)*

05-29-1999. (Samdog Story) Gena Lee Nolin Def. Yasmine Bleeth (KO)*

05-29-1999. Angie Harmon Def. Ashley Judd (TKO3-Judd Quits On Stool)

05-30-1999. (Samdog Story) Alyssa Milano Def. Pam Anderson (KO4*

05-30-1999. Heather Locklear Def. Tori Spelling (KO3)

05-30-1999. Elizabeth Berkley Def. Elisabeth Hurley (Narrow UD10)*

05-30-1999. Janet Jones Def. Charlize Theron (KO3)*

05-30-1999. Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Calista Flockhart (UD10) 




06-02-1999. Elizabeth Hurley Def Darryl Hannah (KO2)

06-02-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Elizabeth Hurley (KO3)*

06-02-1999. Elizabeth Hurley Def. Samantha Fox (KO3)

06-03-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Vivica Fox (KO3)

06-03-1999. (Retro Bout Ca.1979) Lynda Carter Def. Janice Pennington (UD10)

06-05-1999. Angela Bassett Def. Sharon Stone (KO4)

06-05-1999. Britney Spears Def. Denise Richards (KO7)

06-05-1999. (Retro Bout Ca.1950's) Sophia Loren Def. Jane Russell (KO3)*

06-05-1999. (8 Rd Seniors Bout) Victoria Principal Def Suzanne Somers  (UD8)

06-05-1999. (Seniors Bout) Markie Post Def Suzanne Somers (UD8)

06-07-1999. Paula Abdul Def. Kelly Packard (UD10)

06-08-1999. Samantha Fox Def Victoria Adams-Beckham (KO4)

06-10-1999. (Touchstone Story) Anna Nicole Smith Def.Lynda Carter*

06-10-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Jeri Ryan (FCBA Debut) (KO10)

06-11-1999. Elizabeth Hurley Def. Heather Graham (UD10)*

06-14-1999. (Story by Rob) Jada Pinkett Def. Anna Nicole Smith ( TKO-By Submission)

06-15-1999. Shannon Sturges Def. Alexandra Paul (KO6)*

06-15-1999. Naomi Campbell Def. Shannon Sturges (UD10)*

06-15-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Naomi Campbell (1 Pt Dec.)*

06-16-1999. Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Diane Lane (TKO7)*

06-16-1999. Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Robyn Lively(UD10)*

06-17-1999. Diane Lane Def. Heather Graham (TKO3)*

06-17-1999. Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (UD10)

06-18-1999. Charimsa Carpenter Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (KO5)*

06-18-1999. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Def. Holly Marie Combs (UD10)*

06-18-1999. Heather Graham Def. Debra Messing (Debut) (KO1)*

06-19-1999. Heather Graham Def. Robyn Lively (TKO8)*

06-19-1999. Elisabeth Shue Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (KO5)*

06-19-1999. Jessica Lange Def. Janine Turner (KO3)

06-19-1999. Kelly Hu Def. Kristanna Loken (UD10)*

06-19-1999  Catherine Zeta-Jones Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (Very Narrow Dec.)*

06-20-1999. Terry Farrell (Debut) Def. Brooke Shields (TKO2)

06-23-1999. Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Sharon Stone (TKO9-Stone Quits On Her Stool)

06-23-1999. (Seniors Div.) Anne Archer Def. Jessica Lange (UD8)

06-23-1999. Britney Spears Def. Shania Twain (UD10)

06-24-1999. Debra McMichael Def Jenny McCarthy (KO4)

06-24-1999. Laura Dern Def. Debbe Dunning (KO7)

06-24-1999 (Seniors Div) Jessica Lange Def Deidre Hall (TKO8)

06-24-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO8)

06-26-1999. Lynda Carter Def. Deidre Hall (TKO3)*

06-26-1999. Camryn Manheim Vs. Anna Nicole Smith (?)

06-27-1999. ("Pound For Pound" Title) Jennifer Lopez  Def. Jamie Luner (UD10)

06-29-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Terry Farrell (UD10)*

06-29-1999. Brooke Shields Def. Susan Anton (TKO8-Anton Quits On Her Stool). 




07-01-1999. (Jantzen Swimwear Title) Kelly Packard Def. Kristian Alfonso (UD10)*

07-01-1999, (Story by Rob). Gilllian Anderson Def.Teri Hatcher (KO)

07-02-1999. Gillian Anderson Def. Kristian Alfonso (KO6)*

07-02-1999. Elle MacPherson Def. Terry Farrell (UD10)

07-02-1999. Brooke Shields Def.Christie Brinkley (KO5)*

07-03-1999. Kristian Alfonso Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (KO7)




MATCH 1: Mariah Carey Def. Victoria Adams (TKO5)*

MATCH 2: Madonna Def. Geri Halliwell (TKO9)*

MATCH 3: Catherine Zeta-Jones Def Heather Graham (KO5)*

MATCH 4: Naomi Campbell Def. Sharon Stone (KO2)*

MATCH 5: Elizabeth Hurley Def. Vanessa Williams (KO2)*

MATCH 6: Sarah McLachlan Def. Jewel Kilcher(KO1)*

MATCH 7: Nicole Kidman Def. Mimi Rogers (KO1O)*

MATCH 8: Charlize Theron Draw Vs. Tyra Banks *



07-05-1999. (120 Lb. Title) Kiana Tom Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO7)

07-06-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)*

07-08-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Janine Turner (KO9)

07-09-1999. Catherine Zeta-Jones Def. Bobbi Phillips (TKO3)

07-09-1999. Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Cynthia Geary (UD10)

07-10-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Brooke Shields (KO3)

07-10-1999. Gina Gershon Def. Heather Graham (KO3)

07-11-1999. Charlize Theron Def Brooke Shields (UD10)

07-14-1999. Anna Kournikova Def. Britney Spears (KO4)

07-14-1999. Kimberly Page Def.Sable (Rena Mero)) (KO1)

07-15-1999. (Non-Title) Kiana Tom Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO5)*

07-15-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Charlize Theron (#2) (KO3)*

07-15-1999. Donna D'Errico Def. Debbe Dunning (1 Pt. Dec)*

07-16-1999. (Rose Bowl) Steffi Graf Def. Brandi Chastain (KO5)*

07-16-1999. Kristy Swanson Def. Daisy Fuentes (KO4)*

07-16-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Gena Lee Nolin (#3) (UD10)

07-17-1999. Kristy Swanson Vs. Renee O'Conner (?)

07-17-1999. Catherine Zeta-Jones Def Jennifer Lopez (UD10)

07-18-1999. Kristy Swanson Def. Elizabeth Hurley (UD10)*

07-18-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (KO9)*

07-19-1999 (Non-Simulated Bout) Petra Verkaik Def. Winona Ryder (KO6)

07-19-1999. Diedre Pagnelli Vs. Brandi Carrier(?)

07-19-1999. (Victoria's Secret Boudoir Bout) Heather Stewart-Whyte Def. Rebeca Romijn (KO3)*

07-19-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Kristy Swanson (KO2)*

07-19-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title) CH. Tyra Banks Draw Vs. Elle MacPherson*

07-20-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Donna D'Errico (KO3)

07-23-1999. Cameron Diaz (Debut) Def. Julia Roberts (TKO8)

07-23-1999. (Fox TV 11O Title) Lucy Liu Def. Alyssa Milano (KO1)*

07-23-1999. Jennifer Esposito Def. Teri Hatcher (KO7)

07-23-1999. Mimi Rogers Def. Donna D'Errico (KO5)*

07-29-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Charlize Theron (#4) (KO6)*


*=Archer Paper Archive 



 08-02-1999. Dani Fishel (Debut) Def. Britney Spears (UD10)*

 08-02-1999. (Private Bout. Set of "Ally McBeal") Lucy Liu Def, Portia de Rossi (UD10)*

 08-02-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Nicole Kidman (KO3)*

 08-02-1999  Shania Twain Def Celine Dion ((TKO3)

 08-03-1999. Talisa Soto Def. Wendy Schumaker (KO6)

 08-03-1999. Shannon Tweed Def. Julie Strain (TKO0-By Submission, Strain quits on her stool)

 08-03-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Alyssa Milano (KO6)

 08-04-1999. Natalie Raitano Def Renee O'Conner (UD10)

 08-04-1999. Shania Twain Def. Stephanie Beaumont (KO6)

 08-04-1999. Demi Moore Def. Bobbie Phillips (KO4)

 08-04-1999. Britney Spears Def. Shania Twain II (KO5)

 08-04-1999. Naomi Campbell Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO4)

 08-05-1999. Alyssa Milano Def.Diane Lane (KO8)

 08-05-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Shannen Doherty (UD10)

 08-05-1999. Geri Halliwell Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO3)

 08-05-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Holly Marie Combs (KO1)*

 08-06-1999. Lucy Liu Def Dani Fishel (KO2)

 08-06-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def Rebecca Romijn (KO2)

 08-07-1999. Teri Clark Def Jodee Messina (KO6)

 08-07-1999. Mia Hamm Def. Gabrielle Reece (KO9)

 08-07-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Amy Jo Johnson (Debut) (Close UD10)

 08-07-1999. Geri Halliwell Def. Alyssa Milano (KO8)

 08-07-1999. Svetlana Boginskaya Def. Kim Zmeskal (KO7)

 08-07-1999. Dani Fishel Def Melissa Joan Hart (KO2)

 08-07-1999. Demi Moore Def. Janet Jones (KO4)  

 08-08-1999. Terri Clark Def. Trisha Yearwood (TKO7-Yearwood unable to come out for R8)

 08-08-1999. Shania Twain Def. Lori Morgan (UD10)

 08-08-1999. (Undercard) Renee O'Conner Def. Geri Halliwell (UD10)

 08-08-1999. (Undercard) Teri Hatcher Def. Dani Fishel (KO3)

 08-08-1999. (Main Event) (Universal Studio Featherweight Title) Charlize Theron Def. Demi Moore (KO3)

 08-08-1999. Suzy Bogus Def. Shania Twain (KO4)

 08-08-1999. (116 lb Title) Geri Halliwell Def Teri Hatcher (KO10)

 08-09-1999. Gabrielle Carteris Def. Dani Fishel ((UD10)

 08-10-1999. Dani Fishel Draw Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker*

 08-10-1999. Shania Twain Def. Paula Abdul (TKO5)

 08-10-1999. (Undercard) Faith Hill Def. Teri Clark (UD10)

 08-10-1999. (Main Event) Teri Hatcher Def. Shania Twain (KO1)

 08-11-1999. (Rematch) Teri Hatcher Def. Shania Twain (TKO3)

 08-11-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Shania Twain (1 Pt. Dec)

 08-11-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Teri Hatcher (UD10)

 08-12-1999. Donna D'Errico Def. Jewel Kilcher (I) (KO4)

 08-12-1999. (Boxing After Dark: Celebrity Div.) Jennifer Esposito Def. Mimi Rogers (KO2)

 08-12-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Natalie Raitano (UD10)

 08-12-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Donna D'Errico (KO10)

 08-13-1999. Donna D'Errico Def. Jewel Kilcher (II) (KO4)

 08-13-1999. Helen Hunt Def. Katie Couric (KO4)

 08-13-1999. Joan Lunden Def. Kathie Lee Gifford (KO7)

 08-13-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Shania Twain (KO1)

 08-14-1999. (Universal Studios Featherweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Gina Gershon (KO8)*

 08-14-1999. (Retro Bout.1990's) Janine Turner Def. Cynthia Geary (KO7)

 08-14-1999. (Retro Bout Early 1980s) Farrah Fawcett Def. Bo Derek (KO8)

 08-14-1999. Janet Jones Def. Kristy Swanson (UD10)

 08-14-1999. (Special Exhibition) Charlize Theron Def. Lucy Liu (TKO4)

 08-15-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Lynda Carter (KO7)

 08-15-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Donna D'Errico (TKO8)

 08-16-1999. (Undercard) (Site: Paris) Rebecca Romijn Def. Judit Masco (TKO4)*

 08-16-1999. (Moulin Rouge, Paris) (Rematch) Naomi Campbell Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO6)

 08-16-1999. Gina Gershon Def. Jennifer Lopez (UD10)*

 08-16-1999. (Fox 105 lb Title) (Hollywood Bowl) Lucy Liu Def. Kelly Packard (1 Pt. Dec.)*

 08-17-1999. Lisa Nicole Carson Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO1)

 08-17-1999. (Boxing After Dark) Jennifer Esposito Def. Charisma Carpenter ((KO4)

 08-17-1999. Jamie Luner Def. Teri Hatcher (UD10)

 08-18-1999. Talisa Soto Def. Shannon Tweed (UD10)*

 08-19-1999. Naomi Campbell Def. Tyra Banks (UD10)

 08-20-1999. Yasmine Bleeth Def. Donna D'Errico (UD10)*

 08-20-1999. (Universal Studio Featherweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Talisa Soto (UD10)*

 08-21-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Shania Twain (I) (KO10)*

 08-21-1999. (Wembley Stadium, U.K.)Yasmine Bleeth Def. Gena Lee Nolin (TKO4)*

 08-21-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)*

 08-21-1999. (Universal Studio Featherweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Kelly Hu (KO6)*

 08-22-1999. (Universal Studio Featherweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Draw Vs Gena Lee Nolin (V)

 08-28-1999. Chae Draw Vs. Debra McMichael

 08-28-1999. Kelly Packard Def. Dani Fishel (KO10)*

 08-30-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Teri Hatcher (KO7) (II)*






 09-01-1999. Cameron Diaz Def. Nicole Kidman (TKO7)*

 09-02-1999. Sable (Rena Mero) Def. Debra McMichael (KO2)*

 09-03-1999. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) Def. Sunny (Tammy Sytch) (TKO2)*

 09-03-1999. Sable (Rena Mero) Def. Sunny (Tamara Sytch) (KO10)*

 09-04-1999. Jennifer Connelly Def. Dani Fishel (KO5) *

 09-04-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Kim Hartt (KO3)*

 09-04-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Bobbi Phillips (UD10)*

 09-04-1999. (Universal Studio Featherweight Title Bout) Charlize Theron Def. Tia Carrere (KO2)*

 09-05-1999. (Rematch) (Beaches 'n Bleachers) Donna D'Errico Def. Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)*

 09-05-1999. Chae Def. Kimberly Page (TKO5)*

 09-05-1999. Heidi Klum Def. Judit Masco (TKO5, includes 1st Walk of Shame?)*

 09-06-1999. (Undercard) Teri Hatcher Def. Katie Holmes (KO7)

 09-06-1999. (Main Event) (Universal Studio Featherweight Title)  Kiana Tom Def. Ch. Charlize   

 Theron (UD10)

 09-06-1999. Dani Fishel Draw Vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Debut) (DRAW)*

 09-07-1999. Shania Twain Def. Heather Locklear (UD10)

 09-07-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

 09-07-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

 09-07-1999. Jennifer Connelly Def. Bobbi Phillips (TKO5)

 09-08-1999. (Jantzen Bantamweight Title) Chae Def. Carmen Electra (1 Pt Dec)

 09-08-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Shania Twain II (UD10)

 09-08-1999. (Jantzen Bantamweight (118lb) Title Bout) Kiana Tom Def. Ch. Chae  (KO5)

 09-08-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Charisma Carpenter (1 Pt Dec)

 09-09-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title Bout) Ch. Tyra Banks Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO2)

 09-09-1999. (110lb Title Bout) Salma Hayek Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)*

 09-10-1999. Christine Taylor Def. Yasmine Bleeth (TKO8-via submission, Bleeth quits on her stool)

 09-11-1999. Devon Michaels Def. Cori Nadine (KO7-Michaels)

 09-11-1999. (Universal Studio Featherweight Title Bout) Ch. Kiana Tom Def. Charlize Theron  (TKO4)*

 09-11-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title Bout) Ch.Tyra Banks Def. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)*

 09-11-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Neve Campbell (KO1)

 09-11-1999. (Boxing After Dark, New York City) Dani Fishel Def. Lucy Liu II (UD10)*

 09-12-1999. Shania Twain Def. Victoria Principal (TKO1)

 09-12-1999. Cindy Crawford Def. Claudia Schiffer (KO5)

 09-12-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Tyra Banks (II) (KO3)

 09-12-1999. Carmen Electra Def. Chae (UD10)

 09-12-1999. (Jantzen Bantamweight Title Bout) Carmen Electra Def. Ch. Kiana Tom (KO4) 

 09-12-1999. Jenny McCarthy Def. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) (KO3)

 09-13-1999. Shania Twain Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Debut) (KO7)*

 09-13-1999. Mona Starla Def. Medusa Saxton (UD10)

 09-13-1999. Debbe Dunning Def. Patricia Richardson  (TKO4)

 09-13-1999. Jenny McCarthy Def. Debra McMichael (KO5)

 09-14-1999. (Jantzen Bantamweight Title Bout) Ch.Carmen Electra Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)*

 09-14-1999. (NPC Event) Annie Riveccio Def. Denise Rutkowski (UD10)

 09-15-1999. (Undercard ) Dani Fishel Def. Paula Trickey (Debut) (UD10-Fishel)*

 09-15-1999. (Midcard) Shania Twain Def. Shannen Doherty (UD10)

 09-15-1999. (Main Event) (Jantzen Bantamweight Title Bout) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Teri Hatcher (UD10)* 

 09-16-1999. (Fox Sub 110lb (Strawweight) Title Bout) Shania Twain Def. Kelly Packard (UD10)*

 09-17-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title Bout) Naomi Campbell Def. Ch. Tyra Banks (UD10)*

 09-17-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Charlize Theron (VI) (KO10)*

 09-19-1999. Naomi Campbell Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO1)

 09-20-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Angie Harmon (KO8)

 09-20-1999. Kelly Packard Def. Lea Thompson (UD10)

 09-21-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Angie Harmon (KO6)

 09-22-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)

 09-22-1999. Gina Gershon Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

 09-23-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Gina Gershon  (KO9)*

 09-23-1999. Debra McMichael Def. Cindy Margolis (KO2)

 09-23-1999. Gina Gershon Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO2)*

      Post Fight

 09-24-1999. Gina Gershon Def. Demi Moore (UD10)*

 09-24-1999. Chae Def. Kimberley Paige (UD10)

 09-24-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Famke Jansen (Debut) (UD10)*

 09-24-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Halle Berry (KO9)*

 09-25-1999. Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

 09-25-1999. Jennifer Love Hewitt Def. Lea Thompson (KO4)*

 09-25-1999. (Unified Jr. Bantamweight (Sub 115lbs) Title Bout) Shania Twain Def. Salma Hayek (TKO2-By Submission, Hayek quits on her stool)*

 09-25-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Pam Anderson (UD10)*

 09-26-1999. Paula Marshall Draw vs. Courtney Thorne Smith*

 09-26-1999  Gena Lee Nolin Def. Lynda Carter (TKO8)

 09-26-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Dani Fishel Def. Geri Halliwell  (UD10)*

 09-28-1999. Paula Marshall Def. Heather Graham (KO5)*

 09-28-1999. Gina Gershon Def. Angela Basset (TKO4)

 09-29-1999. Liz Hurley Def. Paula Marshall  (UD10) 



 10-01-1999. Traci Bingham Def. Yamila Diaz (KO7)*
 10-01-1999. Diane Lane Def. Elizabeth Shue (TKO2)*
 10-01-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Courtney Thorne Smith (TKO9 via submission, Smith can’t make it out for 10th)*

 10-02-1999. Donna D’errico Def Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) (UD10)*
 10-02-1999. (Sports Illustrated Title Bout Gena Lee Nolin Def. Naomi Campbell  (UD10)*
 10-02-1999. Paula Marshall Def. Rebecca DeMornay (KO4)*
 10-02-1999. (Unified Straw-weight Sub 110lb Title Bout)  Lucy Liu Def.Ch Shania Twain (UD10)* 

 10-02-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Gina Gershon Def. Ch. Dani Fishel  (UD10)*  
10-03-1999. (In Style Magazine Title Bout-Lopez not eligible for SI title) Jennifer Lopez Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO3)*

 10-03-1999. Diane Lane Def. Kelly Preston (KO10)*
 10-03-1999. Jeanne Tripplehorne Def. Cameron Diaz (KO1)
 10-03-1999. Tia Carrere Def. Elizabeth Shue (TKO9)*
 10-03-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Jeri Ryan (KO9)*
 10-04-1999. Diane Lane Def. Brooke Langton (TKO4)
 10-04-1999. (8 Round Charity Bout) Charlize Theron Def. Jessica Lange (KO6) 

 10-04-1999. Tia Carrere Def. Rebecca DeMornay (KO3)
 10-04-1999. Vanessa Williams Def Sharon Stone (TKO3)
 10-05-1999. (Undercard)  Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Diane Lane (UD10

 10-05-1999. (Main Event) (Maxim Bantamweight Title Bout) Dani Fishel Draw vs. Alyssa Milano* 
 10-05-1999. (Undercard)  (Rematch Maxim Bantamweight Title Bout) Alyssa Milano Def. Dani Fishel (KO2) * 
 10-05-1999. (Undercard ) Donna D’errico Def Yasmine Bleeth (KO6)*

 10-05-1999. (Main Event) (Jantzen Bantamweight /Unified Jr. Bantam Title Bout )  Carmen Electra Def. Shania Twain (KO4)  
 10-05-1999. (Maxim Bantamweight Title Bout) Lucy Liu Def. Ch. Alyssa Milano (KO2) *
 10-05-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Donna D’errico (KO7)*
 10-07-1999. Denise Richards Def. Jamie Pressly (UD10)*
 10-07-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Britney Spears (KO8)*
 10-07-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Gena Lee Nolin (VII) (KO8)
 10-07-1999. Jamie Pressly Def. Bo Derek (TKO8-By Submission, Derek quits on her stool)
 10-08-1999. Jamie Luner Def. Cindy Margolis (UD10)*

 10-08-1999. Yamila Diaz Def. Heather Stewart-Whyte (KO2)*
 10-08-1999. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) Def. Miss Kitty (Stacy Carter) (TKO1)

 10-08-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Mariah Carey (TKO8- By Submission, Carey quits on her stool)*
 10-09-1999. Tia Carrere Def. Janet Jones (UD10)*
 10-10-1999. (Undercard)  Jamie Luner Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (KO1)
 10-10-1999. (Undercard)  Jennifer Lopez Def. Catherine Zeta Jones (UD10)
 10-10-1999. (Undercard) Tyra Banks Def. Tracy Bingham   (TKO6-By Submission Bingham quits on her stool)*
 10-10-1999. (Undercard) Kiana Tom Def. Kelly Hu (UD10)*

 10-10-1999. (Main Event) Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Shania Twain (KO3)

 10-11-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Lucy Liu (KO3-Tom)*
 10-11-1999. Yasmeen Gauri Def. Yamila Diaz (KO8)*
 10-11-1999. (8 Round Actor's Studio Bout) Julia Roberts Def. Jessica Lange (UD8)
 10-12-1999. (Unclear if Maxim Bantamweight Title Bout on line). Lucy Liu Def. Dani Fishel (III )
 10-13-1999. Kari Wuhrer Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (KO5)
 10-13-1999. Lisa Nicole Carson Def. Kiana Tom (KO5)
 10-13-1999. (8 Round Seniors’ Bout) Jessica Lange Def. Susan Sarandon  (KO7)
 10-16-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Sheryl Crow (KO9)
 10-23-1999. Paula Marshall Def. Tia Carrere (KO8)*

 10-23-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Gina Gershon Def. Liz Hurley (KO7)*
 10-23-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Melissa Joan Hart (KO5)*
 10-24-1999. Charisma Carpenter Def. Jennifer Aniston (KO1)*
 10-24-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Carol Alt (UD10)

 10-24-1999. Jamie Pressly Def. Kari Wuhrer (UD10)

 10-24-1999. Shania Twain Def. Alyssa Milano (UD10)*
 10-24-1999. (Training Camp Scuffle) Carol Alt Def. Christy Brinkley (KO3)*
 10-30-1999. (8 Round Limit - Request Bout) Jessica Lange Def. Lisa Nicole Carson (UD8)*

 10-31-1999  Kari Wuhrer Draw vs. Gillian Anderson*









 11-01-1999. Charisma Carpenter Def. Sandra Hess (Debut) (KO10)*

 11-02-1999. Joan Collins Def. Farrah Fawcett (UD10)

 11-03-1999. (Request) Charisma Carpenter Def. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)*

 11-03-1999. Charisma Carpenter Def. Charlize Theron (II) (KO8)

 11-06-1999. Kim Basinger Draw vs. Angela Bassett

 11-06-1999. Lisa Nicole Carson Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO4)*

 11-06-1999. (Unclear if Maxim Bantamweight Title Bout on line) Elizabeth Shue Def. Lucy Liu  (UD10)*

 11-06-1999. Ornella Mutti Def. Sharon Stone (UD10)

 11-06-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Gena Lee Nolin (VIII) (TKO7)

 11-07-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Charisma Carpenter Def. Ch. Gina Gershon  (UD10)*

 11-07-1999. Shania Twain Def. Natalie Portman (Debut) (KO2)*

 11-07-1999. Paula Marshall Def. Katie Holmes (KO1)

 11-07-1999. Tia Carrere Def. Michelle Williams (Debut) (KO9)*

 11-07-1999. Kiana Tom Def. Dani Fishel (I )(KO4)*

 11-08-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Ch. Charisma Carpenter Def. Jamie Pressly (KO6)*

 11-10-1999 (Site: Madrid, Spain) Kathy Ireland Def. Judit Masco (UD10)*

 11-11-1999. Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) (UD10)*

 11-11-1999. (Site:L.A. Forum) Jewel Kilcher Def. Elizabeth Shue (UD10)*

 11-11-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Ch. Charisma Carpenter Def. Pam Anderson  (KO8)*

 11-11-1999. (8 Round Seniors’ Bout) Ornella Mutti Def. Kim Basinger (KO3)

 11-11-1999. (8 Round Senior's Bout) Jessica Lange Def. Raquel Welch  (UD8)*

 11-11-1999. Kim Page Def. Rena Mero (KO6)

 11-12-1999. Renee O’Connor Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)*

 11-12-1999. Jennifer Aniston Def. Shania Twain (KO9)

 11-12-1999. (MTV 116lb Title Bout) Debbe Dunning Def. Ch. Charisma Carpenter (KO6)*

 11-12-1999. (Site: Georgia Dome) Debra McMichaels Def. Torrie Wilson (KO2)

 11-13-1999. Michelle Williams Def. Tiffany Amber Thiessen (TKO6)*

 11-13-1999. (MTV 116 lb Title Bout) Charlize Theron Def. Ch. Debbe Dunning (KO2)

 11-13-1999. Jennie Garth Def. Katie Holmes (KO7)*

 11-14-1999. Jamie Pressly Def. Teri Hatcher (UD10)

 11-14-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Chae (UD10)*

 11-14-1999. Jamie Pressly vs. Carmen Electra (1Pt. Dec.)

 11-14-1999. Charisma Carpenter Def. Fabiana Udenio (UD10)

 11-14-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Debbe Dunning  (UD10)*

 11-14-1999. Gena Lee Nolin Def. Bobbie Phillips (TKO4)

 11-14-1999. (Boxing After Dark) Jane Krakowski Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)*

 11-15-1999. (8 Round Seniors’ Bout) Kim Basinger Draw vs. Mimi Rogers*  

 11-15-1999. Lucy Liu Def. Michelle Williams (KO2)

 11-16-1999. Denise Richards Def. Shirley Manson (KO6)

 11-19-1999. Blood Feud 99: Background

 11-20-1999. (Blood Feud '99)  Shania Twain Def. Holly Marie Combs (TKO6)*

 11-20-1999. (Blood Feud '99) Demi Moore Def. Paula Marshall (KO5)*

 11-20-1999. (Blood Feud '99) (Flyweight Title Bout ) Alyssa Milano Def. Dani Fishel (III) (TKO3)*

 11-20-1999. (Blood Feud '99) (110lb Title Bout ) Lucy Liu Def. Shannen Doherty (UD10- 9 rounds to 1)*

 11-21-1999. Christina Ricci (Debut) Def. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars)(KO2)*

 11-21-1999. Sophie Marceau Def. Liz Hurley (UD10)*

 11-21-1999. Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Amy Jo Johnson (UD10)*

 11-22-1999. Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Shannen Doherty (1 Pt. Dec.)*

 11-22-1999. Jennifer Aniston Def. Sophie Marceau (TKO9)*

 11-23-1999. (Sky Dome) Alanis Morissette Def. Neve Campbell (KO5)

 11-23-1999. (Sky Dome) - Terri Clark Def. Shannon Tweed (KO8)

 11-24-1999. Yasmine Bleeth Def. Jane Krakowski (KO4)

 11-24-1999. (Sky Dome) Celine Dion Def. Sarah Polley (KO3)

 11-25-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Christina Ricci (UD10)*

 11-25-1999. Shania Twain Def. Jennifer Aniston (UD10)*

 11-25-1999. (Playboy Title Bout) Charlize Theron Def. Naomi Campbell (KO10)

 11-25-1999. (110lb Title Bout) Ch. Lucy Liu vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar (UD10)*

 11-27-1999. (Unsanctioned SWO Bout) (Non-Title) Kimberly Page Def. Alyssa Milano (KO2)*

 11-27-1999. (Unsanctioned  SWO Bout) Francine Def. Trixie (Alicia Silverstone) (KO5)

 11-27-1999. (Unsanctioned SWO Bout) Debra McMichael Def. Rena Mero (Sable) (KO2)

 11-27-1999. (110lb Title Bout) Kelly Packard Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (UD10)*

 11-28-1999. Catherine Bell Def. Katie Holmes (UD10)*

 11-28-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Leanne Rimes (KO6)*

 11-28-1999. Michelle Williams Def. Tiffani Amber Thiessen (KO7)*

 11-28-1999. (Site: St. Tropez, France) Sophie Marceau Def. Talisa Soto (UD10)*

 11-30-1999. (Nike 122lb Lightweight Title Bout) Charlize Theron Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO6)*









 12-01-1999. (Retro Bout. Ca. 1989) Talisa Soto Def. Carey Lowell (TKO4)*

 12-01-1999. Sophie Marceau Def. Denise Richards (KO3)*

 12-01-1999. Debra McMichael Def. Niki Taylor (KO5)*

 12-01-1999. (Jockey Lightweight Title Bout)  Megan Gallagher Def. Lisa Nicole Carson (TKO9, Carson unable to come out for R10)*

 12-05-1999. (Request) Charlize Theron Def. Jenna Jameson (KO10)*

 12-05-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Celine Dion (UD10)*

 12-05-1999. (Rematch) Dani Fishel  Draw vs. Chae*

 12-05-1999. Yasmine Bleeth Def. Nicole Eggert (UD10)

 12-05-1999. Rachel Weisz Def. Maryam D’Abo (KO4)*

 12-06-1999 (Clairol Lightweight 130 Title Bout) Tyra Banks Def Debra McMichaels  (UD10)*

 12-06-1999. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) Def. Shania Twain (TKO1)

 12-09-1999. Michelle Williams Def. Shirley Manson (KO6)*

 12-09-1999. Christina Ricci Def. Leanne Rimes (KO7)*

 12-09-1999. Catherine Bell Def. Alicia Silverstone (TKO6)*

 12-09-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Denise Richards (KO2)*

 12-10-1999. Rachel Hunter Def. Kathy Ireland (UD10)*

 12-11-1999. Cameron Diaz Def. Bobbi Phillips (KO3)*

 12-11-1999. Britney Spears Def. Denise Richards (KO6)*

 12-11-1999. Catherine Bell Def, Charlize Theron (III) (UD10)*

 12-12-1999. Shania Twain Def. Dani Fishel (III) (TKO4)*

 12-12-1999. Faith Hill Def. Mariah Carey (TKO7)*

 12-12-1999. Gillian Anderson Def. Jennie Garth (KO3)*

 12-17-1999. Cameron Diaz Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)*

 12-17-1999. Charlize Theron Def. Maria Grazia Cucinotta (UD10)*

 12-17-1999. Dani Fishel Def. Drew Barrymore (TKO4)*

 12-18-1999. Niki Taylor Def. Stacey Williams (UD10)*

 12-18-1999. (Non-Title Bout) Michelle Williams Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (KO6)*

 12-21-1999. Kimberly Page Def. Mariah Carey (KO8)*

 12-21-1999. Chae Def. Teri Runnels (KO10-Chae)*

 12-21-1999. (WB Title) Michelle Williams Def Ch.Keri Russell (TKO2)*

 12-21-1999. Gillian Anderson Def. Kristian Alfonso (UD10)*

 12-21-1999. Cameron Diaz Def. Angie Harmon (UD10)

 12-22-1999. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) Def. Kari Wuhrer (KO4)

 12-22-1999. (Studio Lightweight Title) (Kim-n-Gin pick which) Cameron Diaz Def. Charlize Theron (TKO5)*

 12-22-1999. (Studio Lightweight Title) Gena Lee Nolin Def, Cameron Diaz  (TKO1)*

 12-22-1999. Peta Wilson (Debut) Def. Elizabeth Berkley (KO1)

 12-23-1999. (Studio Lightweight Title) Charlize Theron Def. Gena Lee Nolin (IX) (KO10)*

 12-23-1999. Jewel Kilcher Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)*

 12-23-1999. (110lb Studio Flyweight Title) Ch. Lucy Liu Def. Diane Lane (KO2)*

 12-23-1999. Jennifer Lopez Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

 12-24-1999. Cameron Diaz Def. Carey Lowell (KO6)

 12-24-1999. (Title Bout) Teri Hatcher Def. Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) (KO3)

 12-24-1999. (Fox/Studio Titles Bout) Shania Twain Def. Courtney Thorne Smith  (KO10)*

 12-24-1999. (MTV Title Bout) Jewel Kilcher Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO5)*

 12-24-1999. Peta Wilson Def. Christie Brinkley (UD10)*

 12-24-1999. (MTV Title Bout) Jewel Kilcher Def. Jenny McCarthy (UD10)*

 12-25-1999. Peta Wilson Def. Lynda Carter (KO10)

 12-25-1999. (Retro Bout. 1970's) Caroline Munro Def. Linda Harrison)

 12-26-1999. (Retro Bout. 1970's) (Rematch) Caroline Munro Def. Linda Harrison (KO3)

 12-26-1999. (Fox Flyweight Title Bout) Brooke Langton Def. Ch.Lucy Liu (KO10)*

 12-27-1999. (Undercard) Debrah Farentino Def. Rebecca DeMornay (UD10)

 12-27-1999. (Undercard ) Sarah Polley Def. Leanne Rimes (UD10)*

 12-27-1999. Nicole Eggert Def. Dani Fishel (KO3)*

 12-27-1999. (MTV 122 Featherweight Title Bout) Catherine Bell Def. Ch. Jewel Kilcher  (1 Pt. Dec.)*

       Post Fight

 12-27-1999. Tracy Scoggins Def. Peta Wilson (UD10) 

 12-27-1999. (Clairol 110lb Flyweight Title Bout) Nia Peeples Def. Salma Hayek (KO10)*

 12-28-1999. (Clairol 110lb Flyweight Title Bout) Nia Peeples Def. Chae (KO3)

 12-29-1999. Lauren Holly Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)*

 12-29-1999. Debra McMichael Def. Jamie Luner (KO9)*

 12-30-1999. Helen Hunt Def. Suzanne Cryer (UD10)

 12-30-1999. (MTV 122 Featherweight & 130 Lightweight Titles)  Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Cat Bell (1 Pt. Dec.)*

      Post Fight


This is a bout we missed that Kim & Ginny had but we do not have any other details as to where it fits in the chronology

FCBA 12-00-1999-00-00-00- Charlize Theron vs. Jeanne Tripplehorn (KO3-Theron)

FCBA 00-00-1999-00-00-00-00 (Retro Bout Ca. 1950's) Jane Russell Def. Jayne Mansfield (UD10)

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