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2 April 2005 Jessica Biel Vs Catherine Bell

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Jessica Biel vs Cat Bell


Posted by simguy on 4/2/2005, 10:15 am.

Before: "I'm sick of a lot of things around here," says rejuvenated Jessica Biel. "I'm sick of all the attention Jessica Alba's getting when I'm just as hot AND I can fight. I'm sick of the deference we're supposed to show Cat Bell. You guys (the press) had a good time at my expense during my slump - when I tear Kitty Cat's ass up you better be singing a different tune." Bell above it all - removed from angry young vixen's sturm and drang. "Jessica's just working herself up - this is a big fight for her. If she needs to be angry to perform at her highest level, then that's what she needs. Personally, looking at Biel's activity over the last year and a half or so - I actually don't believe she was in a slump. Truth is, Jessica Biel's not big-time lightweight material - I'm sorry to have to be the one to lay it out for her, but she's not. She got beat because she ran into better fighters - end of story." Ouch. Cat in white FHM (hulking) bikini - Biel in neon baby blue bikini, hair blonde, messy, and up.

During R1: Cat solid, dukes up, conventional stance. Biel hands low, neck and chest muscles rigid as she RIPS punches from her hips, slashing away Zab Judah style with vicious sidearm and BELL'S GETTING SHREDDED! Biel jumping in, landing to the skull, chin, eye - she sends Cat REELING TO ROPES! Bell stunned, cut at the hairline, covers up dukes-at-temples and EATS A FAT LEFT UPPERCUT! Biel jumping in the shot, carrying into Cat to pancake Bell into ropes - TE fighter drooping, shook up and BIEL ROMPS TO JUG! Jessi jostling Cat into position, then she's shrugging, then she's chugging, then she's getting ALL up in there both hands greedy. Bell spasming with multiple impacts, sitting stunned in the ropes, hands limp at her mouth - Biel shifts her hips and pulls a savage sidearm batting left across her face and BELL GOES DOWN! Cat peeling off ropes to all fours - trembling, panties, busted up - she beats the count wide eyed, stupified. Jessica bares her teeth and POURS in: lunging right hand wide to the ribs, pounding loud of bone, crippling Cat; left uppercut buried snug to tits, then doubled up thick to liver; slutty right hand fitted in moist beneath Cat's left breast, then doubled to curl under the chin, picking Bell's head up and swiping the mouthpiece off her teeth. Break: Bell staring as she slides helpless along ropes to a neutral corner; Biel hooting, lifting her smoking guns - that might be the worst first round of Cat Bell's career!

R2: Bell nowhere near recovered: blood from the hairline cut and a small cut above her left eye obscuring vision; bleeding nose troubling her breathing; cut in the mouth - she's still reeling slightly as she advances off her stool. Biel shark-like - surging in, then crouching, feinting, waiting on Cat's jab then sweeping a merciless right hand over top - cracking wet contact on Bell's left eye swivels her head, buckles her knees queasy. Ripping lefts from that low angle, sidearm delivery - Biel coaxing every last ounce of hate from her legs and buttocks as she slashes at Cat, belting the big woman back into ropes. Jessica squirms in close, fighting off Cat's chest, swiping slobberknocker rights and lefts across Bell's disbelieving face - mouthpiece goes flying as Cat's eyes start to dim. Biel hops to her left, fighting off Bell's right shoulder, getting a grim angle for sidearm right hands to belt into tummy, jug and teeth. CAT'S DROOPING! Bell's legs gone - she swoons, reels back into ropes, slides to her left in a fog - Biel hopping with, gloves at her chest as she coils, then unleashes into Cat with hellish ferocity. Bell crashes shoulder-first into her own corner, hands low, useless and ON COMES BIEL! Jessica pinning her ears back and strapping on the shellack - fists like a school of Piranha, stripping a cow's carcass bare. Cat lolling forward, picked up thick in her jugs, sleepy face getting clipped and belted uppercuts - Biel stepping back in good order and BELL GOES DOWN! CAT BELL'S OUT! CAT BELL'S OUT! Jessica Biel SEETHING with sluglust, struggling against the ref to get more - Cat sprawled on her face, mouth open wet against unforgiving canvas. KO2 in brutal fashion, Jessica Biel.

After: Biel going ballistic in postfight, climbing the ropes and beating her chest, carrying on: she's just authored one of the most savage beatings of Cat Bell's distinguished career. Cat beaten unrecognizable - shelled by a relentless outpouring of venom from Jess: beautiful face swollen, eyes puffy - she's helped to her stool and gently, tenderly brought around. AND JESS WANTS MORE! Biel shooing away officials, hugs Cat up off her stool, stacks her upright in her corner. Cat's head lolling, mumbled protest on cracked lips: Biel slaps Cat's cheeks tart right hands forward and back, trying to bring the luscious one around. Helpful draping of Cat's arms over the top rope, then a series of bracing shoulder blocks in the midsection to get the air ALL the way out. Jessica straightening with a meanspirited grin, hands on her hips as Bell folds forward double, hugging a battered midriff: Jess isn't done. Biel cups the right hand gently under Cat's chin, leans into her to stack Cat upright again, goes to that chest with a series of beefy, ponderous horseman's chops - great clapping wallops bringing a fresh blush of pleasure to Biel's rosy cheeks. Bell groaning, head thrown back in total surrender: the insufferable leering glee on Jessica's face! Biel's not done - she jogs to opposite corner, turns, snaps blue trunks back into place around perfect buttocks, poses with her arms out front like a gymnast prepared to go into her vaulting run. Hop, step, run - Jessica galloping across the ring, crossing her arms at the last minute splashes full-bodied into Cat's chest: Bell barely crossing her own arms at the last minute, pancaked hard and sputtering through tightly pursed lips as she absorbs the shock. Biel SO pleased with herself, rides the left arm around Cat's neck to ease her out of the corner, turning Bell while waving to the crowd, then she SNUGGLES CAT UP IN THE REVERSE SLEEPER! Bell whimpering moist nothings into the beef of Jessica's youthful chest as Biel's brawny arms wrap up tight - GLOWING grin Biel as she shakes the hold, cinching it up nice n' tight. Bell reaching up around Jessi's back to pull pathetically at the shoulders, finally wrapping up loose around the hips to ride it out - Cat's got no choice but to suffer. Biel finally releases, arms out wide, strutting over Cat's sprawled frame, nodding triumphantly as boos, and cheers, rain down. Mission accomplished Jessica Biel: devastating victory, and a rousing dose of disrespect for the old guard has every single Technetium suit applauding, beaming in approval.

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