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2 Aug 2003 Laetitia Casta vs Brittany Daniel (II)

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Posted by simguy on 8/2/2003, 6:02 am


Before: "Casta should be thanking me," says a grinning Brittany D in prefight. "The only time she makes those beautiful people lists is when I've knocked her out. Seriously - that's when she's at her most irresistible - the moment my punches take over on her and she's helpless." Casta sputtering at the blonde's insolence, aching for pay back - Brittany's in under French skin but good. Laetitia knows what to do - Daniel can be boxed, can be hurt, but Casta needs to be disciplined enough to fight her fight and not get dragged into heated brawl-sessions.


Laetitia in royal blue bikini, white fleur de lis print, Daniel in black underwire triangle bikini.


During R1,2: Casta pumping stick overtime, banging it out hard from her shoulder, stepping back in good order, walking Brittany into more - poking, scraping shots on the face and forehead. Daniel hands at her chest, bending side to side, but getting tracked pretty good - Casta able to steer her around the ring, keep her outside. Laetitia selective with her power shots, not wanting leave the openings, but she's getting a long, heavy hook in Brittany's right side, occasionally shooting the right cross behind the jab. Billy goat Brittany repeatedly warned for head-butts - when she gets in close, she's giving Laetitia a good tousle-scrubbing. Daniel having moments the few times Casta's back nears the ropes - blonde jumping in and slamming away with overhand rights and batting, straight arm hooks against the stomach, but brunette in control through 2.


R3: Another good minute of outside drill from Casta, bashing away at Brittany's upperchest and face the jab, stepping left around a wide, clapping hook on the ear. Laetitia edging out on Daniel, fading the pressure - good stuff from the French beauty early. Brittany leaping in and raking hooks, finally smudges Laetitia's tits and Casta doesn't like it - brunette digs in and gets to slugging as a fight breaks out. Crowd roaring enthusiastically - girls toe to toe, taking turns tearing it up with robust 3 and 4 punch bursts. Daniel nice and tight on the inside, all covered up as Casta roasts her lefts and rights, then blonde returns abrupt fire, short and vicious to the breasts, hard on either cheek - Brit keeping her elbows in and punching with her torso. Final minute, Laeitita's back against the ropes - she hooks Brittany's hip, hooks her ribs and Daniel catches her a back a clipping hook on the chin - CASTA'S DOWN! Sudden shock puts 'Tisha on one knee - BRITTANY CLIPS HER AN EXTRA LEFT HOOK! Laetitia bunted to her backside, woozy outrage on pursed lips - Daniel pushed back and scolded by the ref at the bell.


R4: Laetitia roaring to meet Brittany midring - French girl outraged at the work done on her jugs and the late hit - she wants justice. Daniel compact, elbows in tight, crouching - she's weaving under Laetitia's swings and digging out the brunette's ribs with vicious counter lefts and rights. Casta stepping forward, missing with great brawling swings - Daniel's the disciplined fighter, stepping back, slipping, countering to the same places on the body over and over again - CASTA'S LEGS GIVE WAY! Laetitia stumbling past Daniel to hit the ropes woozy - body shots have her numb from the waist down - BRITTANY POUNCES! Rigid flicking jab across Casta's mouth and CHOPPING RIGHT HAND upside the head! Casta wilting to her right, staring - Brittany just brushing out the flicking left and hammering down righty on jaw again. Casta drooping forward, trying to right herself, but rights hands are coming too hard, too fast. BRITTANY GOES JUG! Casta helpless, stooped forward - Daniel gets in nice and tight, standing up into brutal, compact lefts and rights with heartless abandon, ragdolling a beautiful French girl in her corner and THE REF STEPS IN! Casta's corner screaming in protest - Laetitia out on her feet, badly stunned - TKO4 Brittany Daniel!


After: Casta jammed into her corner, left leg propped - she's clutching the turnbuckle, biting down into the leather as Brittany Daniel lights up French backside like she's putting a down payment on a condo with the proceeds! Great swinging right hand claps - look of savage joy on Brittany's face as she helps herself on groggy Laetitia - how can something so wrong be so right? Crowd lapping it up, counting in unison as grinning Brittany eggs 'em on - everybody's sampling the sweetness of Laetitia's misery. Casta trembling at Daniel's touch - some spankings hurt more than others - taking it from Daniel absolutely scalding to the proud brunette. Krushers fielding some heat for what appears to be intentional head butting/tousle work - some speculation these forbidden techniques are being drilled into Krusher fighters - FCBA promises to investigate (Guy in a Brooke's Brothers brown suit knocking on the front door of a Krusher facility, asking through the intercom if anybody's training to use illegal head butting techniques. Writes down the word 'no' as someone barks back the answer in static.)

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