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2 August 2007 Britney Spears vs Charlize Theron

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Part 1


Posted by Simguy on 8/2/2007, 7:08 am


Before: “I won’t make that mistake again,” Charlize says in prefight—addressing hard Tractorpull questions concerning the Lilly fight. “Britney Spears is no Evangeline Lilly, and even if she were—I’m in twice the shape I was for that last fight. You have to understand—it’s hard to maintain peak physical conditioning 100% of the time—you’re going to have let downs and good fighters can take advantage of that. I’m confident that I’ve done everything I need to do to prepare for Britney. I will definitely be handling Ms Spears business on that night.”


Britney coming in a full-fledged lightweight, but still pretty firm—especially in those ballistic legs. “Charlize struggles against girls with lower centers of gravity,” Spear shrugs, as though stating a law of physics. “I’m going to bull in on her get underneath her and uproot her. I’m going to stay on her chest and take her breath away I saw what Evangeline was able to do with Theron, and I’m going to build on that. Charlize has flaws in her game—same as anyone else, and we’re all over them in camp.”


Charlize in green string bikini, tight blonde battle braid; white gloves. Britney in pink  bikini; hair in messy beach battle bun; white gloves


During R1: Britney weaving Theron’s jab, comes in low, tackles Theron about her hips, drives a shoulder into the Theron midsection and stampedes her to the ropes. Charlize grimacing, hard-pressed: Britney ties up Theron’s right arm in both of Spears’, puts right shoulder into CT’s chest, muscles CT to corner and shoulder-butts the breath out of the taller vixen. Squaring away, Brit’s in there snug: head butting Charlize’s chin and clavicles; hands pushing at CT’s arms, then slugging tight, cramming blows into ribs. Britney pounding heartlessly at Theron’s creamy thighs draws fight’s first warning—ref shouting “No!” while tugging Britney’s arms back. Theron mouth open, a little shook up—she lingers on the ropes, receiving Britney back onto her chest after ref’s break. Brit’s powerful legs stamping as she drives on Theron, pinning Golden Goddess to the ropes, then looking to jam away. Spears warned for excessive tousle-rubbing; hard shouldering to Theron’s chest; forearms and elbows delivered either on follow-through, or simply slammed short to breasts and ribs. Bell: CT panting, scowling; Britney pushes up off Oscar winning torso to stomp back to BSE corner.


R2: Britney’s got her game plan down pat: weave Theron’s jab midring, bull in hot and low; tackle Charlize up around her buttocks/hips—lifting CT off her feet if need ne, to slam her into the ropes; use both arms to tie up CT’s right arm, put the right shoulder blocks. Then it’s grinding, sweaty, chest-to-chest fare—Britney on Charlize. Spears rubbing her face back and forth across Charlize’ upperchest as Spears works, constantly repositioning weight on Theron, Brit palming at CT’s biceps, hips, ribs—always pawing and pressing in, then jamming away at point blank range. Constant stream of warnings for Britney, but she won’t let up: Theron repeatedly punched on the top of her quads, forearmed in her ribs and breasts, shoulderbumped—action thick and beefy with Brit on top. Charlize  open-mouthed with the effort of pushing against Spears compact bulk—Theron pulling at Britney’s head, or tieing up behind Spears’ elbows/ Charlize occasionally sliding one arm around Britney’s head to wrestle her sideways to the ropes—Spears struggling hard to wrestle her way back on top. Keeping Charlize’ back to ropes.


R3: Ref hollering warnings as Britney tackles, stamps and drives her foe to ropes: Spars controlling Charlize with beefy rough-house—allowed to womanhandle and wrestle as much as box. Theron groaning, grimacing—she’s very picturesque—struggling to push Britney back, or twist her to the side. Spears pressing in, even resorts to reaching behind Theron to grab the ropes—earning more referee indignation. Slamming punches to the quads really hampering Charlize—ugly plum coloured bruises rising as charley horses settle in both legs. From midway point on—Theron starts drawing warnings: she’s sliding her elbow down in between the bodies, pushing her forearm against Britney’s neck to pry open enough space for cuffing swats with the free limb. Britney wriggling, writhing, proving a cuddly menace as she continually works her way into position to punish Theron’s torso.


R4: Charlize starting to concede ring position—simply setting up on ropes and digging in. Works for her: by organizing on the apron instead of being propelled there—Theron’s able to target Britney coming in, catching Spears with an assortment of cute, sharp potshots, Britney eating the right cross, the left uppercut or left hook before she presses the flesh—then it’s grinding head, shoulders, forearms in close, CT starting to play the game—left hand pulling Britney’s head down while right hand clips cheap uppercuts. Theron scoring to Britney’s body by dipping to the side and clouting home vicious, swiping hooks CHUP! To beef, then tieing up behind Britney’s elbows to pull her in close, Charlize warned for slamming forearms down across Britney’s wide, tanned back in the clinch—taller girls bale to get excellent angles simply by working overtop shorter vixen’s shoulders. Spears still crowding and smothering—but she’s suffering more as Charlize resistance stiffens.


R5: Brutal, grinding body-to-body action continues—Theron fading to ropes, tracking Britney on the way in, potshotting her cute as Spears closes. Charlize tightening up stroke beautifully—nice little shoulder-shoves creating a few inches of space, allowing CT to swish her mitts side to side, clouting Britney’s face, Theron leaning against ropes, generating leverage from either foot—twisting and curling into her shots—covering up face-in-gloves on follow through as Britney answers hot. Spears mindlessly shoving her way in—head frequently slipping in under Theron’s left armpit; face constantly sweeping across Charlize’ upper chest. Both girls mouths wide open, bodies slick with hard-working sweat—constant contact has the girls hot and bothered. Fighting this fight almost in one another’s swimsuits. Hard to score round—Charlize catching Britney cute little counters and swipes—but Spears has top position, and is still getting plenty of rude, clobbering and smothering done on her girl. Bell: Britney stuffs a crude left hand deep to paunch; Theron shouts in protest, slams her forearm down across Britney’s upperback—ref has to get in there, work hard to separate grappling beauties through 5.


Theron/Spears conc.


Posted by Simguy on 8/2/2007, 7:08 am


R6: Britney coming off the body—crowd oohing and ahhing as Spears lands huge, clouting lefts and rights up top, pounding Charlize’ head back over the top rope on recoil. Advantage spilling Spears’ side of the ledger as Charlize’ legs give a shimmy—Theron desperate to hang on here, pulling at Britney’s head and arm. Spears wriggling, stuffing away fists and forearms downstairs, shoulderbutting and bumping, then surprising CT with sudden wallops to the face. Charlize getting hammered, swaying upright at ropes, eyelashes fluttering—but she’s soaking the blows. Down the stretch—Theron starts to shrug in short, brutal uppercuts in answer—both girls going wobbly butt, hanging on to each other while trying to catch their bearings. Crowd roaring with unabashed pleasure as these fighters are starting to look shabby, punished through 6.


R7: Brutality continues. Theron sitting in ropes, leaning onto Britney, pulling at her, holding her, cuffing her, then clipping uppercuts while leaning back into ropes. Spears absorbing punishment, but dishing it right back—often she’ll take Theron’s little uppercut, then swivel Charlize head an overhand right in tight. Constant snuggling and pushing—palms pushing at besieging biceps or shoulders, Midway through, Theron pulls Britney in close, reaching ‘round the girl’s arms as Spears reaches around Theron’s back: Charlize draws warning for using the heels of her gloves to slam at Britney’s hips and kidneys. Both lasses mouthbreathing, whimpering with the tortuous grind of body contact band heartless, jamming blows. Spears answers those heel-strikes with forearm smashes delivered in snug beneath Theron’s jug line. Ref issues break, pulls both women aside and gives’em a good shake. Girls all rumpled and disheveled, eyes half closed, mouths open; nobody’s listening.


R8: Britney staggers into Theron to continue grim festivities. Charlize dipping and ripping uppercuts VERY effectively now—really picking Spears up and startling her. Brit likes to crowd, put her face in Theron’s chest and reach around her back for control: Charlize now sliding her elbows down into the clinch, levering Brit back with a forearm against the neck, and smiting cheap the free hand. Spears slopping it heavy to CT’s waist and flanks—Britney hacking away with her elbows close-in to her body, just a-chopping the taller girl down. Theron choking back sobs of complaint—not enjoying Britney’s tidy body work one bit. Theron repeatedly warned for holding and hitting—she’ll think nothing of draping one arm across Brit’s shoulders while smoking her the free mnitt out of the wrap, Disastrous stuff for Britney—she shuts down late, suffering as Charlize jams away right hands body, breast and mouth out of the wrap at the bell.


R9: Britney all busted up, but resolute—she trudges back across the ring, wading into Theron, eating that potshotting right uppercut and falling into onto Charlize’ chest. Britney really slowly visibly—Theron able to punch-off-the-bump here—managing Britney’s weight and catching her great, compact clout. Spears wriggling atop Charlize, but not getting off—it’s Theron swamping Britney from the ropes, wrapping her in one arm while plundering her with the free mitt. Brutal mugging action—Spears sniveling when touched hard to the gut or pounded across her back—Charlize happily pounding away from a relaxed, well-braced position at the ropes. Theron supple—leaning into Brit, then easing back into ropes for room—torso-turning to get swiping punches off either foot. Charlize face-in-gloves posture frustrating Britney when she does get off—tired Spears’ punches detonating on prepared Theron defences.


R10: Spears plods in, exhausted: Charlize all damp and battered herself, looks the fresher vixen. CT pulling Britney in, then pushing her off, clouting her uppercuts and hooks, then tieing up. Britney reach behind Theron, still putting weight on Charlize, but not getting off much—bigger blonde starting to slam down with forearms to the back, clip-up with uppercuts, swipe across with tidy work from either hand as Britney takes a wiping. Midway mark—it’s too much—Spears wobbling badly, finally takes a knee—mouth wide open, eyelashes fluttering as Charlize lays back into the ropes winded. Britney struggles up, swaying on the spot, grimly wades across the ring as Charlize actually waves her on into the neutral corner! Theron pre-empting with her potshot, then tieing up to draw Britney in for more hold-and-hit mugging: series of splashing right forearms whap beefy across Britney’s back, driving her to her knees for another knockdown. Ref furious with Theron, berating her terribly—she staggers to the other neutral corner, calmly awaiting Brit’s 8 count, then waving Spears in. long, shabby walk for Brit as she plods the length of the ring, only to be drawn back into blonde quagmire. Heartless stuff—CT knows she’s got the smaller girl used up—just heaping on thick, methodical punishment, leaving Britney trembling, out on her feet at the bell, Comes back UD10—Charlize Theron.


After: Saddle being strapped onto Britney’s back as she stands mute, eyes staring into middle distance, hands gripping shoulders straps as she leans forward. Charlize hands on hips, inspecting the work: she bytchily slaps at Giselle’s hand, rebuking the model: “I said TIGHT!” Theron moves in herself, giving the tummy strap an extra clinch: poor Britney grunting as leather cuts into her belly meat. Finally satisfied—CT mounts up kneeling jockey-style into Britney’s back—special pads above Brit’s hips taking Theron’s weight, Charlize gulping her hips against Spears, urging her forward—right away Theron’s barking angrily for speed. Poor Britney huffing and puffing, stomping around with her burden—big popstar melons jostling about as she circles the ring. Theron slapping at Britney’s head, being rough with her—Charlize lumped and badly worked over this fight, wants to get the most out of Britney in reprisal. Sadly, inevitably, Britney’s curvy, strong legs eventually give way, spilling her sobbing and gasping to canvas. Theron stands, lingers around Britney, looming over her and inspecting her. CT fingers the mouse under her left eye, clearly contemplating whether or not to repay that mark with a boot in Britney’s unprotected, belted belly. Finally, Charlize brightens, satisfied that Spears is 100% used up. VS models move in quickly, educated hands pulling and pushing Britney as the saddle is removed, leaving Spears hugging herself, rocking gently on her side in defeat.


Reposted by Archer 9/29/09.


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