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2 Dec 2006 Jessica Biel vs Denise Richards

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Posted by simguy on 12/2/2006, 9:51 am


Before: "If I beat Katherine Heigl, I can beat Jessica Biel," Denise says, addressing the daunting back-to-back task assigned her in the simplest possible terms. "I'm just as tight as Jess - maybe I don't have all the lumpy muscles she does, but I'm hard and I'm in condition. I'll put my abs against hers any day - if she thinks she has me outgunned I think she's headed for a terrible shock in this fight."


Biel at the podium, revs up the crowd with a suitably imposing double-bicep pump, nodding and smiling at the awe mumbling throughout the assembly. "Baby, let me tell you something," Jess says, cutting her eyes across to a seated Denise. "You even dream of comparing your abs to mine, you better wake up and apologize! You have no idea what being 'in condition' is - you think if you make weight for a cover-shoot, then you're in fighting trim. D, I'm telling you straight: you wouldn't last 1 day in my camp. Don't shake your head, I'm telling you: you would not last one day in my training camp. I know you're proud of what you've got, and it does look good - but D: when I unleash, you're not even going to know what hit you."


Jess in electric blue bikini from Stealth; Denise in coppery-red bikini, blonde hair. White gloves both vixens.


During R1: Denise: chin tucked, dukes up, shoulders bunched forward as she steps forward. Jessica loose, hands at her side, thigh muscles shredding into view as she hops to the right, easily fading away from Richards' seeking jab. Right hand, Jess Biel: JB suddenly sweeping her fist from her thigh to Richards' chin in a vicious clout - Jess hops-right, clouts left from her thigh in a similar rising arc to toggle Denise's chin tic-toc. Richards shook, but sturdy, dukes at cheeks - Biel bouncing to her right, hands down, eyebrows high and challenging as she licks her lips.


Richards bings out a pair of jabs (short), tries a right hand: Biel fading to ropes, ducks under the last, bounces off cables to her left, neatly turning Richards' flank. Jess swatting her right up off her thigh again - fist caroming off Denise' temple: left sweeps up off the thigh, clouting D upside the head as Biel bounces to her left. Richards wobbly butt, scowling - pushes out a one-two: Biel hands-down, slips and rolls the shots with supple torso rotations - grinning all the while.

Jess hopping to either side, hands at her sides - she stomp-feints in to get D covered up, then drags a sidearm right whippy into Richards' flat breadbasket. Big smile Biel as D groans, cramps up: Jess bouncing to her left scoots 'round Denise' right flank.


Jess swatting away from her thighs - able to light D up tic-toc rights and lefts in rising arcs - crowd oohing and ahhing at the ripping wallop of these blows - poor Denise visibly breaking down, getting sloppy. Richards pushing back leather, unable to make contact with her nimble-legged, and supple-torso'd opponent: Biel slipping all shots, outflanking her girl and landing almost at will.


Final minute - Richards staring, lips parted, walking on her heels a bit, but still competing - she leans in a right hand over the top: Biel ducks in underneath, carrying a simultaneous right hand receipt into the pit of Denise's stomach. Richards sobbing aloud, her right arm draping across Jessi's back as Biel crowds in close, burying her fist into her opponent's proud abs just because. Shoulder-bump Biel, nudges blinking Denise onto her heels: quick straight right hand off the shoulder taps D on the lips; shrieking left hook up off the hip clobbers Richards' head to the left and D GOES DOWN! Savage blast puts Denise on her back in utter devastation - body and limbs relaxing into the KO as Biel lifts mitts, stomps past bellowing in triumph. KO1 in spectacular fashion - Jessica Biel.


After: Biel strutting the ring, pounding her chest, berating certain members of the press, pushing ring card girls out of the way - Jessica really exulting in her ballistic performance tonight, understandably pumped at the sheer demolition of a useful veteran in Denise. Richards' toughness and durability enough to overcome the sheer brute strength of Kat Heigl - but against the velocity and sudden strikes of Biel - D seemed woefully undergunned. "Give her credit," says one satisfied BLONDE! Magazine contributing editor. "When Jessica's good, she's very, very, good. Like the song says: 'can't nobody do it like Jessi B'!"

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