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2 Dec 2008 Robin Meade vs Gretchen Carlson

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Posted by simguy on 12/2/2008, 7:44 pm.

Before: Meade champing at the bit: chance to punish a fellow newscaster; redeem a less-than-sterling FCBA record to date, and; trounce a former Miss USA. "I'm pumped," Robin shrills at the podium, practically quivering with enthusiasm. "Can't wait to beat her britches!" Carlson steaming: Robin's getting a lot of attention in prefight - doesn't sit well with the higher-ranked pageant beauty. "What was she - runner up Miss Podunk in 1972?" Carlson fumes. "Robin Meade's a pumped up fraud. I was one of the best amateur boxers this country's ever produced: I'll retire this cow. She's not even all that pretty, really." Meade in black push up bra (heroic); racy leopard print bikini bottoms; black gloves. Carlson in gold lamme weaved bikini with tie side bottoms; black gloves. Meade puffing out her chest during ring instructions, emphasizing her slight height advantage; Carlson making smouldering eye contact, looks ready to slap Robbie a clout right there.

During R1: Meade bouncy midring, uptempo - left waist-high, right near her chin - left making little pawing circles in the air as she steps left. Carlson dukes up at cheeks, weaving side to side as she steps forward, looking to engage. Minute mark, Meade: straight right hand lead punches Carlson's forehead back with authority; Robin crows "HOW'D THAT TASTE?" Moments later - Meade with a firm, pumping hook takes Carlson in her tummy, prompting a Meade exultation: "MMM-MM! LEFT HOOK!" More hooks follow - Meade turning 'em over short, pursing her lips as she clobbers rival knockers: Carlson scowling, buffetted off-balance. Down the stretch, Gretch finally has range - bouncing her right hand off Robin's face and trading lustily at close/medium range. Good tight, clubbing impacts - both women well schooled at this distance, turning the punches over, bringing their mitts back to chests to reset.

R2: Meade rotating left, pumping a good stout left jab, hooking off the poke, finishing a stern left uppercut chaser. Carlson turning, facing into blows: she's badly buffetted, knocked off stride as fullsome brunette showcases. Middle minute - Meade drilling straight, stubby right hands, pursing her lips and squinting as Gretchen's head knocks back. Gretch getting touched up - regrouping with hands collected at her chin: she wants to slug, but Robbie's getting off first and dictating.

R3: Robin in a groove: nice shifting pivots-left; good stiff poke; sharp, rivetting right hands punching Gretchen straight to face. Minute mark, Carlson takes a picturesque hook: blonde holding right under her chin as beautiful head tosses to her left, eyes shut tight, lips pursed. Meade loving it - grinning mean as she leans in, carries a heavy right hand to pit of Carlson's tummy, doubling blonde over. Swabbing left across the back (don't teach that in pageants!) drums Gretchen's kidney's buckling her legs: Meade enjoys a moment of clubbing supremacy, batting sidearm rights and lefts off her foe's golden flanks. Gretch issuing breathless clinches, blinking back tears: she's feeling Robin's heft through 3.

R4: Carlson pushes her way through a brace of Meade jabs, only to get picked up the tart right uppercut at the end. "UPPERCUT!" Meade shouts with the score - then chases Carlson backward with a short left hook to chin. Robin forward on rocky blonde with walking barrage of lefts and rights amidships: Carlson gurgling, backing up as Meade trudges in a-slugging. Ropes: Meade really punishing Gretchen - brunette pouting prettily, eyes blazing as she turns over short, curling lefts and rights, twisting curvy torso into clubbing blows. Carlson bobbing on the spot, beaten soundly about head and shoulders: she firms late, answering back short, digging blasts to Meade's quivering tummy, bulging melons. Brave little blonde brawling her way off ropes at bell - proving a competitive handful as Robbie forced to snarl-n'-slug furiously at bell.

R5: Meade really outpunching a ragged Carlson: Gretchen disheveled, breaking down slightly as Robin keys in. Pumping jabs pound at Gretchen's guard, upperchest, shoulders - working to dismantle Carlson's defence. Hooks follow - short, clouting blows - often setting up thumping rights to body and additional hooks to flank. Meade hitting hard, showing wonderful combination punching and a jiggly-jug: whenever she can get into Carlson's rack without risk, Robin's doing it. Gretchen's legs proving amazingly sturdy: rocked, she'll stumble, then firm, refusing to go down. Punishment accrues however: Gretchen scrappy in spots, but getting bludgeoned through 5.

R6: Meade circling to her left, placing that short, straight right to Gretchen's face; hooking Gretchen's chin, then grinning as the finishing right plows deep to blonde belly. Poor Carlson cudgelled out of her stance, then walked down: Robin's lips curled prettily off her teeth, dark eyes flashing as she turns into brawny side-side work, bashing away at blonde resistance. Robbie mixing it up well: digging at Carlson's tummy, tits and head in equal measure. Carlson sturdy by nature - giving ground only when struck hard - but giving ground she is, finishing up against ropes, covering up against a thorough drubbing. "BEATIN' YOUR BRITCHES, HONEY!" Meade shouts at bell, chesting up so Gretchen gets it.

R7: Gretchen finally gets her own jab into Robin's guard: blonde stealing initiative, working her way inside. Carlson effective fighting off Robin's chest: shorter blonde pumping in leather to breadbasket with a nice muscular rotating of the shoulders. Meade's ample jugs want leather: Carlson supplying loads via side to side scrubbing in close. Gretch crowding bigger girl - moving her head from one Meade shoulder to the other; reaching arms in under Robin and stepping her backward. Meade unable to fight backing up, spends the whole round grimacing, wriggling against Gretchen and trying to push her off as Carlson works a spanking shutout.

R8: Couple of stubby jabs - Gretchen weaving her way in close, drives home a short right to chin that has Meade covering up. Digging hooks stout to brunette midriff: Carlson snarling as she pops world-class hips-right, bouncing left hands off choice brunette meat. Robin hurting, trying to back up and slug-with: Carlson weaving in low, attacking the body with hands palm-down, then straightening to hook Robin's chin. Meade suddenly distraught, stumbling back on her heels: she's disorganized, fretting - facing into punches as aggressive blonde comes forward. HARD right hand buries deep to Meade midsection midway through: Robbie pitches forward, crying out: Gretchen's turn to reach in, body up and walk Robin to ropes. Meade firming on the apron, aware of her own can being thoroughly kicked here: spirited pageant slugging closes the round as both beauties snarl prettily, hooking and uppercutting in close.

R9: Grim toe-to-toe fighting: Meade can't keep her distance, has to lower left shoulder, bump-up against on-coming Carlson. Digging, merciless work downstairs - girls pulling at each other's elbows, then snatching at tummies and breasts - then crowding close to smother receipts. Bump-n'-slug on the inside - girls digging into any opening - open mouths moist on tanned shoulders. Meade separates herself midway through with robust, shrugging right uppercuts: just picking Gretchen up snug, keeping her docile. Carlson stamping on the spot, trying to deny Robin canvas, but Meade finally able to bull forward, reaping a steady harvest of tummy and jug. Bell: Robin still bodying up - ref has to pull her off as Carlson's panting in protest.

R10: Carlson forward early - chugging up the gut, backing Meade to ropes under a steady, tucking thump to body and breasts. Robin firms on apron, bumping with her left shoulder - picking Carlson up right uppercuts - finishing with clouting left hooks. Bruising middle minute sees Gretchen out-punched: Carlson finally woozy, backs away after a minute-long siege of sturdy brunette: Meade steps forward slugging. Plugging right to gut/left to gut - shrugging left hook across jug - short right hand just missing over Carlson's right shoulder. Blonde mouthbreathing, stumbling backwards: Robin able to shove, slug and walk her foe length o' the ring, taking charge on far ropes. Crowd roaring as Meade presses-in, bodying Carlson to ropes, then tucking right hands to golden-brown tummy and jug. Gretchen cranky with hurt; suffocating under curvy brunette weight tactically applied. Meade smearing the smaller woman against ropes, digging for points in a hardfought tenth. Comes back UD10...Robin Meade.

AFTER: Meade crowing, exulting: spunky brunette very emotional, holding nothing back as she hugs her peeps and hollers at media colleagues covering the fight. "Stepped to her and beat her but!" Robin crows in post fight - puffy, but beaming. "Gretchen Carlson's feisty - she's a feisty little blonde all right - but there was WAY too much me in this contest. She was hurt all night long - hurt to the body, hurt to the head. Guess SHE'S not so pretty now, afterall!"

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