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2 May 2008 Amanda Righetti vs Yvonne Strahovski

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Originally posed by Simguy on 5/2/08, 7:00 am.

Before: Amanda belligerent in pre-fight—several shoving sessions between the two as Righetti looks to send a tuff message in prefight.

“I’m not Eva Larue in this fight,” says Amanda, referring to her own ascension over the seldom-seen but widely respected Larue: many in the press have drawn that parallel for this fight. “and Strahovski sure as hell is no Amanda Righetti. She had a big win over Rawat—god for her—but it’s time to bring this girl down to earth. Hard.”

Amanda in white bikini with black polka dots; white gloves; hair loose. Strahovski in yellow bikini; hair in two punching pigtails with messy bangs; white gloves.

During R1: Amanda aggressive—into Yvonne’s tummy with left jabs, then sliding to the right. Strahovski turning, dukes up, face set astern: she’s pinging out her jab, coming up short. Amanda scoring at the minute mark—big sweeping overhand right turning Yvonne’s head aside: Strahovski rocked, covers up face-in gloves, stooping forward. Righetti hooking in behind Yvonne’s right elbow, then dragging a limber right up underneath as she leans in close. Righetti stepping around Yvonne’s right flank, turning her girl: Strahovski getting touched hard, getting outclassed early. Final minute sees Yvonne close the gap—jabbing with her tormentress; trading jolting right crosses; coming back whistling hooks. Strahovski able to stabilize her front, fighting on even terms for one minute out of three.

R2: Amanda pressing the pace again, jabbing her way in, then rining Yvonne’s flanks a brisk right/left/right of batting leather. Righetti grinning as she hops out, walks to her right: Yvonne scowling, dukes at her chin—she pounces in off her jab but can’t locate Amanda as Righett bounds away. Amanda turning back into Yvonne midring, smiting her a sidearm right to the body, then a left hook up top (partially blocked)—Righetti rerally leaning into these blows, looking to hurt Yvonne. Strahovski standing firm, starting to get bthe jab onto Amanda’s clavicle at the midway point: girls are setting down more, looking to do some punching. Down the stretch, Yvonne fades a Righetti right hand, then leans back in to counter a jamming right hand of her own, pounding Amanda awkwardly on the right side of Righetti’s jaw. RIGHETTI GOES DOWN! Amanda not seeing the punch from odd angle—spills sideways to her back, rolling-through over her right side to get to her knees. Amanda beats the count, but she’s blinking in swoon. ON COMES YVONNE! Strahovski attacking at the topes, shredding Righetti’s haphazard guard with straight rights and lefts and PASTING AWAY TO AMANDA’S FACE. Righetti’s body relaxes—she sits in the ropes, hands drooping—her head jerking back from the pumping stamp of Yvonne’s jackhammer and THE REF JUMPS IN! Good Lord—TKO2 Yvonne Strahovski!

After: Amanda stunned—nose bleeding, out on her feet—Yvonne bellowing as she turns away, hands held high to strut and crow. Righetti following in Larue’s footsteps almost exactly: she’s overwhelmed and punched out tonight, by a very hungry and excited newcomer.

“I just want to keep fighting,” a breathless Yvonne tells reporters in postfight. “I know these performances are starting to worry girls like Alana de la Garza, Erica Durance, Ali Later—and that’s definitely the company I want to keep. Am I there yet? I don’t know—I don’t want to rush into anything. I do want to stay busy though, so if I have to batter a Cobie Smulders while I wait for the big break—so be it!”

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