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2 Oct 1999 Paula Marshall vs Rebecca De Mornay

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Originally posted by Simguy on Saturday, 02-Oct-1999 11:20:18


Before: Always dangerous to pad your resume with former legends. Becky one of the classiest blondes ever to lace’em up, but if Marshall is to make her mark in celebrity boxing, she absolutely has to dominant faded gems like D. Questions abound after lackluster performances of Marshall—how much has the travel, the fighting in hostile circumstances, taken out of her? Could she be shot, and the public simply unaware because she has laboured in obscurity for so long? Paula answers the questions in black sportsbra, red high cut aerobics bottoms. De Mornay in white sports bra, powder blue adidas terrycloth trunks.


During R1: Both girls very economical with the feet, stepping to the left, jabbing to the chest to find range, then putting together spanking combinations. Girls taking turns working each other with 2 and 3 punches, but it’s De Mornay with a little better head movement, able to land the extra left hook or curling right hand to take a close second.


R2: Marshall sharpens up a little this round. Hooking off the jab, she bangs Becky’s head to the side with authority midway through the round, and finishes strong with left hooks in behind the blonde’s elbow. De Mornay on the ropes, elbows in, hunched forward, turning with punches but not punching back at the bell.


R3: Becky D reads Paula’s intentions to harm her body, and counters Marshall’s left hooks to the waist with a chopping right hand to the brunette’s chin. Becky D forcing Marshall back, drilling the right hand as she punches simultaneously with Paula, and down the stretch, it is Marshall seated on the ropes, bobbing at the waist as Rebecca’s fists play across her midsection and stroke her jaw to the bell. De Mornay with that classic icy glare after the bell as she leaves Marshall hurting on the ropes.


R4: Battle intensifies as both girls set down on their punches—both soaking up big left hooks early and neither willing to back off. Grueling war of Machisma suits Paula as she slowly starts to get the upperhand. In the final minute. Marshall’s fists pound Becky’s breasts flat with their fabric shells, and whistling left hooks to the body have De Mornay’s knees locking up. Becky grimacing, retreats to the ropes and looks to bob, but Marshall clips her hard and clean with a walk-in right uppercut off the face and De Mornay is hurt! Paula putting head in under Becky’s chin, digs furiously at the right side of the blonde, whipping that left hook over and over into the waist and Becky can’t take it. Crumbling to her knees, Becky D clutches her side and can’t continue. KO$ Paul Marshall.


After: Demonstrative victory shows Paula knows hoe to finish as she clamps down on Rebecca’s tired body for the stoppage. Willingness to slug could betray Paula against division’s bigger punchers, but she certainly controlled a still slick pro in Becky D, serving notice to the “names” that she is definitely on track.


Reposted by Archer 4/28/09.


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