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2 October 2001 Daisy Fuentes vs Ali Landry

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Posted by Simguy on 10/2/01, 6:00 pm.


Before: Landry haunted by the knockout loss to Tyra Banks, still trying to piece together the shards of a once glorious career, hopes to claw her way back into contention with durable trial-horse Fuentes. Daisy hard punching and mule stubborn, but predictable and slow-mitted, usually a good match up for Ali. Landry in black push up and gold bikini bottoms, Fuentes in pea-green twist tie top, yellow bikini bottoms.


R1: Early jitters for Ali? Girls edge together midring, trade hooks, and Landry's legs give way as she gets hurt with the fight's first punch. Fuentes bulls in, hounding Ali ropeside and immediately goes to bra with cudgelling right uppercuts, while riding her left arm over Ali's shoulder. Landry mauled early, gets it together to trade with her back to the ropes - Fuentes happy to take 2 in order to label 1 keeps Ali pinned, pressured to the bell.


R2: Landry boxing smooth, showing Daisy the jab, stepping around the latina to get Fuentes shuffling her feet. Daisy reaching for Ali's body with long left hands - Landry able to counter with crisp rights on the cheek to poke out the round.


R3: Shoulder to shoulder midring, Fuentes unseats Ali once again in a sharp exchange of hooks - brunette buckles, almost turns away as Daisy walks her down. Fuentes getting big on the ropes, bashing away at Ali's brawny biceps and shoulders as the brunette covers up - Fuentes stepping with the pageant princess, bodying up, making her feel the weight in between the punches. Deep breath Ali at the bell - Daisy's got bounce in her step, smile on her face.


R4: Ali bodies up midring, works from there, crowding, turning her foe, walking Daisy around, and going to the waist with jerking punches from both mitts. Fuentes lulled into waiting her turn, wants to extend on punches but Ali not letting her breath - Landry scoops points.


R5: Ali's found her range - right on top of luscious Fuentes. Landry happiest with her left shoulder pressing up on Daisy, doing damage with jerking little right uppercuts on the chin, swiping side arm rights to the breadbasket. Daisy growing sullen, not answering back - she's wasting herself wrestling with Landry, trying to force punching room on the brunette. Shutout Ali.


R6: Ali continues to dominate, bodying up, walking her girl to the corners, and keeping latina back pressed hard to rope. Landry patient, thorough inside, controlling Daisy with the left shoulder or left hand casual around the ear, twisting in nasty short right hands on the face or into Daisy's top. Fuentes answering in spots, but Ali quickly dowses any offense by reaching in under latina's arms and pressing her into the ropes. Muggy action to Landry's benefit as she pockets another round.


R7: Ali loving it on Daisy. Fuentes can't get her butt off the ropes, constantly getting bodied back as Landry stays on her girl's chest. Ali doing all the work, twisting her shoulders into compact licks, handing out a beefy drubbing to Daisy's tanned waistline. Fuentes clinching now around Landry's shoulders, hanging off her neck - it's starting to look like a beating.


R8: Shutout Ali Landry - she's so confident bullying Daisy - Fuentes allowing Ali to walk in, body up - once there, Ali's too strong to dislodge. Landry lifting brick up into Daisy's hurting midsection - no backswing on the punches, Ali rarely lifting her mouth off Daisy's shoulder as the crams away downstairs. Fuentes looking pained, mouthbreathing after 8 grinding rounds.


R9: Landry's got it won - she gets nimble, starts to steer Daisy with her jab, not to proud to back away as Fuentes muscles up with overhand rights. Ali in control, but this almost looks like a mistake - Fuentes obviously more comfortable coming forward, even when she misses, and there's still some hunger in those flashing latina eyes.


R10: Nice first minute from Fuentes as she sweeps big right hands at Landry's ribcage, putting tell-tale wobble in brunette trunks as Landry minces away in discomfort. Landry taking over in the second minute never looks back - Fuentes can't get by the jab, and she can't cut off the ring - Landry boxing beautifully, giving the slugger plenty of lateral movement and shining Fuentes' face up nicely at the bell. Ali beaming, strutting even before the announcement - comes back UD10 Ali Landry.


After: It's a win, but it's not an "Ali Landry" win - fans and pundits expect more from the former Welter wonder. Sultry beating of Fuentes in close can't excuse the good moments had by the latina early - critics still wondering how much Tyra's right hand took out of Ali's legs after Daisy wobbled her repeatedly in the first 3 heats.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.

Archer 10/20/09.

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