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2 September 2000 Kim Basinger vs Sharon Stone

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 02-Sep-2000 00:32:37


Before: Rematch follows a bitter draw that saw Basinger turn puncher to batter Stone over the latter half—Sharon sick of hearing that version of the fight: “I boxed Kim into the canvas in that fight, but that obviously wasn’t good enough. If the only way I can get credit for beating her is to leave her lying in the ring, than that’s what’s going to happen.” Kim with a critical tactical decision to make—play to her strengths, or try to exploit Sharon’s weaknesses—most think it’s Basinger’s fight to win or lose. Stone in black sports bra, long messy ponytail, grey cotton briefs, black shoes, Kim in white sports bra, pale blue bikini bottoms, ponytail, white shoes.


R1: Basinger picking up where she left off, coming at Stone like a puncher, forcing Sharon to give ground on those questionable gams. Kim touching Sharon with the jab, dropping the odd right hand to spank Stone’s face hard has Sharon backing up all 3 minute for a shutout. Stone reacting to the bullying after the bell, shoving Kim as tempers flare.


R2: Stone extending the left, picks Kim up with the rangefinder and twists into the right cross to stun Basinger in the opening moments. Kim suddenly in no-woman’s land, getting  drilled by Stone’s serviceable right mitt and BASINGER GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Kim stumbling forward, looking to clinch—Stone dips a shoulder and reefs a lanky hook into the midsection, pushes off with both hands, then leans into a good bye right hand on the button that stiffens Basinger on her heels. Picturesque topple straight to her back—Kim lying out cold as Stone grins, steps over the shellshocked blonde to strut the ring.


After: Basinger shattered upon recovering her senses, left out cold by Stone’s straight right hands and taunted as she sits on her stool during the physician’s exam. Kim gambling on the brawler’s posture, success as a bully may have left Basinger complacent about Stone’s power. “I knew she would try to fight big,” explained her with the first right hand I threw, and I’ve always been a devastating finisher, so I knew I had her.” Shocking conclusion revives what had been an all hut finished career for Sharon Stone.


Reposted by Archer 10/21/09.


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