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20 Aug 2004 Laetitia Casta vs Lori Loughlin

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Posted by simguy on 8/20/2004, 5:55 pm, in reply to "Partials/sparring concluded"

Before: Casta hounding Lori to the ends of the earth for this fight - cornered blonde finally giving in, but Laetitia's persistence still puzzling to Loughlin.


"Initially, we told her flat out - 'no'," Lori explains to BLONDE! magazine. "She's bigger than I am, she's a multi-time lightweight champ, it didn't seem like a fit with where I was going and I didn't see what was in it for her. But she just wouldn't leave me alone, so I finally just said, 'look, slut: if you want a fight, I'll give you one', you know?"


Casta mum on the subject of her Lori fixation, telling reporters only that, "I have my reasons." Casta unusually terse and serious during prefight - you'd think Loughlin had spanked her in a previous encounter or something.


Lori in jazzy print bikini whites and reds, ring connections, hair wet - Laetitia in hot pink/purple bikini with black pindots, hair up.


During R1: Lori looking to feint and jab her way in, snap off her combos, but Casta won't have it. Brunette pounding out jabs to keep blonde off her, chasing Lori down with humming right crosses, mopping up the come-back hook in Loughlin's flank - Lori on the run, trying to ease the pressure with her legs. Final minute - hungry Casta hounds Loughlin to ropes, goes body with a series of batting lefts and rights, steps right while jabbing at Lori's lips and lights her up a gorgeous slicing right cross through the chin to sit Loughlin hurt in the ropes. Bell sounds as Laetitia's bouncing a tasty arm-curl left/right off Loughlin's stunned face - bruising shutout first Casta.


R2: Casta bombing away, leaning into right hands, pulling come-back hooks into Lori - Loughlin bobbing, weaving, crossing her arms, shying away - but she's clipped on her temples and sent groggily to her knees in the opening minute. Lori takes a brave 8, but Laetitia's on her - all big-girl beat down as Casta palms Loughlin's shoulders back and lays down the law. Rich, thick, strapping hammer blows - Casta just stroking away luscious lefts and rights, bashing against Lori's tasty hips and flanks, roping her ribs beneath the breastline, cashing in her chin. Poor Loughlin beaten senseless, often sagging to a seat in the ropes as punches detonate off her sleepy face - this thing's getting ugly. Casta hardhearted, stoney-eyed to the bell, humming home the hurt as Lori's offering nothing back down the stretch. Loughlin busted up, wide eyed, panicked: Casta storming back to her corner, demanding water, anxious to continue the slaughter.


R3: Lori stands her ground and slugs - ripping a tasty combo against Casta's proud tummy and jugs - Laetitia walks through it with a snarl and soon has Loughlin reeling from free-swinging lefts and rights head and shoulders. Loughlin just can't take Laetitia's punching - even a skidding hook on the forehead sends her reeling. Lori's trying to time the work, trying to touch Casta up with those quick mitts, but Laetitia just coming on like a freight train, convinced the little blonde can't hurt her. Another steamrolling round for Laetitia has Lori's backside quivering, Lori's face shining up, Lori's eyes hollow with doomed resignation.


R4: Casta out with free-swinging abandon, not caring if she misses, just planting her feet strong, turning her body into swings and really getting after Loughlin. Lori covering up, moving her head - she can make Laetitia miss one pretty easily, but the follow up shots are landing and when they do - they're moving Loughlin. Midway through, Casta hunting Lori down at the ropes - swings a beefy sidearm right flat to the midriff, buckling Loughlin with a groan - Lori never sees the sudden, snappy hook off her left eye. Head-snap Loughlin - Lori spills to her right, splashing to all fours, cut, broken down. Loughlin gets to one knee but no farther, wisely bowing down to superior Casta firepower on the evening. KO4 Laetitia Casta.


After: Lori recovering on her stool - Laetitia immediately gobbles her up, riding a strong right arm around the waist to take a shattered Loughlin for a walk of shame. Casta very rough with Lori, tugging and pulling her, berating her - French girl's conduct has every Casta expert scratching their collective heads.


"You know, some girls just bring out the nasty in others," says one Celebrity Ring guru. "You saw this kind of thing with Cat Bell and Carrie Ann Moss - Bell just wouldn't spare the lash and wouldn't tell anybody why. Weird." Loughlin shaken by the treatment, but vowing to BLONDE! magazine: "Laetitia Casta just made an enemy for life."


Casta roars back onto BLONDE! mag's Top 10 brunettes Who Must Be Beaten list as a result of this outrageous bullying of a pretty, hard working beach vixen.

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