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20 Aug 2005 Ali Landry vs Jennifer O'Dell

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Unified Welterweight Title


Posted by simguy on 8/20/2005


Before: "As far as I'm concerned, I've completely cleaned out welterweight," Ali announces in prefight, "I'm trying to coax some of the taller lightweights to come up and make fights, because I think there are some crowdpleasing bouts out there. Diaz, Helfer, Theron - you know, we're looking at all of them. While we're waiting for a serious blonde, I figured I'd tune up on Jenny, since she's been begging for a beating for months now - time to smack that mosquitoe - know what I mean? I am worried about Jenny's looks though - my fans..." O'Dell immediately interrupts the by-now familiar Landry lament: "Don't even START with that 'my opponents aren't good looking enough - I always have to carry the promotion' crap," Jenny warns, eyes glaring, knuckles white around her mic. "I'm every bit as hot as you, I'm every bit as put together and it's high time we figured things out between us. Just because I didn't win 'Miss Bimbo 1982' or whatever the hell your big credential is doesn't mean I'm not good enough to share the ring and it sure as hell doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. You better lay off the Doritos, lose that little sauna-paunch you've got going and come in a TAUT 130, or I'm gonna bitch slap you like you've NEVER been bitch-slapped before!" Landry open-mouthed, absolutely speechless at the sheer vehemence radiating from the other side of the ring. Special "Non-Interference JMD/KO" clause reputed to have been signed - press attempts to substantiate the rumour meeting with tight lipped silence from girls of both stables. Punching pink jogging bikini JOD, baby blue bikini Ali.


During R1: Ali starts Jenny out with a hard jab to the mouth, secondary jab in the jugs while sliding gracefully clockwise - girls are boxing early. Jenny: dukes up, eyes wide as saucers, steppin' and choppin' her jab in order to get close and churn, but Landry not cooperating. Ali fighting at pageant distance, sticking choice jabs into belly, breasts and the grille of Jenny's guard, keeping blonde outside. Late the round, Ali mixing in heavy right hands off the jab, driving down into Jenny's chest or smashing in between the mitts to get a piece of O'Dell's chin. Jenny on her heels, being controlled, outboxed in a classy Landry first.


R2: Jenny dukes up, rigid stance - she's a little tight, waiting on Ali as a result. Landry to the body with a pair of spanking jabs, slide-stepping to her left - she's poking the blonde up and down, turning her midring. Ali's right hand banging home now - blocked upstairs, but scoring deep, hollow thump off Jenny's breadbasket, forcing the blonde back a step. Landry hopping forward after getting off, dukes beneath her chin - she's relaxed, confident, starting to dress Jenny up. Right/left on the waist cramps Jenny up with a grunt: tidy left uppercut jams between her mitts. Jab/right hand against the guard stabilizes Jenny - reefing hook in her waist tugs thick at her paunch. Right hand lead startles Jenny up the middle - Ali puts the hook on top and JENNY STEPS IN A FENCE POST HOLE! O'Dell momentarily dazzled - big smile Ali as she steps right, hooks Jenny's gut, hooks Jenny's gut, then clouts her across the temple to drape O'Dell ropeside. LANDRY ROMPS TO JUG! Ali beaming savagely as she POUNDS away crisscross, stamping Jenny's rack flat with merciless left and rights. O'Dell falling apart, giving up more and more jug as she lolls on the ropes - round ends to the side of Landry POURING it on with feverish intensity. Ali to her corner hands held high: Jenny getting told to "move your hands, babe! You gotta put your hands on this girl."


R3: Girls trade stout hooks early, Ali doesn't like it - as she's stepping out to regroup, Jenny scores a gambling, lunging right behind the ear and tackle-rushes Ali sideways to ropes. Flurry amidships has Ali groaning, crossing her arms, bending forward - Jenny POUNDS kidney, flank, baring her teeth as she gets her hips and back into lusty swings. Ali hurt, can't get out of there - she takes a veteran knee, grimacing in pain - barking at the ref to warn Jenny about that back action. After 8 - Jenny jabbing Ali against the ropes, gets back on that body with a thick, strapping right hand across the paunch, back in there with a ripping left, shoulder Landry upright - good, good body blows taking the vigour out of the champ. Right uppercut brushes Ali back and JENNY WANTS JUG! Sweet, sweet payback - O'Dell stacking Landry and mashing rack with a brutal, left/right stamp action - Ali sobbing aloud, reaches to clinch and GETS CLIPPED THE RIGHT UPPERCUT! Jenny showing smooth - steps back to walk Landry into the tight right uppie - Ali stumbling to all fours in shock as Jenny struts away jiggly-pink-bottom. Ali up, hurt this time, mouthbreathing: ON COMES JENNY! O'Dell POURING herself at Ali, unleashing the hounds - savage rights crash against the ear/back of the skull, ripping lefts cut to jug, dig in behind elbow. Ali tempest tossed - Jenny shoving her bodily into the ropes in between slinging salvos and ALI GOES DOWN AGAIN! Landry blubbering on all fours, humming with hurt - shear savagery of Jenny's assault has brunette reeling through 3.


R4: What a difference a round makes! Now Jenny's the stalker, Jenny's the confident one, the one wanting to engage - Ali slinking along the perimeter, pushing out don't-hurt-me jabs, walking O'Dell into greasy big-girl clinches. O'Dell imposing herself at every level - even when they lock up, she's pushing Ali's back to the ropes, riding a forearm up against Ali's face to drape her over the top strand and earn warnings for roughhouse from the ref. Jenny aggressive to Ali's body - big sidearm rights across paunch or in above the hip, jagged lefts packed in behind the elbow - those curvy pageant legs looking heavy, sullen through 4. Down the stretch, girls fighting shoulder to shoulder with economical rub-n'-punch: Jenny turns on a tidy right uppercut to pick Ali's head up pretty. Landry put wobbly butt, discouraged at the bell.


R5: Jenny stays on Ali - jabbing Landry to ropes, piling in with the shoulder, working to the body and climbing the ladder to hook chin. Landry grimacing, relying on saucy short right counters in between Jenny's swings and moist clinches - Ali not working NEARLY hard enough to this blonde's strong body over the first half. Jenny able to press Ali flat, make her feel weight, maul her in the clinches and outwork her downstairs - O'Dell doing all the heavy lifting. Ali with some nifty pocket defence late, makes Jenny miss, but doesn't take advantage as blonde belts away for more points.


R6: Ali able to get the jab out, bogging Jenny's advance down and setting the blonde up for some short right hands - O'Dell can't be so brazen coming in. Shoulder to shoulder brutality midring - girls turning each other, clouting one another's tummies, hooking one another's chins, clubbing each other about the temples - just a good, consistent two-way rhythm established. Landry stabilizing things - she's not getting blown back the way she was, able to stand her ground now and push on Jenny - FINALLY getting consistent touches to blonde ribcage and waist.


R7: Girls in there sweaty, pushing and tightening up stroke inside when Jenny eases back, walks Ali into that sneaky right uppercut and THERE GO ALI'S LEGS! Landry stomping around all lock-kneed, face contorted and ALI FLOPS TO ALL FOURS! Landry punching in frustration at the delayed effect - Jenny all fresh-faced, smiling as she struts to recline in the neutral corner - ANOTHER 8 count for Ali as ref checks her out. Resume: Jenny jabbing, then reaching under Ali's arms to body her snug to ropes - blonde smearing brunette, applying full-body dominance tonight. O'Dell squaring away for robust shellack, twisting side to side to belt short, banging lefts and rights against Ali's jugs, biceps, ribs. Landry shopworn, but slugging back in kind - clubbing away at Jenny's hated rack and tummy as girls stroke it up to the bell. Jenny pulled back by the ref, taunting Ali with a winning grin.


R8: Ali boxes/brawls Jenny to a standstill as neither girl can impose her will. Jenny lumping up some from Ali's educated jab, but negotiating it with her own jab and some spirited brawling counterrights. Fight frequently migrating inside - girls shoulder-rubbing, working mouth on shoulder, jerking and tucking lefts and rights into hard-working bellies and jumping jugs. Little moist exhalations and breathy whimpers as girls get to each other in these moments - both taking opportunities to grab-and-turn the other to relieve a little pressure, reset inside.


R9: Ali making inroads, backing Jenny up in a beefy 9th. Ali in snug, right under her chin, left across her gut in a very loose posture - she's just rolling either shoulder inside Jenny's punches, then tidying up short, licking strokes to tummy and jug in close. Jenny wincing, forced to retreat - she's a little wide, cooperating with Ali, allowing Landry to slip-n-score up the middle. Final minute sees Ali press Jenny to ropes and get after jug with methodical, swiping malice. Ali not frenzied here - just turning her torso and clubbing Jenny's jugs side to side, brunette laying over on either side to close up her stance, evading Jenny's bludgeoning receipts. Ali forcing cool eye contact with O'Dell at the bell - Jenny


pursing her lips and shoving Landry off her as the ref gets involved.


R10: Jenny hurts Ali three times in quick succession: a stunning right over Landry's jab; a rising hook on the mouth; a series of clawing hooks to the head to drive Landry ropeside. Ali ramshackle, staring - she tries walking off the ropes but her legs're shot: Jenny's just stacking and pancaking her back where she belongs. O'Dell breaking out the baseball bat - her thickest, cruelest strokes to the body of the whole night have Ali biting down on screams of pain behind her gloves - Jenny dishing out punishment right now that will never be forgotten or forgiven. Final minute - Ali tremble-bodied, badly weakened - Jenny pushes into her, drapes her on the ropes and DIVES INTO THOSE JUGS! Jenny in their shrugging, getting close and hup-hup-hupping multiple rights into Ali's hulking hooters - shifting weight and jerking in multiple lefts. Jenny pushing and resetting Ali, propping her up, then giving her extra - it's as meanspirited as we've ever seen the fiesty blonde. ALI'S FALLING APART! Landry breaking down, unable to defend her treasure - Jenny's just despoiling her, taking every last inch, getting in there with hamfisted delight and mugging the jeepers out of those jugs! Crowd on it's feet, sensing a stoppage - ref craning in to get a good look, hand raised on the verge of calling it - but Ali allowed to suffer. Jenny applying crop to haunch to the finish line, humbling the proudest rack in all of Christendom as poor Ali rides ropes to defeat. Comes back an astounding UD10 for the winner and NEW welterweight champion - JENNY O'DELL!


After: Astonishing blonde romp - Jenny giving Ali one of the worst beatings of her career, snatching the belts from Landry's quivering waist and deliberately humiliating Ali with a sensational rack attack - all that pent-up fury Jenny had been storing for Landry came spewing out in a vengeance tonight. O'Dell crying, surrounded by hugging, petting stablemates - long suffering blonde finally has undisputed championship gold around her waist to stamp her as one of boxing's elite. "It's a dream come true," Jenny manages as she wipes her eyes. "You all know how hard I've fought, both inside and out of the ring, how hard I've worked. To step in the ring with Ali Landry, beat her decisively and take her titles is everything I could have wished. Even though I wanted to knock her out, I truly believe I gave her a terrible beating tonight, maybe on par with a knockout, and she'll never look past me again." Tears of a different sort in the Landry corner - Ali badly beaten, down FOUR times tonight to Jenny O'Dell punching - only championship pride prevented her from giving O'Dell ultimate satisfaction. "It wasn't my night," gracious former champ offers to insistent Tractorpull urging for a comment. "I fought most of the night hurt and I still managed to hold my own. She punches like a lightweight: Henstridge or Torie or any true welterweight would have had me out of there tonight." Ali, what about the ungodly amount of jug Jenny took - was that the worst jug mugging you've ever gone through? "Yeah, look, she tried to punk me, tried to get me to quit late and I just said, 'no way - I'm not giving in'. If she's a real fighting champion, she'll give me a rematch. I say she had the luckiest night of her career tonight - this was probably upset of the year easy. That kind of thing can't happen twice."

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