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20 Feb 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Bobbie Phillips

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Charlize Theron vs. Bobbi Phillips by simguy 20-Feb-99


Theron steps in against the hottest property in sports entertainment today, itching to scrape a little of that luster off the brunette's star. Bobbi coming off a loss to Demi Moore looks to rebound with a good opponent and this match-up is about as close as you can get on paper. Phillips the betting favorite however, despite not really possessing a significantly superior record to Theron. In fact, the "quality of opposition" edge may go to the blonde.


Bikini bout: purple for Phillips, sky blue for Theron.


Rounds 1-2: Two of the longest rounds of Charlize's career, as she gets off to a stumbling, horrible start. In the first, Bobbi has Charlize reeling from RIGHTS TO THE BODY as she is allowed to wade in behind banging lefts and rights, then catches Theron's chin repeatedly. In the second, NON-STOP PUPPY PUNISHMENT overwhelms Charlize who's BATTERED TO HER KNEES in her own corner. Phillips simply standing back and bombing and Theron doing more catching than anything else. Blonde rises gamely to take a merciless body beating along the ropes and after six minutes, Charlize looks shopworn and ready to go.


Round 3: Theron shows good resiliency, finally introducing her legs to the mix. Good stick and step by Charlize as she disrupts Bobbi's wide blows with a nice firm jab.


Round 4: Phillips again dominates with her wild, winging style, hurting Charlize body and pouring on the pressure whenever the blonde's form breaks. LOT OF BODY PUNCHES from Bobbi, part of the reason Theron is able to absorb so much punishment, and yet continue. Charlize continues to stand right in front of Bobbi and get tagged with power shots.

Round 5: Charlize again shows she can make this fight easier with just a little savvy. She still hasn't hurt Bobbi, but she works the jab to the chest and chin of the brunette as she steps to the left, away from Phillips' power. Theron also digs a sporadic left hook to the ribs from outside, causing Bobbi to cringe just a little.


Round 6: Bobbi continues to pressure Charlize, but the brunette appears a little arm weary. She's still smacking Charlize's face with seemingly every punch thrown, but Theron is walking through the heat now to pitch some of her own back. Bobbi takes the round on higher output.


Round 7: Busy Bobbi continues to harass Theron's boobs and make the fight, but she is fatiguing badly, slapping her punches. Charlize slugging back to the body with long lefts and spearing rights and Phillips legs show the effects. Theron's face is swollen and looks much the worse of the two, but she seems the stronger fighter at this point, as Bobbi is doing a lot of pouting and mouth breathing.


Round 8: Bobbi does her best Junior Jones imitation, pushing her punches, obviously gassed. Theron steps up and begins countering hard over top of Bobbi's punches, connecting flush to the face of the beautiful brunette. Phillips begins to stagger and Theron stays composed, mixing in that short Joe Louis right to the jaw. Midway through the round, Bobbi steps back and actually turns her back as she fades to the ropes and Charlize pours in her reserves. Bobbi desperate, plenty of time on the clock, leans back into the ropes, showing her defensive liabilities. Theron opens up with wide lefts and rights, working the body and head and connecting flush. Bobbi doesn't know to clinch, and has no upper body movement - she takes a few big shots then pushes Charlize back. Theron then wades in and continues the slaughter. The end comes as Bobbi, helpless, her guard down, gets caught a flush left hook that seems to shut her down. Out on her feet, Bobbi is helpless and Charlize pounds her breasts with unabashed glee until the ref. intercedes. TKO 8 for Charlize Theron, arguably her biggest win yet.


After: Charlize soaked up tremendous punishment from big hitting Bobbi early, but when it came time to take it in return, Phillips couldn't stand. Theron breaks another brunette heart with this crushing win, and showed tremendous courage to come back in a fight she was clearly losing on the cards. Her post knockout cruelty is a side we haven't seen of her before

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