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20 Feb 2000 (Title) Debbe Dunning vs Ch Charlize Theron

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Six weeks and she's back in the ring; Theron rolling over top ten names like a big, unstoppable rolling thing, continues to march against all comers by taking on free swinging Debbe. Dunning with the wildness to perhaps throw Charlize off, but the champ has never looked so focused and resolute. Dunning in purple aerobics two piece, Charlize in cream sports top, light blue aerobics bottoms.


Rounds 1-2: Both rounds go as a draw as Debbe comes out with maniacal intensity while Theron counters with savvy movement. Neither gets much done offensively - Theron making Debbe miss fairly easily, but unable to take advantage as Dunning loads up 2 and 3 at a time. By the end of the second, Dunning appears to have cut off the ring, however, and Theron's defense looks suspect when she doesn't have room to use her legs.


Round 3: Theron dancing, luring Debbe all over the ring and back again for much of the round, but in the final minute, Dunning finally cuts off the ring and gets after her blonde. Wading in with wide lefts and rights, Dunning bats Charlize' flanks, then brings right UPPERCUTS FROM HER KNEES BASH UP UNDER CHARLIZE’ BRA to lean her back, then cracks chin! Theron rocked back onto the ropes comes up drowsy, and it's all Debbe, wide left hands cupping Theron's jaw, then straight right hands to the face - smashing the blonde's head back at the bell. Vicious two fisted slugging has Theron out on her feet at the bell as Dunning surveys the damage and is satisfied.


Round 4: Charlize weathering the abuse well, circles left behind a spearing jab, then rocks back to pick Debbe up with the short left hook as Dunning advances. Theron dictating pace, piles up points while her legs recover - Dunning landing the odd single wide right hand to the ribs.


Round 5: Charlize dancing for the first minute, lets Dunning's form erode, then starts to pick away at the brunette as Debbe reaches with her shots. Theron pounding the eyes with her stunning jab, and hooking hard off the lead left to put Debbe wobbly butt by the final minute. Seconds left in the round, Debbe reaches with a badly timed left - Charlize rocking back with it, then surging forward to drill a short right hand off Dunning's chin. Double D reeling to the ropes, is saved by the bell before Charlize can pounce.


Round 6: Charlize miscalculates Debbe's condition, moving in to finish and finding a lot of fight left in the brunette. Toe to toe, flat footed power punching goes Debbe's way as she shakes off Charlize' right hands, swats the blonde's nubile body with wide lefts and rights, then starts to nail Charlize that hard left hook as Theron slows down. Charlize clinching tactically late in the round, gets the break, and manages to jab, fall in to clinch the rest of the way.


Round 7: Charlize back on her toes, finally starts to outclass Debbe who's frenetic pace starts to slow. Dunning starting to plod, is getting countered sweetly as Theron pivots to her left to drop hard right hands onto Dunning's face. Double D's defense is non existent as she comes after Charlize, hands low, taking head snapping blows from the blonde, and not doing much damage this round. Dunning sent back to her corner looking puffy, discouraged for the first time in the fight.


Round 8: Dunning just won't go away. She gamely mounts a straight ahead charge, walking through a crashing right hand on her chin to pound Charlize chest as she backs her to the ropes with a chugging, two fisted assault. Beat down along the apron and Debbe's fists club Charlize' sides and head. Theron starting to stiffen up, take more shots, and her face lumpy from abuse. By the final minute, the girls are laying in, mouth-breathing, pulling back just to lift a left right into the opponent before lolling back onto the offered shoulder. Slogging round goes to DD, who seems to have Charlize just fighting to survive.


Round 9: Charlize imposes her will, leaning into a banging right hand to the body to hurt Debbe repeatedly, clinching the brunette, walking her off balance, then waiting for the breaks. Dunning's hands low, face showing signs of fatigue, can't pull the trigger as Charlize beats her to the punch with these ruinous right hands on the sternum, breasts and face. Remarkable durability from the brunette as she soaks it up this round, refusing to go down as Theron looks exhausted at the bell.


Round 10: Debbe coming on and Theron fades to the ropes, covering up and allowing the brunette to spend the last of her reserves. Great rolling defense for Charlize, turning her body with Debbe's wide blows, and Dunning's shots soon run out of steam. Still slapping wide at the midway point, Dunning is out of gas, and Charlize begins to tag her with hard, little shots inside Debbe's looping swings. Bouncing off the ropes, Charlize bounces a hard right hand off Dunning's face, bending low on follow through, and Dunning looks wrecked as she staggers back. Charlize pours it on, punching straight lefts and rights to drive Dunning to the far ropes, and Debbe tries to clinch. Final minute, Theron going to the brunette's slender midsection with soul stealing left and right uppercuts, has Debbe leaning over and helpless. Charlize butting Debbe back with the shoulder tags Dunning's chin a clipping left hook, then a banging left hook, then a shattering left hook, swiveling Debbe's head and putting her out. Dunning clatters forward to the canvas as Theron wearily steps back. Double D out on her face, goes out on her shield as Theron records the dramatic last second KO.


Theron turns back her most determined challenger in a while, slugging her way to victory to deny Debbe the simple dignity of going the distance. Charlize weary, but glowing with triumph, gives Debbe all the credit in the world for her gutsy effort. Dunning getting lots of credit for trying to win late, when most would have taken their chances with the judges in a close fight.


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