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20 Feb 2009 (Title) Ch Jessica Biel vs Charisma Carpenter

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Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:36 am

Before: "I'm loving it," Jessica says of her fights with Charisma these days. "She's old and struggling - I'm young and still climbing in terms of performance. Hounding Charisma to extinction is pure chocolate for me - the idea that my fists could put the period to her career gives me goosepimples. I don't feel any remorse at all - why should I? She's pushing for these fights as much as I am. She wants to know it's over just as badly as I want to prove it to her!"


Charisma taciturn in mood: Biel's towering ego clearly irritating to the WB legend. "I've taken the unprecedented step of bringing Brittany Daniel in to train with me for Jessica," Carpenter says to gasps of denial from press corps. "She's the most similar fighter to Jessica in terms of physicality, and I need that kind of work if I'm going to emerge victorious this time. Brittany and I...we're setting our own differences - which are considerable - aside for now, because we feel it's important to dethrone Jessica Biel. She's a fighter with no respect for the great fighters who came before her, especially for the fighting legacy of the old WB Ingenue factory. She gave Kelly Brook multiple looks at her, and she's making the same mistake with me. Mark my words guys - I'm going to take Jessica down this time...brick by brick!"


Charisma in purple bikini; small black work out gloves; long tangly hair loose. Jessica in Chuck and Larry togs (beige bra; horizontally barred panties); small black work out gloves; shoulder length blonde tangle-curls.

During R1: Carpenter hoping to pearl-harbour Jess with early pounce: Biel hands at her sides, connects on a vicious check-hook off the right foot - left hand swiping up off the hip to catch CC's chin with a palm-up delivery. Carpenter sent reeling to ropes in shock: Biel grinning big, swaggers on in. Jess reaching her left arm in under Charisma's right - jamming left shoulder into CC's chest: Biel looking to operate at close quarters as Carpenter digs in at apron. Girls chins on each other's left shoulders - each keeping hips well back, leaning weight into the other - pushing with the left shoulder. Jessica pumps a pair of right hands into Charisma's body: Carpenter shovels in a right of her own. CC trying to slide to the side: Biel's stocky legs and muscular gluteals holding position, keeping Carpenter at ropes. Terrific struggle of curvy backsides and strong legs - Carpenter straining against Biel, unable to budge her. Women jerk dutiful right hands up into offending tummies; slam flat-knuckle rights in above opposing left hips. Beefy, succulent, thick-punching action. Biel's shrugging blasts heavier - plus top position at ropes gives her better leverage. Bell: Biel glowing, crows, "Comin' right back inside next round C - all night long!"

R2: Biel again looking to lock up - women pressing left shoulders into one another's chests, securing each other's bodies with the left arm. Hips well back - faces tight with the effort of pushing; eyes concentrating. CC feeling Jessi's intentions through skin contact: brunette exhaling through pursed lips, her chin out over Jessica's left shoulder. Same plugging, short, jerking punches as women dig underneath. Biel's legs steadily taking canvas away from Charisma's; Biel's toned backside jiggling with the effort of stepping her girl back. Fight goes to ropes - Jessi on top: once again she shovels home the harm underneath, pumping patient right hands into Charisma's beef. Carpenter grimacing, pumping back but getting the worst of it. Jessica pushing up off CC all sweaty and pleased at the bell, taunting: "Feeling your age? You sure look it." Jess struts back to corner as CC looks cranky, dishevled.

R3: Jess sells it like she's coming back in - then she bops back out: left dangling at her side; right cocked at her chest. Biel grinning, daring Carpenter to attack: CC cautious, dukes up, remembering the vicious swipe of Biel's counter-left in the first. Jessica prowling, coming in off feints: she's lashing single right hands against Carpenter - buggy-whipping her without pity. Small glove bites at brunette left bicep, jug, left hip, waist. Biel stepping around - slashing at her girl - pivoting away. Carpenter cringing, trying to block: Biel tormenting her foe midring with these potshotting tactics. Hellish wallops take their toll from the minute mark on: CC visibly buckling, staggered by whiplash body whacks. Carpenter seeks support of ropes at her back, setting up defensive pocket for Biel to penetrate. Jess does so - at will - slicing and chopping right hands upstairs and down. Bell: Biel resplendent, strutting back to her corner all smiles; Carpenter frazzled, throbbing from Jessica's pinpoint lashings. Judges like it 10-8 without a knockdown, Jessica Biel.

R4: Weary Charisma goes to ropes: grinning Biel squares up to beat her. Jess keeping hands free - pushing CC upright at times, but not using the left-shoulder control posture: blonde starting to punch in combinations, using both fists to reduce Carpenter now. CC sitting in ropes, right under her chin, left across her bod: she's dipping and twisting, rotating her torso, bending at the waist - anything to help slip the hurt. Biel patient - pummelling at Carpenter's flanks and biceps, ripping swat across her tummy. Jess works up-torso, cuffing Carpenter's generous jugs: Biel glowing as she rings 'em up, resetting herself on her back (right) leg. Down the stretch, Carpenter twisting side to side, pulling punches from behind either thigh in broad, sweeping arcs: RIGHT HAND CATCHES JESSI! Biel standing too upright, catches flush - nearly auguring into canvas until muscular quads jerk her upright. CC over to offence: pumping right uppercut picks Jessica's face up drowsy; swiping right hand sends her staggering away. Bell sounds before Charisma can walk Jess down, but CC steals the round late nonetheless!


Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:37 am, in reply to "Jessica Biel vs Charisma Carpenter title bout pt1"


R5: Back to plan A for Jess: she slides in, threads left arm in under CC's right, jams left shoulder into CC's chest. Carpenter has no choice but to mirror the stance, pushing against a very strong blonde and trading brutal right hands to the midsection/ribs. Carpenter a very curvy, strong girl herself, but she can't hold her ground: Biel stepping CC back, muscling her in the half-clinch, conquering the brunette's magnificent legs and buns in this pushing test of strength. Carpenter bulled to ropes, forced to trade mindless, plugging right hands with a younger, stronger woman. Competition reduced to its most basic, Darwinian terms: Carpenter's body will give out before Jessica's does, if nothing changes. Biel content to smash at her foe's thickness: small glove spanking out moist against tummy and rib; Jessi's rounded bicep jiggling upon contact; CC's firm flesh bunching up. Bell: Jessica pushes up off CC with the same unspeakable look of satisfaction she's had most of the night.

R6: More bitter infighting: Charisma working her right arm down inside Jessica's left to deny blonde that pushing front that's been so useful for Biel. More of a standard shoulder-to-shoulder slugfest: Jessica erupting in violent combinations to swipe across Carpenter's biceps, jugs, and tummy. Charisma cute in the pocket, blocking a lot of shots, dipping to either side and tucking her receipts in. CC a master of cuffing hooks and swatting little right hands: she nickels and dimes Jessica here - turning the blonde midring, claiming steadily against chin and paunch. Charisma's round: girls willingly fighting in a telephone booth tonight. During break, TECH corner wants Jess to use her legs more, start penetrating from angles: Biel shaking off the instructions, telling her trainer, "I'm using her up inside - she thinks she's better there; that's where I'm going."

R7: Biel right back in: girls continue to bump and grind, rotating counter-clockwise while in constant rubbing contact. More of that digging, cuffing work to offending tummies downstairs: both girls chopping wickedly and to good effect. CC coming off the body VERY effectively, clipping uppercuts to Jessi's chin, crowding her close. Minute and a half in, Biel looks wobbly butt from a series of little chin-checks: Charisma pushing her blonde around, swatting her belly, keeping her hunched forward. Left uppercut picks Jessica up: just a short, shrugging jerk as Charisma follows up a hook-to-body. CC turns Biel clockwise with left shoulder in the chest; another clipping left uppercut jerks Biel's face up. CC shifts weight to right foot; jerks the right uppercut: crisp, clean touches at very short range. Biel stumbling, looking confused: SHE'S WOBBLY BUTT! Carpenter hooks paunch - a savage, swatting clout off the left foot; dips, jerks the left uppercut off the left foot, punching Jessica's mouthpiece off her teeth! Biel swaying on the spot, eyes unfocused. CC pushes into Jess, getting her to babystep backward, then stepping-with - plowing a right hand to Jessica's face. Biel staring, hands dropping: Carpenter steps in on right foot, bends into a sweeping left cross: Biel faces into the blast - head on a swivel. Jessi slugged length o' the ring - she trips over her own feet and BIEL GOES DOWN! Jess sprawled on her back near ropes - crowd roaring to it's feet: Carpenter jogs to neutral corner all jugs a-jumpin'. Wobby 8, Jess: ON COMES CHARISMA! CC stepping-to, squaring away: poor Jessi drooping forward, blinking, hands up in feeble parody of defence. CARPENTER UNLEASHES! CC keeping elbows in, cleaning up on Jess with short, lethal punches. Right uppercut/left uppercut; short right cross/short left hook; repeat. Biel's head snapping about as she totters from one foot to the other, staring into punishment. Ripping hook takes Jessica to paunch, cramping her up: uppercuts follow, brushing Jess into ropes; right hands chop home as Jessi's hands drop, head lolling. THE REF STEPS IN! Good lord - TKO7 for the winner and NEW lightweight champ - Charisma Freaking Carpenter!

AFTER: Jessica sitting in ropes in swoon, hands in her lap, head bobbing gently on limp neck: she's staring all about, stricken, rendered helpless by Carpenter's finishing onslaught. Carpenter mobbed by her stablemates - receiving a standing 0: huge upset makes CC a champion again, all but stamping her ticket for the hall of fame at some point.


"We'd heard rumours that Jessica wanted to humiliate me inside by fighting my fight," Carpenter says of the strangely static action. "Fortunately, those rumours were true: she set up on my chest and fought in the pocket with me. That let me tax her body, get touches, stay close on the cards. She was stronger than me, but my defence was better: I knew sooner or later I'd start to reel her in. I'm just so thrilled - not just to win the belts again, but to get them by taking down Jessica. Nobody deserves a beating more than that girl, and a beating is EXACTLY what she got tonight!"

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