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20 Feb 2009 Adrianne Palicki vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:19 am


Before: "My days of underestimating Mary are over, guys," a chagrined Adrianne grins in prefight. "She's not the strongest puncher I've been in with, but she's got so much heart - taking or giving - and that's the difference for her. When she pounced me KO1, I'd been hit harder, but Mary just overwhelmed me with her follow up. That's work ethic and determination, and it's every bit as dangerous as raw talent. I'm training for her like she's Charlize Theron, and I'm going to fight her like she is, too!"


Winnie acknowledging her foe in cordial terms as well: plenty of respect to go around between fellow young-guns. "Pouncing Adrianne is almost a must-strategy," Winstead explains. "Fight her pace, let her range you in - and you're asking for big trouble. I can't hit with this girl, so I've got to hurt her - I've got to swamp her - volume is the equalizer. She's going to be motivated by the KO1 because we both know she's better than that: I just have to be better too."


Mary in yellow bikini top; yellow stretch shorts with drawstring out front; black gloves; white runners/socks. Adrianne in black bikini top; grey stretch shorts with drawstring out front; white gloves; white shoes/socks.

R1: TORRID! Pallicki stepping-to - hands low-slung - she's lapping rising left/right licks up into Mary's ribs - blonde just RIPPIN' in the body shots - swinging off her heels. Mary stunned, absorbing hellish stroke, then SHE gets off, slugging back on autopilot. Adrianne taking right hands against her chin, finally backs off, stepping to her right while keeping the jab in Winnie's face. Mary pushing the pace down the stretch, but running into punches and pushed off. Pallicki whales away for respect early, then boxes her brunette for points.

R2: Mary pouring forward: looping right catching Adrianne standing up tall; sweeping left smiting AP as she's backing up; Mary stepping in, pitching boffo rights off her left foot/lusty lefts off the right. Adrianne swept to ropes: blonde tousle in her eyes, lips parted: she's all pasted and hurt! Mary scrounging at Adrianne along ropes - beating the blonde vicious, batting licks in the waist, then swinging away up top to belt noggin. Pallicki a stumbling, confused beauty - sliding along ropes, pushing out feeble receipts as Mary POURS on the hurt. Crowd screaming as Pallicki faces into streams of body blows, clocking headshots - Mary just pinning her ears back and going all in. Bell to bell Winstead: Adrianne battered along the perimeter - pummelled to a pulp. Bell: Winstead crying from oxygen-debt, bracing hands on her knees and sobbing for air; Pallicki beaten beyond recognition, baby-stepping tragically along the ropes - sliding her left hand along top strand for balance! 10-8 Mary as she bares her fangs, denied by Adrianne's stubborn heart!

R3: Mary the aggressor - stalking Adrianne, continuing to lunge with gambling haymakers to head. Pallicki's legs not back - she leans away from shots, nearly sitting down, then stumbling away to find balance on shaky stems. Winstead's corner screaming for body work: Mary really headhunting here, convinced Adrianne's one punch away from oblivions. Pallicki reeling around the ring, but finding the odd swinging right to Mary's paunch, complimented by the hook up top. Not much offense from Pallicki, but Mary's work-rate is down - allowing Adrianne spots in a brunette third.

R4: Adrianne catches a second wind, seeks Mary out toe-to-toe and GOES RIGHT AT HER! Oh, the shellacking sheets of leather to the body! Pallicki baring her teeth, swinging her arms in rising arcs from the hips, taking Mary up in her ribs and tummy. Winstead's torso sounding out with spank - brunette in shock as she soaks, punched into stupor, then forced into retreat. Pallicki's turn to stalk wounded prey: Winstead mouthbreathing, gimping along ropes with hair across her face - elbows in close to throbbing bod, fists pressed into her cheeks. Pallicki easing back on the throttle - not wasting shots now, just walking Mary down, setting, and twisting into sweeping shellack. Winstead beaten so ferociously by roundhouses to her ribs and flanks, she's screaming into her gloves, legs trembling. Winnie every bit as stubborn as Pallicki had been - beaten every bit as badly. Brunette somehow goes the round without bending the knee, leaving an exhausted blonde to walk away hands on hips, heaving for breath. 10-8 Pallicki without the knockdown: Mary horribly beaten, refuses to quit on her stool when queried.

R5,6: Crippled beauties slink to midriing: agonizing to watch these girls will themselves forward, pain etched on battered faces. These rounds are slower paced, but just as determined - much of the fighting midring as girls lean in and trade underneath. Both girls swinging gorgeous leather to offending bodies - rising roundhouses sweeping up into ribs with thick wet CHUP! noises. Both girls gasping, staggering at times, but rallying to answer any aggression: this is mindless, tortured slugging at it's gritty best. Both rounds close and hardfought: Adrianne just a bit busier, doing just a bit more damage, backing Mary up more consistently in the exchanges.


Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:19 am, in reply to "Adrianne Pallicki vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead pt1"


R7: Mary firms. She's cringing, flat footed, but she jabs Adrianne's chest early, setting up a ringing right hand to chin, deflating the blonde. Pallicki taking the shot, but covering up peek-a-boo and leaning forward into Mary: Blonde's chin-checked, just trying to crowd and recover inside. Mary grimacing as she muscles Adrianne around, sidestepping the blonde, digging at her body with short hooks and clubbing right hands. Girls exchange weary uppercuts inside: Mary getting the better of trade, putting Adrianne wobbly butt. Round ends with Mary twisting methodically side to side, slopping lefts and rights onto a stunned, listless Adrianne as she's laying back against ropes, face-in-gloves.

R8: Flat footed slogging midring - girls having no trouble finding each other now as neither's moving her head or feet much. Early left uppercut spins Mary's head dramatically - she backpedals like she might sit down, but staggers out of it, hitting ropes. Pallicki on with wincing eyes: she's running on empty, pushing herself to finish Mary. Thick, slinging shellack applied to Winstead along ropes - she's cringing forward face-in-gloves as Adrianne just sets and licks one strapping blast after another in deliberate succession. Pallicki's mouth wide open as she's beating at Mary's torso: blonde just stroking it to brunette on autopilot.

R9: Exhausted, sloppy slugging - girls drifting each other clean, falling into together, stumbling into ropes. They pull at each other instinctively, trying to hold and hit: they push off, then swing away from the hips. Both face into wide-swinging wallop; both enjoy moments of pure shellacking dominance, just wading in and punching the other's face side to side until the inevitable counter-rally. Pure agony to watch when they embrace - girls stamping and struggling to push the other around, mouths open wet on each other's shoulders. Mary separates herself late - holding Adrianne with the left 'round the back while fitting right hands into blonde's body. Pallicki groaning, arms draped 'round Mary's shoulders as the body blows plow home.

R10: Mary wades in...Pallicki picks her up a GORGEOUS right uppercut. Mary's head tosses - she stands straight up, hands down...backs away in confusion, mouth open and MARY GOES DOWN! Winstead finally tripping over her feet, sprawling to her back: she bursts into exhausted, snivelling tears on her back - hands up above her head, knees up, chest shuddering. Pallicki stumbles to neutral corner, weeping as she knows she's just salted away this brutal contest, but MARY BEATS THE COUNT! Winnie somehow pulls herself off canvas, swaying into ropes, blubbering "DON'T YOU STOP THIS!" as ref's taking a close look. ON COMES PALLICKI! Adrianne summoning her last reserves: she squares away wide, twisting that long body side to side to pull the final punches onto wilting Winstead. Mary catching the odd head-swivelling clout, but SHE'S punching-with - working side to side with groggy haymakers, occasionally making contact. It's slow, but heavy handed - girls just brawling away on one patch of canvas - dipping side to side, pulling rights and lefts across and ADRIANNE GETS CAUGHT! OH what a right hand - Mary bending to her left with a swinging looper from behind her right thigh, JUST beating Adrianne to the punch. Pallicki's right sails, then she's tottering back on her heels, then she's DOWN! Adrianne stumbling to HER back - starfished - blubbering in shock - head lolling side to side. Mary staggers to neutral corner, crying - both arms hugging top rope to keep herself up. IT'S OVER FOR ADRIANNE! Pallicki's chest shuddering with emotion - head moving, but arms and legs just flattened still against canvas - she can't get off her back! KO10 in the final seconds, Mary Elizabeth Winstead!

AFTER: What a fight! Mary collapsing to her knees, bawling when Adrianne can't rise: crowd roaring, on its feet in celebration of a truly great, heartfelt slugfest. Winstead the first to recover - refusing interviews to cross the ring and embrace Pallicki instead. Adrianne breaking down into tears at kindness from her tormentress - SO disappointed - shuddering as Mary consoles her: it's an emotional moment for both women - the kind of thing few fighters ever get to experience.


"I think she was winning the fight," a battered, exhausted Mary says in postfight, confirming the evidence of the cards (Adrianne ahead by a point, going into the 10th). "She'd taken my best shots, my best efforts. She'd hurt me - many times in this fight, I thought I was going out - but I knew it was do or die. When she dropped me in the 10th, I could see how relieved she was you know? She let down a little - she thought the fight was over...and that's when I reeled her in. I...I gotta go guys...I'm hurting..." Winstead taken away by an awestruck Sarah Carter and Beth Harnois as the rest of Foxfire crowds in close support.

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