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20 Feb 2009 Hayden Panettiere vs Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:29 am



Before: "I want to set the record straight," Hayden fumes in prefight. "I am NOT Sarah Carter's 'wingwoman'. She didn't 'assign' me to 'reduce' Gellar: I was planning to fight Sarah Michelle way before Carter ever took the championship. Whatever Carter's saying in the media is total garbage - it's just her way of making everything about her! We've already got a communications director: maybe Carter should shut her trap and let Beth do her job."


Gellar smirking - amused: whatever her own difficulties with stablemate Kristen Bell, Ultimate has always done a good job keeping internal strife off the front page. "Looks like a blonde divided, guys," Sarah chuckles at podium. "Hayden isn't focused, and that means she's vulnerable. I'm a tough nut for her anyway, but if she comes in distracted? You better re-write the odds fellahs - looks like the name 'Sarah' is bad news for Hayden all 'round!"


Hayden in navy sports bra; grey stretch cotton shorts (SNUG!); white shoes and athletic socks rolled down; small white gloves. Gellar in black sports bra; two-toned stretch shorts (right side black/left side white); two-toned boxing boots with tassles to mid-calf; small black gloves; scrappy ponytail.

During R1: Festive tempo: Gellar spritzing jabs while hopping back from hard-charging Hayden. Gellar keying on chin - walking Hayden in and labelling her: Panny weaving forward, accepting blows, then drumming her receipts against Gellar's ribs. Takes Hayden a full minute to cut down the ring: scooting lateral movement and a stubby jab helping to hem Sarah in. More toe-to-toe slugging from the midway point: Hayden bashing furiously at Sarah's ribcage/waist; Gellar snarling, carving back right uppercuts/left hooks; straight right crosses as she shifts weight between either foot. Hayden's withering attack wins her position late: Gellar forced to cover up earmuff at ropes, grunting and suffering as Panettiere squares away, bludgeons the beef. Sarah panting, sitting in ropes at bell: seething Hayden all blazing eyes, power packed body all a-jiggle.

During the break - Carter at ringside, near the Foxfire corner shouts "She's outclassing you Hayd! Get to work in there!" Panettiere actually turning on her stool and screaming: "SHUT UP! I'LL COME THROUGH THESE ROPES AND KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW - I SWEAR! Job of work for trainer to get Hayden back on track.

R2: Sarah once again poking jabs, stepping back - just walking Hayden into brisk combinations. Panettiere smouldering, weaving her way forward, then slugging wide and loud to Gellar's chassis: Sarah forced to bounce out of range, circle wide in either direction. Hayden's scuttling footwork very quick - surprising the mobile Gellar: Panettiere able to cut off the ring, stub out her jab in Gellar's chest, then clip her a short right hand, hounding Slayer to ropes. Gellar gritting her teeth, fighting grimly off the apron: shoulders hunched forward, she's digging and clipping at Hayden - placing short shots from flat footed stance. Hayden absorbing body blows and chin-checks - slugging through them: her fists bash at Gellar's flanks, whack at her belly, clout her upside the head. Temple shot spills Gellar to her right - she sprawls against ropes, momentarily stunned. Hayden stepping-with, staying on Gellar's chest, digging up tummy, twisting into short, clubbing lefts and rights up top. Sarah wilting under intense pressure - she's still finding Hayden with cute little right uppercuts or slashing hooks, but Panny's not having it. All Hayden to the bell as Sarah covers up, sits in ropes, soaks.

R3: Sarah looking frazzled, eyes forlorn: she's hurting, trying to rally. Hayden closing in a rush, weaving past Gellar's don't-hurt-me jab, stepping in with a monstrous short lead hook and SARAH GOES DOWN! Hayden driving in with all her weight, crunches into Gellar's chin, lifts her off her heels, sends her scooting to her buns. Swaying 8, Sarah Michelle: she's blinking in stupor, lips parted. Hayden scoots-to, greeting Sarah with a merciless right roundhouse loud above left hip: Gellar sinks into ropes, face-in-gloves. Cue beatdown: Hayden just twitching side to side on her hips, pouring compact body blows into wilting Slayer meat. Sarah sitting on middle strand, cringing and bunching up: she's not punching back, just sponging up harm. Hayden bares her teeth - DIGGING right hands in behind Sarah's left elbow - then tilting left to rip repeat left hands in behind right elbow. It's all too much: gurgling Gellar sloooowly drooping to canvas under the weight of shot - easing herself to all fours as ref pushes seething Hayden back. It's over - cringing, agonized Sarah Michelle can't get off her knees: KO3 in savage fashion - Hayden Panettiere.

After: Impressive win punctuated by bickering in the aftermath as Hayden confronts Carter in-ring, beratiing the champion for her interference. Gellar a gimpy wreck slumping on her stool: wily veteran just couldn't keep the kid off her tonight - it's another fragile performance for the beautiful, but struggling flyweight. Panny/Carter bytchfest broken up when none other than Dani Fishel shows up: big hug and congratulations from Fishel, who is on record as saying Hayden's her favourite fighter these days. Spurs talk of a Fishel comeback in days to come, as Hayden convinces Dani to join her workouts.


Posted by Foxfire Boxing on 2/20/2009, 6:22 pm, in reply to "Hayden Panettiere vs Sarah Michelle Gellar"

Hayden stood in front of a smirking Sarah Carter her face red with indignation.

"How dare you stick your nose into my fight like that!" Hayden says.

"You better have the doc check you out, Hayd, you keep saying that over and over," Sarah replies cooly. "I was simply trying to motivate it you. It worked didn't it?"

Hayden looked I'd she was ready to start jumping up and down (or at least take a taped fist swing at the older blonde). However, the petite puncher made the supreme effort and brought herself under control.

"All I want from you is the public guarantee of a title shot," She said trying to keep her voice level.

"When did I promise you a title shot?" Sarah asked. "I talked about giving won to Gellar if she won--but I never said anything about one to you."

Hayden turned red again and clenched her fists: "Don't you dare try to welsh on it. That was an IMPLIED promise."

Sarah smiled again: "I only played a lawyer on TV, but somehow that doesn't exactly sound like a binding contract to me."

Tears began to run down Hayden's cheeks: "I really do hate you, Sarah Carter!"

"Well, join the club," Sarah retorted. "The FCBA isn't a popularity contest."

"If you do this I will never speak to you again!" Hayden cried through the tears of frustration.

"That might be worth it," Sarah retorted. However she caught sight a stern-looking Marvin Fox standing nearby with his arms crossed. She sighed: "Okay, Hayd, cut the waterworks. I just couldn't resist: you get your title shot: PPV after next. I'd have preferred not to wait, but Marvin seems to think you need rest time."

Hayden stared at Sarah: "You are impossible!"

"I know, but it's part of my charm," Sarah replied with another smirk

Hayden threw up her hands and just walked away. Sarah looked over at Marvin Fox and gave him a "What-got-into-her" shrug. Marvin just gave her grim smile mixed with the hope that this would finally resolve the conflict between his two bickering flyweight.

Elisabeth Harnois
Director of Comminications
Foxfire Boxing

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