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20 Feb 2009 Tricia Helfer Vs Olga Kurylenko

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Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:31 am


Before: "I believe she's world class," Tricia says of Bond-girl opponent Olga K, "but she's hurting right now. That knockout loss to Sarah Lancaster was devastating - Olga probably should have dialed it back after that - but she followed up with Charlize Theron of all people! I realize there was money in that fight, and Charlize probably wanted a piece of Olga before Kurylenko could be any further diminished - but I don't think that fight was in Olga's best interest. So yes, I'm training hard for this girl - I expect a fierce encounter - but I know she's struggling a little. I feel for her, but I've got to take care of her business regardless. That's just the way it is."


If Olga's feeling downtrodden, she's not acting like it in prefight. "I fought Charlize because I wanted to - not because Theron wished to milk me for dollars," Olga snarls, eyes blazing. "It is not for Tricia to say whom I should fight, or when. We have seen what happens when brunettes launch determined attacks against Tricia's ribcage; we know what to do with her. Perhaps it is TRICIA who is not being well looked after by her management in this fight. I will tear at her - without pity - and she will suffer. This I promise you all."


Olga in vibrant purple bikini with bra style top and soft padded cups; small black work out gloves. Tricia in black lace push up and low-ride hipster fit swimsuit bottoms; small black work out gloves. Seething staredown - Olga refusing to touch gloves, leaving Tricia with hands outstretched.

During R1: Olga springy on her toes, bouncing into positions - moving forward and back in her stance; hands up, elbows in. Tricia more prowling than bouncing - supple at the waist - pivoting and slide-stepping as girls rotate counterclockwise. Olga tapping jabs off the bounce - nibbling at Tricia's brows - then retreating, jabbing as she backs up - then dropping short right hands to Tricia's cheek while wheeling counterclockwise 'round Helfer's left shoulder. Tricia stalking, eyes narrowed: girl in front of her is quick, darting, angular in her movements: cerebral blonde using feints and body-jabs to diagnose Olga's tendencies.

R2: Olga bouncy, lithe, active - not really setting down on her shots, but tapping at Tricia, up-tempoing on her, touching her. Minute mark - Olga leans in on left (front) foot to dig her first serious left hooks at Tricia's sternum: a pair of 'em, biting in with small glove PIK! PAK! Helfer scowling, swats back wide left hook up top; driving straight right to solar plexus. Olga beaten back a step, then dipping, rising into Tricia with a rangy right uppercut underneath, followed by a gorgeous lanky chugging of hup-hup left/right body shots. Helfer grimacing, but answering: she shrugs limber shots back into Olga's chassis, working ribcage with galloping lank. Small gloves sticking against firm, lean flesh, twisting on skin, snatching at meat. Lovely to watch: tall, rangy lasses leaning forward, lapping up into one another - faces cramped tight with stoic refusal to display hurt.

R3: Same again - positional boxing early as Tricia stalks, Olga bops - then both settle in to work offending ribcages. Olga really digging that lanky left hook - tilting in over her left foot and hoisting up into Tricia, hunting for solar-plexus sweet-spot. Olga also adept at squaring away and going at Tricia rapidemente: furious, rangy hup-hup as Kurylenko lets her long arms lash away. Helfer a little more selective - frequently setting up her body work with a pre-emptive hook to Olga's chin: blonde cramming in rights firm to breadbasket, backing Olga up in spots. Good scouring work all round: Kurylenko drawing warnings for careless elbows thrown against Tricia's biceps, chest and jaw. Olga reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot the way she spins away from the ref, nose in the air, utterly contemptuous of his so-called 'authority'.

R4: Tricia slick, sleek: she's jabbing Olga to chest, locating her, stepping around her, stroking her from angles. Minute mark, Helfer slides back, baiting Kurylenko forward: blonde times her brunette for a swatting check-hook off the back (right) foot. Olga startled - Tricia gambles: blonde pours her length forward, smiting a right cross to Olga's chin and driving through with her shoulder...OLGA'S DOWN! Gorgeous brunette dropped to her buns all blinking and disappointed: Tricia striding past leggy, glancing down to check the hurt. Kurylenko up quickly, pushing against ref to resume: she charges Tricia all bared teeth and blazing eyes. Helfer sidestepping sweet - fitting a right hand into Olga's gut as brunette storms past: gutted Kurylenko gasps, stumbles chest-first to ropes as Tricia circles back in on her. Helfer drifting a right cross to chin as Olga's righting herself against ropes; smiting a close-in left to chin; pushing Olga off with the left forearm against her neck. Right cross Trish - pasting Olga's head back over top rope; choppy little left on brunette mouth; sneaky right uppercut clipped to chin and OLGA'S DOWN! Kurylenko dropped to all fours, panting, confused: she's up quickly, but shaky - steadying herself in ropes as Helfer struts businesslike to neutral corner. Rest of the way all Helfer: Olga covering up face-in-gloves at ropes, getting her ribcage ROASTED by strapping blonde whacks to bell. Trish really snapping at Olga here: blonde keeping dukes curled into her chin, elbows in as she dips side to side, snatching at meat, then bringing the mitt back quick.

R5: Olga back strong off a disasterous fourth - determined to show her Krusher overlords combative spirit. Helfer trying to bait-and-switch, but being foiled as Olga springs in and out, scraping and swatting. Kurylenko still intent about the body - cranking in those long, rangy hooks PIK! PAK!; Olga's right foot poised on the big toe as she's getting off - very elegant. When girls lean in together, Olga's launching galloping bursts up into Tricia's torso. Helfer sidestepping, looking for spots, but Olga's work rate keeps blonde defensive in the fifth.


Posted by simguy on 2/20/2009, 7:32 am, in reply to "Tricia Helfer vs Olga Kurylenko pt1"


R6: Tricia boxing magnificently, turning Olga midring, touching her up. Helfer sliding to the right, dragging that lead left foot in a bucket: she's scraping come-along hooks under Olga's chin, clipping the girl off a right-foot base. Tricia's long right cross continues to score - often off a subtle head feint, with a slight hesitation delivery. Tricia pushing in on occasion, getting big: she'll dip and dig left uppercuts to Olga's midsection, or tuck right hands into her - anything to back her up. Bell: Olga pouting, discouraged: tempestuous gypsy a challenge for Krusher psychologists tonight.

R7: Olga attacking with vigor: Tricia fading back, turning counterclockwise, slowly imposing her will as brunette ardor fades. Helfer tucking punches into Olga's lean midsection, then palming her, pushing her around. Kurylenko's eyelashes batting at times, lips parted: she's hurting downstairs, legs starting to lose vitality. Tricia stroking rhythmically at Olga - dipping side to side, drawing lashing punches onto Kurylenko: gorgeous brunette frequently paralyzed, face-in-gloves midring as Tricia straps lissome Ukrainian flanks. Helfer's eyes cold, lips curled off her teeth: she's cleaning up this round, putting Olga wobbly butt with a constant stream of lanky licks. Kurylenko blinking back tears at the bell, but defiant - picking her chin up and meeting Helfer's gaze as the blonde searches for any sign of quit.

R8: Brunette beauty catches second wind, attacking with renewed vigor up the middle. Helfer grimacing, backing up as Olga's rangy arms thrash up into sleek blonde ribs: Kurylenko studiously avoiding Tricia's elusive chin in favour of that sinewy body. Minute mark- Helfer's definitely hurt - cringing forward behind her gloves, babystepping into fresh Kurylenko punching. Olga weight on left foot, dropping the right foot back and sliding back as Tricia totters forward: OH the lashing Kurylenko's giving her blonde. Gorgeous stroking licks - small mitts cracking and smacking off taut blonde chassis and TRICIA'S DOWN! Helfer takes a knee, face pinched: Olga's eyes dancing at the sight of her foe finally brought down. Trish beats the count - still grimacing - Kurylenko after her frisky - lapping and lashing at aching flanks as Helfer slumps against ropes on the take.

R9: Tricia continues to wilt - face pained, eyes desperate: Olga surging forward, eager to get after her blonde. Kurylenko turns puncher - leading a rangy right into Tricia's chest; licking up into ribs hooks; chugging at her, walking her down. Helfer mouth breathing, clearly suffering: she shies away, walking Olga into clinches, slowing up the pursuit. Kurylenko warned for dirty boxing: shoulder bumping Trish in the mouth; catching Tricia follow-through elbows - "This ain't apartment boxing, Olga!" Official shouts. Tricia warned for excessive holding - often forcing ref to slap her arms away from Olga's sinuous body. Whenever they're tummy to tummy and wriggling? Girls seem galvanized by the touch, spinning each other around and growing increasingly frenzied in the clinches. Through 9 - swingeing attrition taking it's toll on both beauties: corners working hard to revive fighters for a pivotal 10th.

R10: Olga loping into Tricia, EATING THE CHECK HOOK! Sneaky Trish leaning away, lashes her left up off her hip, clouting Olga to jaw as she's coming in. Kurylenko chin-checked - staggers past Tricia, face first to ropes: she's desperately hurt! Helfer quickly over to offence, eyes hard. Pumping right takes Olga to paunch: Kurylenko's right knee snaps up as she shouts in pain, sitting into ropes. Tricia lips in a stern line: she squares away, digging at Olga's body rangy rights and lefts, bouncing those small mitts off Kurylenko's tender tummy, aching ribs. Sickening, hollow PUM! PUM! PUM! noise sounding out from Olga's limber torso as Tricia's really digging in here. Softening bombardment accomplished - Tricia widens stance - extending left hand to Olga's throat, holding Kurylenko steady as brunette's trying to slide along ropes. Hard right hand, Trish - taking Olga on her right eye, punching her groggy. Swiping left across the mouth drives Olga into the Krusher corner, dark lashes fluttering. Olga trying to keep hands up, but she's confused, stunned. Tricia tipping side to side, elbows in close to her body - snatching at Olga's waist, clipping at her chin - tightening up stroke and tidying up. Crowd screaming as Olga visibly loosens - lithe brunette going out on her feet, but refusing to bend the knee and THE REF JUMPS IN! Tricia exhaling big through her mouth, all but exhausted herself as she turns away the TKO10 victrix.

AFTER: "NO!" Olga sobs into the official's shoulder, struggling weakly against his embrace: she's stopped again, after a valiant effort against one of boxing's premium blonde names. Tricia all scuffed up, wandering the ring hands on hips, trying to get herself together: Kurylenko extended Trish tonight, forcing sorceress to dig deep.


"She came at me all night long," Tricia shrugs in postfight - tensered-up ribs testament to Olga's withering body attack. "I sense she could have boxed me and made this more of a chess match, but she was SO determined to get to my body. I know that's the book on me, so I'm not surprised, but this girl...even when she was hurt, even after getting dropped, she kept pressing the attack. She's very good - reminds me of Angie Harmon, but I think Olga could paste Angie if she fought like she did tonight


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